4 Reasons the new USA Bat Standard is a good thing

By now you may have heard about the upcoming rule change going in to affect on January 1st, 2018. Little League, Pony, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, and almost every other youth baseball organization is adopting a new youth baseball bat standard: USABat Standard bats.


  1. The Integrity of the Game

Little League and Pony, the two largest youth baseball organizations by far, insist the change is needed for the “integrity of the game”.  What this means is since the development of high-end composite baseball bats in the early 2000s, bat manufacturers have been able to design and build bats with such large sweet spots and light swing weights, today’s youth baseball players have seen a dramatic increase in offense. The USABat Standard will decrease the allowable size of the barrel and sweet spot.

2. Big Barrel Bats For Little League

One great new thing about the new youth bat standard is that Little League will now allow baseball bats with a 2 5/8 inch diameter barrel (as well as 2 1/4″ still). Up until now, Little League has required the use of a 2 1/4 inch diameter barrel on all of their bats for youth baseball players. The USABat Standard will change this rule. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the sweet spot will be much smaller on the new bats than the sweet spot on the current big barrel bats available on the market.

3. Standardization

Under the new bat standard, Little League Baseball and Pony Baseball will use the same bats. The only reason you would ever need to get two different baths would be if you were playing travel baseball under USSSA rules.

4. Safety

While the organizations have come out and said that the change to the USABat Standards is not due to safety reasons, the simple fact is these bats will not perform as well as the current bats do. The decrease in barrel size as well as the potentially slower speeds off the bat should increase reaction time for the defense.

Softball Bat Review: Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Easton L4 slow pitch softball batThe most recent bats to come out of the Easton Hit Lab in Van Nuys, California are the Easton Raw Power slow pitch softball bats. This series comes in balanced and end load, ASA and USSSA 1.20.

The Brett Helmer Signature Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball bat has been one of the most looked forward to end loaded, single piece bat to come on the market. It is a one piece, 100% composite with a 12 inch barrel bat with a 1 ounce end load.  The Easton L4.0 has been approved for ISF and the latest ASA Softball Bat standard.

The SIC Black Carbon composite fiber material in the handle is Easton’s exclusive.  This gives the L4.0 Raw Power Softball Bat an even, virtually vibration free feel when you hit the ball. The barrel is Easton’s IMX composite.

The Easton L4.0 is very different from the L6.0.  The older IMX composite is used in the L6.0.  The latest SIC Black Carbon in used in the Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat giving it an “improved feel.”

The first thing I noticed about the Easton L4.0, was the grip tape being used on the newer Easton Raw Power softball bats. This thin gauze grip tape is like athletic tape and there is no cushion.  It won’t be necessary to regrip this bat with athletic tape.

The Easton L4.0 Brett Helmer signature has the same even feel as every Easton slow pitch softball bat. The bat didn’t vibrate excessively when I missed the sweet spot and hit the ball nearer to the taper. The Black Carbon in the handle of the Easton L4.0 makes the bat even and forgiving. The bat has a good weight distribution for an end load, and doesn’t feel heavy.

This L4.0 Raw Power bat is as stiff as you can get.  The pop is huge when you hit the sweet spot because of the 12 inch barrel. The Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat is equal to the other renowned Easton softball bats.

The Bret Helmer Signature Easton L4.0 Raw Power Bat is the best option for the feel of an end loaded softball bat and the solidity of a one piece bat.

This outstanding Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat is offered at a very good price.

Rip It BBCOR Baseball Bat Banned From NCAA Play?

NCAA let out a press release on June 1st. 2011 that effectively bans the Prototype Rip It BBCOR baseball bat from College play.

Best Fastpitch Bats Under $250 – Great bats that deliver power without breaking the bank

Sometimes, it takes being a little thrifty to find the right softball bat for the upcoming season. While the initial feeling involves wanting to be the first person to own that certain bat, waiting just a few weeks can often result in getting a great deal on a bat. That holds true for baseball and softball bats, especially for those competing in fastpitch leagues. What are some of the best fastpitch bats for softball you can get for less than $250?

2014 Combat PORTENT – $239.95

2014 Combat PORTENTThe PORTENT comes in four different weights for fastpitch players of all size and skill level. The bat can be purchased in any weight drop between -8 and –11 ounces and regardless of which weight you get, this is a bat made to excel. This is a composite bat that was made to give you a soft feel with each swing while also allowing the ball to propel off the bat better with a trampoline effect. The bat is made with multi-walls which Combat used their state of the art precision molding process to complete.

2014 Rip It Air – $199.99

2014 RipIt Fastpitch Softball BatRip It isn’t a bat company that is as well known as others like Easton, Worth or DeMarini, but they are out to prove that they can release great bats. This Rip It bat is made with R2 composite and AIR technology, which is meant to give the bat a lighter feel. It also has a harmonic barrel which when combined with the other features, gives you a powerful cut each time. One unique feature of this bat is its memory foam-type material used on the grip, which gives you a more comfortable area to grasp.

2014 Worth Legit – $179.95

2014 Worth Legit Fastpitch BatThis bat is currently on closeout by our friends from CheapBats and was also made with composite material. It has a Legit Power Core which Worth developed to eliminate useless material inside the bat, which ultimately gives you a better performing bat than you have ever had before. The outer layer of the bat uses High Modulus composite Fiber Technology, which are smaller and allow for more of these fibers to fit in the same area, thus making it more durable and increasing performance.

There are many great bats that could be considered among the best fastpitch bats in different price ranges…these are just some of the deals out there now! Check out more of the best fastpitch bats.

2014 Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

2014 Louisville Slugger XenoWhen you hear the name Louisville Slugger, usually the first thing you think about is their wooden baseball bats. As the company continued to evolve in the past several years, they branched out to include aluminum baseball and softball bats, including slowpitch and fastpitch bats. Their 2014 line of bats are one of the most talked about in the sport today and for those looking to get a new fastpitch bat, the 2014 Louisville Slugger Xeno might be the best bat to add to your bag.

The 2014 Louisville Slugger Xeno is currently available for $299.95, $40 less than the manufacturer suggested retail price from our friends at Cheapbats.com. It comes in five different lengths and weights of -10 oz, with the smallest being 30”/20oz. and the biggest being 34”/24oz. The bat was constructed with composite material and the one thing Louisville Slugger is known for is putting their time in money into researching what will make their bats better. That is especially the case with this bat, as they used Pure 360 composite, which is a thinner, but stronger composite material that allow multiple layers of the material to be used. By using multiple layers of this thinner material, you are able to get more power into each swing when you make solid contact.

The barrel of the 2014 Louisville Slugger Xeno was made with S1iD that gives this bat superior production compared to similar bats. There is an aluminum disc built inside the barrel of the bat which helps to give it a larger sweet spot than most bats on the market today. When you hear the bat make contact with the ball, you will hear a nice and crisp sound. This happens because of the material they used in the construction of the bat, and the evenly balanced weight distribution also helps to ensure an easy and controlled swing.

The bat comes with a 12 month warranty and has a traditional Louisville Slugger end cap to go with a thicker handle with a synthetic grip. This bat may not be at the top of your list of bats to buy for the upcoming season, but it should be. To see more of the 2014 Louisville Slugger Xeno, watch the video.

2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

2014 demarini cf6 insaneThe 2014 baseball and softball bat market is one of the most talked about in years. It features many elite level bats that have been raved about since the announcement of their sale dates. Among those bats is the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane fastpitch softball bat. This bat is made of composite and has a minus 10 ounce length to weight ratio. It has been approved by all major softball organizations including the USSSA and ASA.

This bat is moderately end loaded which gives its users a little more power when solid contact is made. The CF6 isn’t just for the power hitters as its moderate end loaded feel also makes it ideal for contact and slap hitters. DeMarini constructed the new CF6 Insane with new D-Fusion Handle vibration dampening technology. The amount of vibration this technology takes away from the bat is amazing and will ensure that your hands don’t get hurt.

The type of composite DeMarini uses for this bat is Paradox, which is one of the stronger materials available and while it is stronger, still provides a trampoline effect that makes the ball jump off. The end cap on this bat is exclusive to DeMarini. The Geo End Cap was designed to help make end loaded bats keep the essential energy from exiting out of the bat and keeping it until contact is made.

One thing that DeMarini is known for is the double wall bat. They have been making bats with double wall technology since the 1990s and are known as one of the best companies at making them. With this bat, they have taken it one step further by making the entire barrel one massive sweet spot regardless of what way you hold the bat at the plate.

The D-Fusion technology on this bat is something that makes it stand out compared to other fastpitch bats this season. It is something that the company is trying out with the DeMarini CF6 Insane and will one day expand to their entire stock of bats. Once you take a few cuts with this bat, you will want to swing it again.

Check out this great video on the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane with D-Fusion technology from our friends at Cheapbats.com.

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch Bat Review

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch HopeOne of the most difficult things to do in fastpitch softball is finding the right bat to use. Often times, even when you do find that bat that feels just right, it can often be too heavy for you to swing or too light. One way DeMarini has found around this is by offering their 2014 DeMarini line of CF6 fastpitch bats in four different weights, making it easier for those new to the sport to find the right bat for them.

These bats come in different colors depending on the weight (same scheme for three of the sizes), which should make the process simpler to quickly grab yours off the fence at the end of a game. What makes this bat excel and why should you add it to your bat bag?

Regardless of which size 2014 DeMarini CF6 fastpitch bat you get (-11oz., -10oz., -9oz., -8oz.), you will have a bat that was constructed extremely well with the best composite material available to DeMarini. DeMarini is taking pride in the fact that this bat is one of the lightest of the year, which makes it perfect for those girls looking to get their hands through the zone quicker. It was made with Paradox composite material for the handle and the barrel.

The composite in the barrel was designed to have more of a trampoline effect when contact is made, while the material in the handle was designed to be stiffer and prevent energy loss when contact is made.

With many bats, there is a small sweet spot that can often be difficult to find. With the 2014 DeMarini CF6, that is not the case. DeMarini designed this bat with two walls on the barrel, which make the entire bat one massive sweet spot. Even with a mishit on this barrel, the ball should still pop for you nicely. To cap things off (no pun intended), DeMarini used a Clutch End Cap on this bat, which helps to cut down and eliminate any painful vibrations that may occur to your hands. It also works to keep all the energy in your barrel, rather than losing it out of the end.

Overall, this 2014 DeMarini bat is one of the finest in their entire 2014 line and should be in the bag of any fastpitch player.


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Baseball Bats

There are many things to look at when it comes to buying the right baseball bat. For a new baseball player, this can often intimidating and instead of asking for help, you might just buy whatever you think might be a good bat. Instead of doing that and wasting your money, this cheat sheet will tell you everything you need to know about picking out a baseball bat.


The first thing you need to do when buying a bat is figure out what size your bat should be. Depending on your age, there is a length that is considered the norm. When it comes to picking out the bat, you are going to want to first know how far you are going to stand off the plate. You are going to want to be able to extend your arms to protect the outside part of the plate, so you might need a longer bat than your teammates if you have smaller arms.


The weight of the bat is the next most important aspect to consider and is something that needs to be taken seriously. Often times, you will see smaller players swinging the same heavy bats as the bigger, power hitters. This is a terrible move and won’t allow for you to get your hands through the zone quickly. Slow hands through the zone means you won’t be able to make solid contact. High school players will want to swing bats with a -3 weight drop between length and weight, while younger players will see a higher number.


For younger players, you might just get them a basic aluminum bat, but in some high school leagues, bats made with composite materials are legal. With this material, the ball will fly off the bat faster and farther, making it a better material for the power hitters.

Technology Used to Fuse Together Multiple Pieces

Some bats are made with half and half technology, usually meaning the handle is made of composite and the barrel is made of aluminum. Some companies like DeMarini do this best, while other companies struggle a bit in producing a quality bat like this.

Slowpitch Softball Bats – Top Bats For 2014

Slowpitch softball bat manufacturers re-design their old bats and produce a completely new product every year that will wow players around the country. The 2014 line of slowpitch softball bats feature some of the best new bats for athletes looking to prepare for the upcoming season.

For most leagues, signups will be held within the next month and bats need to be purchased to allow for any breaking in needed. What are some of the best 2014 softball bats to get this season?

2014 Miken Psycho USSSA

Miken Psycho 2014This is a slowpitch softball bat that doesn’t need any breaking in and is hot out of the wrapper. Miken used 750x high pressure infusion technology which injects epoxy into a high grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers. Unlike many other popular slowpitch bats that are two pieces blended into one, this is a single piece bat that feels balanced, allowing for faster swinging speeds, improved durability and a huge sweet spot.

2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 ASA and USSSA

Louisville Slugger Z3000This composite bat was built to be stronger and more durable than it has ever been. With this bat, you can have a smooth and balanced swing and that allows you to get the bat through the zone quicker and for more power. The 2014 model is similar to the 2013 version, but was made to be more durable. The ASA model was made with an S1iD Inner Disc that allows the bat flex more within legal limits. The USSSA model was made with Pure 360 composite that is stronger and lighter than previous versions.

2014 Worth Legit Jeff Hall Reload

Worth Legit 2014Worth is one of the best brands for power hitting because they have one of the purest composite layers on the market. They do this by removing any void that is in the material and also removes excess and unnecessary weight. They also have a new carbon fiber material in the outer layer of the bat. This improves the strength and performance of the bat, while also improving the lifetime of the bat. The 454 technology Worth uses on their slowpitch softball bats also gives users an extra two inches of sweet spot on each side of the bat.

What are your favorite slowpitch softball bats?

Marucci Elite – Best Bat You’ve Never Swung

Marucci EliteThe Marucci Elite name is not one that is as known or popular on baseball benches around the country, but it is one of those bats that once used, will make you a lifer. The 2014 line of Marucci Elite bats features baseball bats for senior league players and BBCOR leagues. The senior league comes in two sizes, while the BBCOR model comes in four different weights.

Senior League -5oz.

This bat is a half and half model featuring their patented technology molding together different materials. This technology fused together aluminum and carbon, which helps you swing faster while also getting a massive sweet spot to get the best contact. The bat was also constructed with another patented technology, this time the Unequal method which is their  Kevlar-grip that helps to eliminate sting on those colder nights. The technology Marucci Elite used to put together this bat is like none other and seamlessly combines the carbon fiber handle with the multi material barrel.

Senior League -10oz.

For those needing to swing a bat with a little less weight, the -10oz. model is the perfect tool to add to your bat bag. This bat was constructed with the same materials and technologies as the -5oz. model. This bat, like its heavier model is USSSA certified with a 1.15 BPF a 12 month warranty protecting you against cracks, dents and more.

Marucci Elite BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz.

The Marucci Elite 2 BBCOR baseball bat is one of the best baseball bats released for the 2014 season. What the company did with this model was get rid of the extra weight that added no value to your swing and turned it into something that now has an extended sweet spot and an overall improved feel. The company even improved the end cap, replacing the last few inches of the barrel with material fused together with improved technology.

The Marucci Elite name is one that is just that, elite. Once you use one of these BBCOR bats and experience the difference during batting practice or in a game, you won’t want to go back to swinging any bat purchased from a chain and will be hooked forever.

Wilson Baseball Gear 2014

Wilson A2000 baseball gloveWilson baseball gear for 2014 starts the countdown to the start of softball and baseball season. With so many new bats and gloves on the market, it is often difficult to figure out what the best additions to your bag would be, but there is one place you can start: Wilson.

Many may just think of that brand for its role in Cast Away, but they are one of the premiere companies the world supplying gloves to professional and amateur players around the world and they own DeMarini.

One of the top brands of fielding gloves in the Wilson baseball gear line is the A2000. This glove comes in countless sizes and can be worn by baseball and softball players, including slowpitch and fastpitch. The A2000 series features gloves for catchers, outfielders, first basemen, pitchers and more and even features several signature gloves. Among the signature gloves offered that are worn by Rickie Weeks, Evan Longoria, C.J. Wilson, Mike Napoli and Ryan Braun.

Part of what makes these A2000 gloves so great is the material used to make them. They use Pro Stock leather that won’t rip or tear and is durable enough to last through multiple seasons. These gloves also come with numerous color schemes that can be chosen to match any jersey you may wear in the upcoming season. In the Wilson line of products, you will also find numerous batting gloves and other accessories that are important parts of your baseball or softball experience.

In 2000, Wilson Sporting Goods purchased one of the top softball bat companies in the world: DeMarini. Each year, DeMarini puts out some of the best bats for baseball and softball players. Their 2014 line of bat are some of the most popular in the business right now. Among the bats that are the most popular for the upcoming season include the DeMarini CF6 which is available in many sizes for age groups. The Stadium is another top bat that can be used in USSSA sanctioned leagues. This bat is half and half and is perfect for those looking to terrorize opposing pitchers.  Well that wraps up our Wilson baseball gear 2014 early season review.

If you have a question or comment….leave it here!

Louisville Slugger 2014 Lineup

Louisville Slugger Xeno2014 Louisville Slugger Bats

Being one of the most trusted and respected bat manufacturers in the world is a great thing for Louisville Slugger. Each year, they could sit back a bit and just bring in sales based solely on their name, but instead, each year, they work on updating, revising and creating masterpieces that will be the best tools on the bench of softball or baseball fields. Let’s take a look at a few of these new bats for the 2014 season.


The XENO model of bats from Louisville Slugger features five versions for fastpitch softball players. These bats range from -8oz. to a -12.5oz. weight drop, making them great bats for smaller girls to swing. The -10oz. model is made from Pure 360 composite, which is thinner and lighter than many other bats, has a massive sweet spot because of the iST Technology used to make the barrel. The bat is easy to swing because the weight is distributed evenly and has a 7/8” thick handle synthetic grip.


DeMarini z2000The Z2000 bat comes in four different models for slowpitch softball players. These beer leagues are filled with high intensity action and with the Z2000, users will have a bat that is meant to give them a step up on the competition. Louisville Slugger constructed these bats to be used in ASA sanctioned leagues and to last longer and be more durable than ever before. It has a smooth and balanced feel when swinging, which will allow those without as much muscle to still get great use from it. The ASA model (SBZ214-AB) was built with S1iD inner disc technology that flexes, but still remains within the legal limit set by the association. One added bonus of these models is that they are hot out of the wrapper, allowing you get it in the mail one day and use it the next.

Louisville Slugger also has other models to be used this season in BBCOR baseball leagues, as well as youth and senior league baseball leagues. These models include the Catalyst, ARMOR, Warrior and LXT bats. More information for these bats can be found at Cheap Bats and other online sources.