ASA To End “Grandfathering” Of Pre 2008 ASA Softball Bats In Early 2012?

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UPDATE: This did not come to pass. We have heard from ASA officials that ASA would rather use a softer softball to curb bat performance, rather than change the bat rules again.

2008 and prior ASA softball bats that were grandfathered in and legal for play in ASA, will no longer be legal in a few weeks. More to come.

This means your Easton Extended, Easton SCN8 and all other pre abi (advanced break in) bats are going to be worthless in about week (according to what we heard).



    • Composite Bats says:

      Looks like it for now. It was a rumor we heard and we try to inform people as soon as we hear of potentially big news.

  2. coachant35 says:

    I believe it will take the fun out of playing for a lot of these girls from the college level all the. Way down to travel ball games. Girls will lose interest in the game because these bats gives these girls the extra pop they need to get a great solid decent hit. Let alone build there self confidences. I can see why it would ne done for the boys bit the girls come one its an exciting and quick sport. Why change the bat n speed of the game when it brings great excitement.

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