2012 DeMarini CF5 Hope Fastpitch Softball Bat Announced

Once again Demarini will be realeasing a special Hope version of it’s most popular softball bat. ┬áDemarini will donate a portion of the 2012 Demarini CF5 Hope Softball Bat to fight breast cancer.

Look for the Demarini Hope CF5 softball bat to arrive in stores in late April or early May. The regular version of the Demarini CF5 fastpitch softball bat will arrive in June, 2011. It is exactly the same bat but without the special “Hope” graphics

We will post pictures as soon as we have permission from DeMarini.

[Updated March 29th] Demarini has allowed us to show pictures of the new CF5 softball bat. It will use an all new composite that is the strongest and lightest composite material ever in a softball bat. The larger sweetspot from the new composite in the bat handle and barrel should make the 2012 Demarini CF5 the best softball bat ever made.

All of the 2012 Demarini CF5 Softball Bats will sell for $299.95 (with free 2nd day air shipping from CheapBats.com)

Demarini CF5 Hope

Demarini CF5 Hope Softball Bat for 2012

2012 Demarini CF5 Hope

Demarini CF5 Softball Bat


  1. Oh come on, right in the middle of the season! I’m looking for a new bat right now and I would love to get the CF5, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. ­čÖü

  2. Composite Bats says:

    The CF5 Hope will be out mid to late April. The regular CF5 will be here in June.

  3. Vicky Marshall says:

    Will the 2012 Demarini CF5 be legal for ASA High School play next year ?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The Demarini CF5 softball bat is already ASA legal and can be used in all levels of fastpitch softball for 2011 and beyond. ASA currently has NO PLANS to change their bat standard.

    • Composite Bats says:


  4. Anthony S says:

    My 13yr. old swings a Demarini Phenix (32/22). Other than a (33/23) being heavier and longer will there be any major difference going with the CF5? (my daughter is about 5’6 – 125lb. – incoming freshman.

  5. if your daughter is 5’6 using a 32 inch, thats a problem. she should be using a 34, they have sizing graphs online . by the way, when i went bat shopping(early june) i was looking for an end- loaded demarini because im a power hitter. and i found the 2011 CF4 hope to be MUCH better than the demarini 2012 CF5 hope. i thought the handle was way too thick! and even though it was only 23 oz (33in) it was heavy! just my opinion. ive hit 7 homeruns since my purchase. i highly recommend these bats!

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