Marucci Black BBCOR Bat Review

We procured a couple of Marucci Black BBCOR baseball bats this past week and we were finally able to get a few hundred swings on the shiny, jet black BBCOR bat.

We all know the Marucci Cat5 BBCOR bat is stupid hot. We wanted to see how the Black compared to the white Cat 5. I started with the orignal Cat 5 and was reminded why this is considered one of the best, if not the best BBCOR bat on the market. After about 25 pitches, I eagerly picked up the 2012 model Marucci to see what $100 extra would give me, besides a composite handle.

2012 Marucci Black BBCOR

The sound of the Black is more hollow than the loud ping of the Cat 5, but it is not a funky, unnormal sound, it sounds good.

One thing that sets Marucci BBCOR bats apart from many other bats is the balance, they are simply easier to swing than most other BBCOR’s. (Note: The TPX Z1000 and the Anderson Ignite are also insanely balanced and easy to swing BBCOR bats).

After the first few swings and noticing the balance was giving me added bat control and ability to put the bat on the ball, I realized how smooth and comfortable my hands were. The Harmonic Dampener really does work, there is absolutely no vibration in the Black BBCOR.

Marucci Black BBCOR Harmonic Dampener

Marucci is claims the barrel on the Black has a 33% larger sweet spot… After the first day of testing, I would have to agree. I switched back and forth from the Cat5 to the Black and consistently, I was shocked at how much better I was hitting with the Black. Just minutes earlier, I would have taken the Cat 5 up to bat, no questions asked.

Marucci Black BBCOR

Up until now, I would have said $199 would get you the best BBCOR available, but today unfortunately, I have to throw another hundred on that number and say the Black Marucci is worth the extra $100 if you are a serious baseball player and need to have the best baseball equipment on the diamond.


  1. I got to look at one this weekend and I would have to agree with you on the balance comments. I was amazed at how light the bat felt. My son only got to dry swing it but really liked the control he had with it. We look forward to trying one out in the near future and want to compare it to the ripit prototype 2 which is a bit more inloaded but has great pop.

    • Soudns pretty good, but I swung the new Easton composites this weekend and these are FAR AND AWAY the best BBCOR bats on the market. Very balanced (feel like the old Stealth BESR bats), but have serious pop! The guy told me they don’t come out until November. Save your $$$ cuz these are legit!

  2. Always been an Easton fan, but considering getting the Marucci Black BBCOR. I’m 6’0 150 pound sophmore contact hitter never used composit barrel bat – would you recommend Easton Surge or Easton XL2/3 or Marucci Black ? Heard Maruccci feels lighter, currently swing 33/30 thinking maybe going 34/31 – Marucci Black feel lighter than the Easton’s mentioned ?

    • Like you, i’ve always been an Easton fan. My friend last year had the Easton Surge, another had the Demarini Vexxum, and i myself had the XL2. After trying all of these bats through the season, and the Marucci now, i would definitely recommend the Marucci black. Also i too am i 6’0 sophomore, although 165. I would suggest you grab the 34/31

    • I would recommend the Marucci Black because it feels like the Marucci Bats are all lighter than any other BBCOR bats out right now but that might just be me… And i would also stick with the 33/30 so you can have more control over your swing if you a contact hitter.

    • anthony odell says:

      if your a contact hitter. you need the easton mako for sure

  3. if you disregard balance, which bat is better, the Easton XL2 or Marucci Black

  4. Is the black still better balanced than other bbcors like the surge

    • My son just got his Marucci Black last week…His take on it was that it was balanced nicely…Thought the CAT 5 felt a little heavier in the handle than the black but the black was no where near as end loaded as most bbcors…He said he could not feel any vibration even when hitting the ball away from the sweet spot…He is a smaller kid and contact type hitter and the ball was popping off the bat tremendously well…The grip was one of the most comfortable of any bat he’s ever used…This is the first Marucci he’s ever owned and is extremely happy with it thus far…

  5. My son is 17, in HS, has decent bat speed and average strength (5’11” 150 pounds). My buddy coaches in college and said that his middle line up-bigger hitters liked the demo of the 2012 Marucci Black but the smaller guys said that it was too end loaded (the bat vendor said the same thing)- they liked the 2012 Eastons the best. Did you get the feeling of it beind more end loaded that the Cat5 or do you still think the Black it swings like one of the lightest bats on the market?

  6. How does the balance compare to the Demarini CF5? I had a chance to swing the Voodoo and CF5, and the CF5 is definitely balanced better than the Voodoo.

    • Just picked up a Marucci Black for my son who has played with both a DeMarini CF5 and Easton Omen XL. The control and swing speed with the Black is much greater due to its balance, not to mention the ball seems to come off the bat better. His swing is much more effortless. Great bat at a great price when compared to its competition. I’ve always been a believer that youth players should error on the side of a lighter bat in order to get their hands through the zone and I think Marucci has hit the nail on the head with their design philosophy, especially for youth players!

  7. Tim Westfield says:

    The Louisville Exo is by far the best BBCOR on the market. We’ve tested almost every bat out there and the ball just explodes off the Exo. It does…repeat…DOES need to break in. All those who say that these BBCOR’s don’t have a break in period are not using them long enough to realize it. The Exo needs about 100 well hit balls to come into it’s own. The only downside I have seen is that they do break…the interior pieces they use to establish the center of percussion will give way over time…so hold on to your receipt, and unfortunately you can not let your bat become the team bat…save the swings for your own performance. You can keep your Easton’s, Marucci’s and Anderon’s. And I do not see a reason to shell out the extra money for the top of the line TPX Z1000 either…no upgrade in performance that I could tell while having the kids hit with them.

  8. Bobby Sutton Sr. says:

    I have two Grandsons playing high school baseball. One of my sons coaches baseball in Texas. He just came back from Waco tx. We bought two bats. One a Easton XL2 and a Marucci Black. We will see which grandson has the most hits.

  9. I bought the marucci black bbcor 33-30 bat a week ago and I hit with it in a tournament its verry well balanced , it has the best pop ever out of all of the bats, it has no vibration what’s so ever. On a scale of 1 to 10 its a 10 all together

  10. my son is about 5’6 and weighs 145 plays middle school ball and we are wanting to buy him a new bat this year. Never heard of Marucci till I got a sports magazine but I am wanting to buy him a good bat regardless of price ,we are torn between the Marucci Black, Marucci Cat 5 the Easton S2 and the TPX Z1000 AND the ANDERSON Ignite. Any suggestions? We have done some research. He always makes contact just not a power hitter yet

  11. Patrick Lynch says:

    My son has hit Anderson for years and loves the Ignite, for the price you can not beat this bat. But he used the bbcor Exo and loved it as well until the disc came loose and the exchanged it for the Z1000 which my son hates. He recently tried a Marucci Black and loves the bat, says it has a lot of pop. So if your price conservative go with the Ignite you can’t go wrong, if your willing to spend some more the Exo is a good bat as well and if you can spend the $300 for the Marucci Black you can not go wrong.

  12. Tom says:
    January 17, 2012 at 10:55 pm
    my son is about 5’6 and weighs 145 plays middle school ball and we are wanting to buy him a new bat this year. Never heard of Marucci till I got a sports magazine but I am wanting to buy him a good bat regardless of price ,we are torn between the Marucci Black, Marucci Cat 5 the Easton S2 and the TPX Z1000 AND the ANDERSON Ignite. Any suggestions? We have done some research. He always makes contact just not a power hitter yet

    Tom, The CAT 52 33’30” bbcor bat was just banned in college and highschool. Hope that made your choice somewhat easier. I’m going with the Marucci Black

  13. I am happy I bought the Marucci -3 black for my 14 yr old son. I can see more speed in his swing. The bat is easy to control for all pitch situations and the ball goes when hit solid. The black has a quality finish and it sounds excellent. With the anti vibration knob their is no sting and this is key for cool weather ball. The Marucci black is the Cadillac of bats.

  14. The Marucci black has a big issue with the paint chipping down to the metal.

  15. Tim Brines says:

    I just purchased this bat for my son. The bat swings well, hits well, has little to no vibration, and a large sweet spot with a lot of pop. The only down side is the quality of the paint he used this bat in one game “along with many of his team mates” and the bat looks like it’s a couple of years old the paint on this bat is terrible.

  16. My son swings the Marucci Black, loves it. Now he is saying its starting to sting his hands! Anyone else having this problem?

  17. Panther baseball says:

    I’m a 6’2, 185 lbs junior and i used the Demarini Voodoo, i never really liked how it hit the ball, then it got stolen out of my locker so i had to change bats, i borrowed the easton bat (black and yellow) and i liked that better, it felt better in my hands and i got a few doubles and triples with it. Towards the end of the year my cousin let me borrow his Marucci Black and i absolutely love it. I feel like its easier to swing and that it fits how i bat.
    So if your buying a new bat, I’d definitly look into either the Easton, or the Black.

  18. I had my Marucci black for a little over a month and a half and it went dead. But i do agree it still is a very good bat. im just waiting to get it replaced.

  19. The black bat is one of he most end loaded bats on the market and the Marucci marketing people need to rethink their statements. If you want a heavily end loaded bat, this is it. Also, my son can out distance the Marucci black bat, 32/29 with the same size wood bat, without question. What a mistake this purchase was!!!

  20. Vaclin Ridge says:

    My son plays for a10u travel team. He is a solid ball player and seems to favor the 30″ 20oz bats. I’m in the market for a new bat for him and I don’t want to break the bank. Any thoughts?


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