2012 Easton Power Brigade BBCOR Baseball Bats Announced

Update: Check out the Power Brigade Comparison

Easton is not saying much about the new BBCOR Power Brigade bats for the 2012 model year, but it seems that along with new technology in the Power Brigade bats, Easton will offer several choices for different types of players and “a little more pop”.

Easton Power Brigade Baseball Bats Debut

The Arkansas Razorbacks and Florida Gators toke the field  last night at Baum Stadium in an SEC showdown.  The game was televised live on ESPNU (immediately proceeded by the College Baseball Studio Show on ESPNU).

If you tuned in you saw two of the best collegiate programs in the country square off and the debut of two new Easton BBCOR bats.

The new Speed S3 (Black Barrel/Gold Handle) and XL X3 (White Barrel/Gold Handle) all aluminum bats will be in play for both teams.  Bats were sent out to the teams on Tuesday and the initial feedback has been great.

With the Surge and Rival BBCOR bats being the most productive in the country, Easton is supplementing its industry leading bat line with further innovations that will continue to dominate the NCAA baseball landscape with the introduction of the first “Power Brigade” bats.

By constantly pushing ourselves to improve technologies and provide elite players with multiple high-end options, we are achieving our goals of making hitters better.  That is why Easton makes bats.

It is was an exciting night with two great program and the debut of Easton’s new Power Brigade bats.

Comparison of the new Easton Power Brigades


  1. Leroy Gonzales says:

    were could i buy this bat, 2012 easton power brigade BBcor
    and how much is the at?

  2. I have noticed that most of the players on Clemson are using the silver barrel bat, is there any difference between the two bats?

  3. How does the new Demarini Voodoo compare to Eastons new bats?

    • Composite Bats says:

      We have not hit the new 2012 Easton BBCOR Baseball Bats yet. As soon as we know anything worth posting, we will be sure to do so.

  4. What is the difference between the speed s3 and the xl x3 ?

    • Composite Bats says:

      S stands for “Speed” and is lighter/easier to swing but has a smaller sweet spot. It is for line drive hitters. The “XL” is for power hitter that are strong enough to swing a heavier bat. The stronger batter is rewarded with a 2″ longer barrel on the Easton XL BBCOR bat.

      The 1 is all composite, the 2 is composite handle/alloy barrel and the 3 is all alloy.

  5. When do you think this bat will be out? Whats the difference between the black bat and sliver? This bat better than the other bbcors?

    • Composite Bats says:

      September 3rd. for the Easton S2, Easton S3, Easton XL2 and Easton XL3.
      November 5th. for the Easton S1 Comp and Easton XL1 Comp

      The black Easton BBCOR is for faster swing speeds and the white Easton BBCOR XL has a 2″ longer sweet spot but is more end loaded because of the added barrel size.

    • Mr. Boom Bostick says:

      The bat comes out September, 3. I’m not sure what the difference is though>

  6. I saw one of Florida’s players using an Easton with a grey handle and a white barrel, what is it?

  7. So will the s1 and xl1 be $400, the s2 and xl2 be $300, and the s3 and xl3 be $200, like some of eastons older bat lineups.

  8. Grayson Bryant says:

    Should there be any difference in performance between the easton bats?

  9. Any idea on whether there will be differences in bat flex between the models?

  10. Caleb McAlister says:

    Why is easton waiting so long to release the bats to the public?

  11. what is the xl3? a more top heavy aluminum bat?and then xl2 is a 2 piece composite?

  12. Connor Sweeney says:

    Out of the S2 and S3 which one has the lowest swing weight/MOI?

  13. I’m a freshman and I’m 100 pounds. I’m pretty fast and get lots of singles and doubles. I’m not that strong yet though. Which bat would you recommend for me?

  14. Is the XL1 supposed to have more pop than the XL2 and the XL3 and if so which has more pop out of the XL2 and the XL3? I wanna see if I should wait for the XL1 to come out.

  15. Benjamin Sarmiento says:

    what’s the diff between the 2011 omen and the new s1?

  16. Looks like they’re available for Pre-Order here: http://www.cheapbats.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=brigade … I’m definitely going to pick one up!

  17. which of the power brigade bats is best for a power hitter?

  18. I am a leadoff hitter on my team and im looking to buy one of these this week so i need an answer asap…which would suit me better, the s3 or the xl3

    • Composite Bats says:

      If you are a leadoff hitter, I am going to assume you are quick and not necessarily a power hitter, but more of a line drive hitter and rely more on bat speed and contact. Go with the S3 “Speed” bat. Any of the power brigade bats with the black barrel.

  19. Whats the difference, besides the price, between the s2 and the s3?

  20. I am a leadoff hitter for my squad and I get a lot of single’s an doubles but every once in a while i’ll get a hold of 1 and go deep. Which bat would you reccomend for me?

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