2013 DeMarini Baseball Bats

DeMarini has officially announced details of their new 2013 baseball bats. We have not swung them yet, but we expect good things as always from the Oregon baseball bat company founded by Ray DeMarni.

DeMarini will keep the 2013 CF5, 2013 VooDoo, 2013 Vexxum and 2013 M2M in the line with a few small changes. Bat manufacturers like DeMarini typically upgrade the composite or aluminum in the baseball bat to make the bats more durable.

2013 DeMarini CF5 BBCOR Bat

2013 DeMarini CF5 BBCOR Bat

The 2013 DeMarini CF5 gets a upgraded composite that is thinner and stronger (more durable).

2013 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat High School and College

2013 DeMarini Voodoo Baseball Bat for BBCOR

The handle of the 2013 Voodoo baseball bat from Demarini gets the new composite, making it a little more durable.

2013 DeMarini Vexxum BBCOR Baseball Bat

2013 DeMarini Vexxum BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2013 DeMarini Vexxum has a new end cap. And is a solid choice for anyone looking for a more balanced baseball bat a price that is not out of the park.

2013 DeMarini M2M Baseball Bat BBCOR

2013 DeMarini M2M Baseball Bat BBCOR

The 2013 DeMarini M2M gets the best graphics of all the new DeMarini baseball bats.


  1. Should I wait for every company’s 2013 bats now? It’s an Easton/Demarini bat battle for me S1 versus Cf5/Vexxum/Voodoo. Not particularly in that order.

    • Composite Bats says:

      Don’t wait. The only company to release a full line of 2013 baseball bats is going to be Demarini, and even those will not be out until the end of April or early May, 2012. Easton, TPX and the other big companies will not have anything new until approximately August or September 2012.

  2. I had a 2012 voodoo and then i got the new XL1. The xl1 feels much better when the ball is hit while the voodoo feels quite dead. One kid on my team has the s1 and i’ve used it and it has the same feeling as he xl1. Basically the s1 is the xl1 with a small barrel. I’d go wit the xl1 it is just as balanced as the s1 but with a larger barrel and sweet spot.

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