2013 Louisville Slugger oneX Softball Bat Recalled Voluntarily by Louisville

In a move I have never seen before, Louisville Slugger recalled the 2013 oneX fastpitch softball bat in the minus 10, 9, and 8 ounce versions due to a small amount of bats that have the potential to break into two different pieces. Louisville Slugger is taking VERY GOOD CARE of their customers, and will be giving customers several different options for a softball bat replacement. See below for details.

Louisville Slugger has enjoyed an incredible resurgence in Fastpitch these past few years, driven by the strong innovation in the
bat lineup and the “Beautifully Powerful” campaign. Players like Jessica Mendoza, Ashley Charters and Andrea Duran have
helped put the latest bat innovations on the map and some of the top college programs in the country are enjoying success on
the field with the 2013 line as well.
With any truly innovative products come occasional obstacles and we’re writing this to share some important developments
isolated to the 2013 oneX. We have become aware of a manufacturing issue that has compromised the durability of the oneX
bat (pictured below) which potentially shows up in the form of cracking between barrel and handle. In extreme cases, the
manufacturing defect has resulted in a complete fracture between the handle and barrel. While we know this will only affect a
sub-set of oneX bats in the market, to protect the players and to live up to our responsibility to give you the best product
possible, we are recalling the entire current line of the oneX bat (all lengths and weights) from the market. Model numbers
affected by this recall are FP136, FP1369 and FP1368.
As Fastpitch softball players have learned over the years, Louisville Slugger prides itself on doing the right thing for its loyal
customers. We are committed to resolving this quickly and efficiently so we can get the best product available back in your
hands as quickly as possible. We will be providing a 2013 Xeno bat as a replacement and we will discuss options with each
customer to satisfy the price difference between oneX and the Xeno replacement bat the customer will receive.
Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-282-2287 to discuss this further and address any questions you
may have.
For those of you impacted by this situation, we apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. We are
working diligently to correct the issue and we look forward to launching our new bat models this summer with the same
industry-leading performance you have grown accustomed to from Louisville Slugger. We pledge to work tirelessly to maintain
your trust, continue to bring you confidence at the plate, deliver you the best in class product you have come to expect from
Louisville Slugger and continue to bring you the best products the sport has to offer.
Please see www.slugger.com/fastpitch/ for continual updates, including answers to anticipated questions from our customers.
Best Regards,
Bill Clark
Hillerich & Bradsby, Co.
President – Louisville Slugger Division


  1. Gerald maltez says:

    Since I bough the bat for my daughter I have no complaint, I think the bat is great , better than the xeno bat….

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