2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch Bat Review

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch HopeOne of the most difficult things to do in fastpitch softball is finding the right bat to use. Often times, even when you do find that bat that feels just right, it can often be too heavy for you to swing or too light. One way DeMarini has found around this is by offering their 2014 DeMarini line of CF6 fastpitch bats in four different weights, making it easier for those new to the sport to find the right bat for them.

These bats come in different colors depending on the weight (same scheme for three of the sizes), which should make the process simpler to quickly grab yours off the fence at the end of a game. What makes this bat excel and why should you add it to your bat bag?

Regardless of which size 2014 DeMarini CF6 fastpitch bat you get (-11oz., -10oz., -9oz., -8oz.), you will have a bat that was constructed extremely well with the best composite material available to DeMarini. DeMarini is taking pride in the fact that this bat is one of the lightest of the year, which makes it perfect for those girls looking to get their hands through the zone quicker. It was made with Paradox composite material for the handle and the barrel.

The composite in the barrel was designed to have more of a trampoline effect when contact is made, while the material in the handle was designed to be stiffer and prevent energy loss when contact is made.

With many bats, there is a small sweet spot that can often be difficult to find. With the 2014 DeMarini CF6, that is not the case. DeMarini designed this bat with two walls on the barrel, which make the entire bat one massive sweet spot. Even with a mishit on this barrel, the ball should still pop for you nicely. To cap things off (no pun intended), DeMarini used a Clutch End Cap on this bat, which helps to cut down and eliminate any painful vibrations that may occur to your hands. It also works to keep all the energy in your barrel, rather than losing it out of the end.

Overall, this 2014 DeMarini bat is one of the finest in their entire 2014 line and should be in the bag of any fastpitch player.



  1. Luke Peer says:

    Demarini Cf6 bats are designed so beautiful. and comes in various color. this is a composite bat.
    nice article.
    thanks for sharing.

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