2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

2014 demarini cf6 insaneThe 2014 baseball and softball bat market is one of the most talked about in years. It features many elite level bats that have been raved about since the announcement of their sale dates. Among those bats is the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane fastpitch softball bat. This bat is made of composite and has a minus 10 ounce length to weight ratio. It has been approved by all major softball organizations including the USSSA and ASA.

This bat is moderately end loaded which gives its users a little more power when solid contact is made. The CF6 isn’t just for the power hitters as its moderate end loaded feel also makes it ideal for contact and slap hitters. DeMarini constructed the new CF6 Insane with new D-Fusion Handle vibration dampening technology. The amount of vibration this technology takes away from the bat is amazing and will ensure that your hands don’t get hurt.

The type of composite DeMarini uses for this bat is Paradox, which is one of the stronger materials available and while it is stronger, still provides a trampoline effect that makes the ball jump off. The end cap on this bat is exclusive to DeMarini. The Geo End Cap was designed to help make end loaded bats keep the essential energy from exiting out of the bat and keeping it until contact is made.

One thing that DeMarini is known for is the double wall bat. They have been making bats with double wall technology since the 1990s and are known as one of the best companies at making them. With this bat, they have taken it one step further by making the entire barrel one massive sweet spot regardless of what way you hold the bat at the plate.

The D-Fusion technology on this bat is something that makes it stand out compared to other fastpitch bats this season. It is something that the company is trying out with the DeMarini CF6 Insane and will one day expand to their entire stock of bats. Once you take a few cuts with this bat, you will want to swing it again.

Check out this great video on the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane with D-Fusion technology from our friends at Cheapbats.com.

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