2014 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Review

Recently we had a chance to swing the new 2014 DeMarini BBCOR bats. There are currently two new 2014 BBCOR bats, the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo and the 2014 Vexxum NVS; a CF6 BBCOR will follow in August, 2013.

DeMarini made some major changes to their two best selling BBCOR bats for 2014 (See our 2014 Vexxum NVS Review). So this was a fun bat review to do because we got to swing brand new bats that are about to hit the fields. Starting with the new Voodoo minus 3 ounce has a new knob and new composite in the handle. The barrel uses the X10 alloy in the barrel like previous versions, but the ring inside the barrel is moved down closer to the taper to help balance the bat out a little more than earlier versions of the BBCOR Voodoo. The Paradox composite is stronger than the older C6 composite, and gives the bat a stiffer feel, while eliminating vibration.

First impressions of the 2014 Voodoo BBCOR the feel. The new bat is still end loaded, but not as end loaded, so more hitters will be comfortable with this bat in their hands than ever before.

There is a new design for the knob of the new Voodoo called the RCK KNOB (Really Cool Knob). They thought about what shape would be most comfortable up against your hands during a hard swing. Cone shaped is not the best word, but that is what it reminds me of. It is actually more in between a cone shape and a normal knob, but we know we like it. I expect other companies to copy this and try to make knobs a little smoother to give the batter added comfort.

There is absolutely no vibration with the 2014 Voodoo. The bat swings solid. There is enough mass in the barrel of the bat to drive the ball hard, even on weak swings at the end of batting practice, if you can get the bat around, the baseball will jump off the barrel feeling solid.

The grip feels great; not too thin, not too thick. The Voodoo is the real deal. The new composite really does make a difference where it counts. The new Voodoo feels more like a one piece bat than a half and half bat, but benefits from the half and half construction in the respect that there is no vibration, unlike many one piece bats.

I really think the 2014 Voodoo is much better than the 2013 version, and I have no doubt the the new Voodoo will be one of the best BBCOR bats for 2014.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful and vaulable review–you are the first to review the 2014 Voodoo that I have seen!

    I have been tracking the Voodoo development and was hoping the 2014 would be the same end-loaded if not more since my son prefers top-loaded bats (he is a switch-hitter not too powerful from the left side, but has a compact swing and fast bat speed). Honestly, I was a little disappointed reading that 2014 bat will be less top-loaded.

    Do you mind telling me how much difference the balance point will be between 2014 and the 2013 Voodoo? My measurement of the balance point for the 2013 Voodoo was 20.2 inches from the bottom of the knob, and my son prefers 21 inch (like the 2012 Exogrid 2, but we are not happy with the new 2013 Exo).

    Thank you in advance.


  2. When will new 2014 Voodoo be released for viewing, specs and purchase?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The 2014 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR will be released on April 1st. Pricing should be in line with past releases of the Voodoo BBCOR at $299

  3. David Triplett says:

    DeMarini has been very quite about this new bat, in years past you could read reviews and watch videos of their new up coming line. I have even sent numerous emails asking questions, but only got one response that was very vague. Do you know if they will be offering this bat in the youth line as well? and do you know for sure it will be out April 1 ? please any information would be helpful, we are in line for a new bat and always loved the DeMarini, but dont want to wait for every because our season is just getting started.

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