Aluminum Bats legal for Little League

Want to buy an Aluminum Baseball Bat for Little League?  Check out the following bats that are safe bets.

Anderson Techzilla XP -9oz is one of the best aluminum bats on the market

TPX Omaha Youth Bat is a hugely popular aluminum baseball bat for a great price

Easton Rival XXL Youth Baseball Bat offers a brand new alloy that is the strongest and lightest alloy ever made for a bat

Combat B1 Alloy Youth Bat is a brand new aluminum bat offering from Combat (One of the best composite bats)

Anderson Nanotek XP is Anderson’s latest offering.  Like the Easton Rival XXL, the Nanotek XP is one of the most technologically advanced aluminum bats on the market.

Little League has decided to put a moratorium on composite baseball bats. If you have purchased a composite bat and have questions, please call the manufacturer of your bat. As soon as we information from the bat makers regarding what happens next we will share it with our customers.
Little League has announced that they WILL ALLOW certain models of composite bats to be used IF they pass a test showing that they do not “break in” or “get hotter” during it’s natural cycle of use. We do not expect to hear anything about which bats make the Little League composite bat waiver list for at least a few weeks.
On a final note, you may have already read articles published in major newspapers stating that composite bats allow the ball to come off the bat faster, this is completely false and in my opinion sums up the hive-mind type thinking that got this ban passed in the first place.  We are 100% for the safety of the children playing baseball, however this rushed decision announced five days after many Little League parents purchased composite bats for their children was not the right choice. Our hope is that Little League will listen to the bat manufacturers and use common sense in the next few weeks during the waiver process. If a bat does break the rules then we 100% agree with Little League to disallow the bat model, keep in mind this puts egg on Little Leagues face for allowing an “illegal” bat to pass their test in the first place.
Do not forget that the Little League Baseball Bats just banned were all individually tested and approved by Little League, some as recent as a few months ago.


  1. I am curious why some bats made by easton pass the test while other bats fail the test. Did they know these tests were coming up and strengthened the material being used in the new bats. They mention no diference in the types of composite being used in any of there composite bats. No organization will ever stop people that want to get an advantage. If not rolling the bat they will find another way to tamper with the barrel. Aluminum bats have been shaved for years. Is little league going to test for this also.

    • Composite Bats says:

      I do not think any Easton bats failed but I could be wrong. The manufacturers had no warning (at least that they admit to) about this ban or the testing procedure. In fact, I spoke to the president of Combat in person this summer and he was very adamant about Little League NOT banning composite bats.

      While it is cheating, any bat can have the barrel shaved, giving you a huge advantage in distance.

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