Baseball Bats Go “Space Age”

Baseball Bats go SpaceageBaseball Bats Go “Space Age” – How Composite Bats Work

When buying baseball bats, a lot of things need to be considered; the material of the bats being one of the most important. Over the years, wooden bats have fallen out of popularity because of their extensive weight and are now primarily limited to professional players. Alloy has been in use as the most common material for baseball bats for quite some time now. Different types of alloy formulations are used, many times combined together by other elements such as carbon, to form baseball bats that are more durable and lightweight than wooden bats.

In recent years the use of composite bats for baseball, especially for young players has risen dramatically because of the new composite technology. While composite bats have been in use for playing softball and slow-pitch for quite some time, their use in baseball is a recent development. The innovation in the composite bat technology has made it stronger and more durable, increasing its performance rate compared to alloy baseball bats.

How Composite Baseball Bats Work

Composite baseball bats combine together the alloy bat technology with some advanced formulation in order to create a high performing bat. The exterior of the composite bat uses the same alloy material in order to give it strength and power, but uses another wall composed of different graphite materials inside the alloy wall. This makes the composite bats tough and durable while making them lighter at the same time since the composite wall is not as heavy as alloy.

Advantages of Using Composite Bats

Composite baseball bats are usually better in performance than the usual alloy bats. Using a composite bat can be quite beneficial in many regards, especially when the composite bat is broken-in the right way. The key advantages of using a composite bat instead of an alloy baseball bat include:

Lower Swing Weight – This is the weight felt by the player when the baseball bat is swung around to play a shot. Swing weight is different from the actual weight of the baseball bat because of a slight change in the manufacturing technology that shifts the center of mass to a different position. Using a bit of smart scientific principles, the composite bats are able to reduce the swing weight of baseball bats, making it easier for players to use them without causing much exertion.

Trampoline Effect – At the time of the bat-ball collision during a baseball play, composite bats create a better trampoline effect, making the baseball jump off better. The barrel of the composite bats is usually less stiff, giving them slight flexibility. This lack of absolute stiffness in the barrel of the baseball bats allows the balls to bounce off with more energy compared to when they collide with more stiff barrels of alloy bats.

Higher Damping Rate – Composite bats have a higher damping rate compared to alloy bats, resulting in fewer vibrations along the bat handle when the ball hits off at the wrong spot. These vibrations can cause a stinging feeling in the hands of the players, causing them problems during the game. Since the bending stiffness in composite baseball bats is low, they damp the rate of vibrations caused in the bat. As a result, the players feel lesser or no stinging sensations when the ball is hit off the mark.

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