Bat Review: 2013 Rip It Prototype Air BBCOR

Rip It Prototype Air BBCOR Baseball BatThe 2013 Rip It Prototype Air BBCOR bat is their best this year.  The 2012 best bat from Rip It was the exceptional prototype 2.  Rip It continues to push the performance envelope even though they have not been in the market very long.

The newly introduced “Rip It Air” black bat with red lettering and gray accents is a sturdy bat and is all set to work. The feel awed me as soon as I picked it up. Four ounces were taken from the end and distributed all through the bat.  Rip It made the wall thinner at the business end of its Prototype Air BBCOR by channeling out grooves inside the barrel.

The Rip It Air has all the pop that was advertised. This bat has as much pop as anything else on the market, and I have tried all BBCOR bats. This bat pops all over, and it is one of the things that differentiate the Rip It Air from competitors.

It is a real ego builder in the batting cage.  Whether you hit the ball near the end or close to your hands, the ball flies off this baseball bat. Once you’ve square up the ball, you’ve sent out a challenge to the defense.

This bat is exceptionally well balanced when hitting the ball.  You can control the Rip It BBCOR all the way through the swing zone.  I was confident enough to hold on until the last moment and then drive the bat through the ball. Rip It has introduced a great hitting BBCOR bat to the market.

This bat feels and pops well, and the grip takes in the shock!  The little vibration in this single piece alloy bat really surprised me. It was fresh and enjoyable to use a bat that has hardly any vibration on badly hit balls. This innovative 2013 BBCOR from Rip It gives you all the features you could want on one the finest BBCOR bats for 2013.

The performance is the focus of Rip It! The excellent Rip It Prototype Air BBCOR is offered at the best price you will find.

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