Best BBCOR Bats – Three Great Bats Reviewed

2012-Demarini-Vodoo-BBCOR-Bat-3By definition, BBCOR means baseball bat coefficient of restitution¬†(COR).¬†These bats are used mostly in high school and college baseball leagues and are made of aluminum. There are hundreds of BBCOR certified bats that will help you or your children “swing for the fences”. What are some of the best BBCOR bat options for you to look into?

Best BBCOR Bats

2012 Anderson Ignite

The Anderson Bat Company is one that is often forgotten or ignored in the bat manufacturing business. With this bat, users are getting a -3 oz. bat that is built to last a good while and produce hits at the same time. This bat is constructed using single wall technology with all metal alloy. It has a True Flex end cap and a taper flex contour with the weight of the bat being distributed better because it is closer to your hands. It has an ultra-thin handle, which allows you to get a firmer grip when swinging.

2013 Rip-It Prototype

One of the newer bat manufacturers on the scene today is also one of the most popular when it comes to their BBCOR bats. This bat was made of aluminum, R1 alloy to be exact, which is exclusive to the Rip-It brand. Its BBCOR barrel was made to have a larger sweet spot than traditional baseball bats and will help you get the ball farther than ever before. This model is one of the best BBCOR bats available today.

2012 Demarini Voodoo

When it comes to softball and baseball bats, Demarini is one of the most common names you will see at the ball fields. This model was made with a newer styled end cap and the Demarini exclusive, SC4 alloy. When they constructed the bat, they used taper ring technology that helps keep the weight closer to your body, which will allow you to swing for more power. When the bat is weighted more towards the end, your swing will lead to some power hits, but not as often as keeping the weight adjusted. It has a composite handle to go with the alloy barrel, which allows you to transfer the power through the ball.

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