Best Fastpitch Bats Under $250 – Great bats that deliver power without breaking the bank

Sometimes, it takes being a little thrifty to find the right softball bat for the upcoming season. While the initial feeling involves wanting to be the first person to own that certain bat, waiting just a few weeks can often result in getting a great deal on a bat. That holds true for baseball and softball bats, especially for those competing in fastpitch leagues. What are some of the best fastpitch bats for softball you can get for less than $250?

2014 Combat PORTENT – $239.95

2014 Combat PORTENTThe PORTENT comes in four different weights for fastpitch players of all size and skill level. The bat can be purchased in any weight drop between -8 and –11 ounces and regardless of which weight you get, this is a bat made to excel. This is a composite bat that was made to give you a soft feel with each swing while also allowing the ball to propel off the bat better with a trampoline effect. The bat is made with multi-walls which Combat used their state of the art precision molding process to complete.

2014 Rip It Air – $199.99

2014 RipIt Fastpitch Softball BatRip It isn’t a bat company that is as well known as others like Easton, Worth or DeMarini, but they are out to prove that they can release great bats. This Rip It bat is made with R2 composite and AIR technology, which is meant to give the bat a lighter feel. It also has a harmonic barrel which when combined with the other features, gives you a powerful cut each time. One unique feature of this bat is its memory foam-type material used on the grip, which gives you a more comfortable area to grasp.

2014 Worth Legit – $179.95

2014 Worth Legit Fastpitch BatThis bat is currently on closeout by our friends from CheapBats and was also made with composite material. It has a Legit Power Core which Worth developed to eliminate useless material inside the bat, which ultimately gives you a better performing bat than you have ever had before. The outer layer of the bat uses High Modulus composite Fiber Technology, which are smaller and allow for more of these fibers to fit in the same area, thus making it more durable and increasing performance.

There are many great bats that could be considered among the best fastpitch bats in different price ranges…these are just some of the deals out there now! Check out more of the best fastpitch bats.


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    Any Demarini bats? You can’t leave this brand out of the box!

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