The 2013 Easton S1 BBCOR Bat Is The Best Selling BBCOR Bat

Well, the Christmas numbers are in… The new Easton S1 BBCOR baseball bat is far away the best selling BBCOR bat of 2012 and soon to be 2013.

The awesome balance, and the pop that come with the 100% composite, two piece BBCOR baseball bat are hard to match. Easton added the top of the line “Black Carbon” composite to the handle of the 2013 S1 BBCOR, something that the 2012 did not have. Black Carbon composite is the best composite Easton has ever developed. The new S1 Easton BBCOR is lighter and stronger than the 2012, and the feedback is that the 2013 is much better than the 2012 S1.

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