Bownet Big Mouth Review – Baseball and Softball Hitting Net

Over the past few years, while driving past almost any baseball or softball field in America, you may have seen an orange net being used. The Training Aid you saw is most likely the Bownet Big Mouth.

Bownet Big Mouth Baseball and Softball Hitting Net

Bownet Big Mouth Baseball and Softball Hitting Net

We recently were given a Big Mouth to use for one of the travel teams we work with.

In the past, we have used Jugs nets, but they always tip over. We wanted to try and review something new, and since everyone seems to have one of these orange Bownets these days, we figured we would jump on board and give you one of the best Bownet Big Mouth reviews online.


The Bownets are EXTREMELY easy to build. Okay, so the first time we built it we put the two base poles facing the wrong way, but that was a one time thing. Now that we know which direction the bottom poles are supposed to face, we can easily build the Big Mouth in the 90 second claimed set up time. Once the poles are in place, the net is placed on the unit almost effortlessly.


Once we had figured out how to build our Bownet Big Mouth, the first thing we used the net for was hitting some baseballs into it. As expected the net worked flawlessly and was sturdy as can be. Next, we attached our Bownet Strike Zone teaching add on, and had our pitchers throw at the net, instead of a catcher. This, above all the other potential uses for a girls fastpitch team or a baseball team, impressed me the most. With a $20 accessory, this hitting net had turned into a pitching net in a matter of about 30 seconds.


The Bownet Big Mouth comes in a black carrying bag (48 inches by 12 inches) similar to what you might have to carry a tent, you should not have a problem fitting the Bownet into your trunk or across the back seat/floorboard of a car. The Big Mouth weighs about 18 pounds and is relatively light weight for what will turn out to be such a large baseball/softball net. When assembled, the 7 foot by 7 foot Big Mouth was larger than expected, and plenty big for hitting into, pitching into, and general protection anywhere on the baseball/softball field. Despite being so big, the 18 pound Big Mouth is easily carried with two people. One person could carry it, but it is big and awkwardly shaped, making it a little more difficult.


Taking down the Bownet was even easier than building it. The loops that hold the net on simply pop off the top, then the poles are removed and separated, then placed into the carrying case.


What we liked:

  • Lightweight. Easily carried
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Can be used for pretty much anything you can think of on the diamond
  • Easy to pack up and take home

Overall, we highly suggest the Big Mouth Bownet if you are looking for a hitting screen or pitching screen. You will not be disappointed with the build quality and the endless uses of the Bownet.

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