4 Reasons the new USA Bat Standard is a good thing

By now you may have heard about the upcoming rule change going in to affect on January 1st, 2018. Little League, Pony, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, and almost every other youth baseball organization is adopting a new youth baseball bat standard: USABat Standard bats.


  1. The Integrity of the Game

Little League and Pony, the two largest youth baseball organizations by far, insist the change is needed for the “integrity of the game”.  What this means is since the development of high-end composite baseball bats in the early 2000s, bat manufacturers have been able to design and build bats with such large sweet spots and light swing weights, today’s youth baseball players have seen a dramatic increase in offense. The USABat Standard will decrease the allowable size of the barrel and sweet spot.

2. Big Barrel Bats For Little League

One great new thing about the new youth bat standard is that Little League will now allow baseball bats with a 2 5/8 inch diameter barrel (as well as 2 1/4″ still). Up until now, Little League has required the use of a 2 1/4 inch diameter barrel on all of their bats for youth baseball players. The USABat Standard will change this rule. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the sweet spot will be much smaller on the new bats than the sweet spot on the current big barrel bats available on the market.

3. Standardization

Under the new bat standard, Little League Baseball and Pony Baseball will use the same bats. The only reason you would ever need to get two different baths would be if you were playing travel baseball under USSSA rules.

4. Safety

While the organizations have come out and said that the change to the USABat Standards is not due to safety reasons, the simple fact is these bats will not perform as well as the current bats do. The decrease in barrel size as well as the potentially slower speeds off the bat should increase reaction time for the defense.

Affordable Gifts for the Baseball and Softball Players on Your List

Baseball giftsAs anyone who has purchased sporting goods and training tools for their kids can attest to, it can become an expensive ordeal. When the holidays come around, it allows you the chance to get your kids those tools that will help them get better and succeed and put something under the Christmas tree for them.

There are numerous affordable deals out there for parents looking to get some last minute shopping done, but what are the best?

Cannonball Warm Up Softball

One of the best things any baseball or softball player can do in the off season is continue to work on their arm strength. One of the affordable tools that will allow you to do this is the Cannonball Warm Up Softball. This ball can be used off a wall, eliminating the need to have another person present to play catch. Using this before playing catch with a baseball or softball will also make those balls feel lighter and allow you to get more zip on each throw.

Mizano Organizer BackpackMizuno Organizer 3 Backpack

When you look in the trunk of the athlete in your family, you will often be afraid of what you will find. From dirty socks and underwear to all their essential gear, everything will usually just be scattered around and hard to find. The Mizuno Organizer 3 Backpack is the solution to that problem. It has enough room to store all the essentials to compete and has room for other non-essential personal items.

Rawlings 5-Tool Foam Quick Hands Trainer

RAWLINGS 5-TOOL FOAM QUICK HANDS TRAINERWhen you watch players like Robinson Cano and Andrelton Simmons make amazing players with such ease on a nightly basis, the reason why they are able to do so is because they have soft hands. When you hear that expression, it doesn’t mean their hands are smooth, it means that their hands are quick and soft enough to absorb the ball whether it is an easy hop, or a nasty one.

There are too many baseball and softball tools and gear to even list here, but if you are looking to grab an item for the athlete in your family, these are all solid places to start.

Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector

Tuff Sleeve Bat ProtectorTuff Sleeve helps baseball and softball players around the world, do the most important thing they can do in the offseason and in between games during the season. protect their equipment. This includes keeping your fielding glove conditioned and prepared for its next use. It also includes making sure your bat is protected from getting scratches in your trunk and bat bag, and save it from unnecessary force during batting practice and more. The best way to protect your bat is to use the newly re-designed Tuff Sleeve.

Tuff Sleeves can be used for bats made from aluminum or wood and for softball or baseball bats. These protectors slide right on and off the bat without having to fight with it. It is a tapered tube that is made with a rubber exterior and a cotton fabric interior. It is that material that makes the Tuff Sleeve go on with ease.

Tuff Sleeve most important feauture is that it can be used during batting practice. You can protect the life of your bat during batting practice by 25 percent when you keep the Tuff Sleeve on it. When you keep the Tuff Sleeve on your bat during batting practice, the sleeve will sit on the sweet spot of the bat. This will allow you to see where contact should be made to get optimal flight on the ball. By protecting your bat in non-game situations that would normally harm your bat and lessen its life expectancy, you are getting more for your money than ever before.

Using Tuff Sleeve on your bat, protects it from getting scratches and dents, while also maintaining its aesthetic appearance. It slides on and off with ease and reduces vibration that could develop when the barrel gets too cold.in the fall months. When you are new to the sport and use it during batting practice, you will get a better idea of where contact needs to be made.

Special thanks to Mike at Cheapbats.com for this video on Tuff Sleeve.

Mizuno Baseball Bats and Equipment – Brand Profile

Mizuno bats and equipmentMizuno is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia and has been a staple in baseball bat and accessories since being founded in 1906. Rihachi Mizuno founded the company in Osaka, Japan, where they still have their worldwide headquarters. Mizuno USA manufactures and sells products for golf, baseball, track & field, softball and volleyball. Since the company was founded, Mizuno has put relentless effort into improving their products to compete with others that have come after them.

Mizuno began to manufacture baseballs and gloves in 1913 and in 1933 the company starting planting Ash trees that would become their baseball bats. They have since grown and evolved into the company that is now considered one of the top in the industry. Not only do the sales of Mizuno products reach the top of the baseball equipment and apparel market, they are also one of the most trusted companies for the professional ball players because of their high quality craftsmanship and durability.

Mizuno’s top products are wood bats and the company has seen the need to advance the technology further. Among the wood bats they now produce is a maple composite bat. These bats are constructed with a composite handle and a wooden barrel. This advanced technology allows the bat to last longer than traditional maple bats. It still has the top performance one would expect from a maple bat from Mizuno, only more advanced.

Another ideal bat for those looking to add a Mizuno piece to their bat bag is their classic maple bat. The hard maple wood is used from the handle to the barrel and provides you a great feel with each swing. Mizuno uses only the best maple wood to ensure their bats will last for multiple seasons, giving its customers the best product for their money. Mizuno produces a full line of baseball equipment from bats, to bags, to gloves. It is your one stop brand!

For more information or questions on Mizuno’s great line of equipment and baseball bats, leave us a question or comment!


Little League Baseball Emerges: Batter up Girls!

Little League Baseball - Batter Up GirlsThe concept of, “Does bat make the player or the player make the bat,” has recently gotten a new twist. Does anyone remember the Bad News Bears and the infamous actress who socked it her teammates in more ways than one? How about the Sand Lot where the “insult” of “You play like a girl,” was made?

Well times, they are a-changing and so are the players who are entering and playing on little league baseball fields. Thus, the idea of “you play like a girl,” is a good thing. These days, more and more girls are being welcomed onto little league fields by coaches and players. Don’t get me wrong; it has not been without controversy with regards to safety and gender issues, but since its inception in 1974, girls are on forefront of one of America’s most popular sports.

A Little Bit of Little League History

Girls were officially and formally permitted to play little league softball in 1974. Since Little League Baseball was founded in 1939, that leaves a big gap of time, but not in experience. Through the years, girls have played at every level, including making it to Little League World Series. Gone are the days when they had to hide their hair to play and pretend to be something they weren’t. Now they not only play like girls, they win like them too.

The Controversy

As long as Little League has been in existence, there been a variety of controversies and the admittance of girls into a seemingly boy’s “territorial sport,’ was no exception. But through the efforts of many and the endurance of a few, new rules were implemented so both boys and girls could coexist first in the sport and then on the same playing field.

A Happy Outcome

Girls rule—even on a baseball field. Whether it is with the use of sticks or a top of the line bat, girls continue to come up in little league baseball. They make the love of the game shine and can credit their successes to their own persistence, efforts, triumphs, and skills.

So, guys…get your bats ready, ‘cause the “new kids” are already waiting for you at the plate to show you how to play like a girl!

How The Baseball Feels – Tapping Into The Senses

baseballJust for fun, have you ever wondered how the ball feels when it is hit by a bat? I had a recent conversation with a baseball and this is what it said: OUCH! But really, how the baseball “feels” depends on the player tapping into their senses and that’s what counts.


For the player, the ball is a big part of the feeling of victory when they come up to bat. Making contact is everything. The way the bat and ball connect can mean a great hit or a miss. Readiness is a key to tapping into the sense of the ball and taking it to the extreme.


For the player, this sensory combination becomes key to making it happen. A player becomes one with his bat and concentrates on seeing the speed and direction of the ball. It’s also hearing when the ball lands so when he takes off toward a possible victory all his senses are in tune.


An outsider who has never played a little league game may surmise that there is no use of these two senses in baseball.

She or he can smell and taste the victory as she swings her bat and runs the bases. It is a team effort and well worth the smell of sweat and the taste of accomplishing a goal. All players may not be all stars, but they can demonstrate how to use the senses for the love of the game.

Oh! And most balls prefer to be hit by a bat from www.cheapbats.com (at least the one we talked to).

No actual balls were hurt in the writing of this article.