DeMarini CF5 Fastpitch Bat Review

DeMarini CF5 2013For fastpitch softball players during the 2013 season, no bat was as highly acclaimed as the DeMarini CF5. This bat was often sold out for many retailers around the country and is currently available at a closeout price.

While DeMarini has released a new line of 2014 bats including the CF6, the CF5 is a perfect bat to get for next season. What are some of the best features of this bat and why would it be a great addition to your bat bag?

The DeMarini CF5 bat comes with a -10oz. weight drop and currently comes in a 33 inch model. This bat was constructed with two pieces of composite material and was designed to give you a balanced swing throughout, allowing for the quickest speed through the zone. The actual composite material DeMarini used with this bat was the TR3 F.L.O., which is also known as Fused Layer Optimized. This material is one of the lightest available to DeMarini and because of that, is one of their lightest models. The TR3 F.L.O. material was created after fusing together carbon fibers, making a lighter, but durable material.

One thing DeMarini bats are known for is the Half and Half technology used to combine their multiple part bats. This technology silences the feedback you would get from many other bats and this also creates a massive sweet spot that will allow you to hit the gaps with ease. The end cap the CF5 was made with is Geo and the main task for this end cap is to stiffen up the barrel and prevent energy from leaving the bat from this area. By keeping all the energy in the bat, you are getting extra power with each swing.

The DeMarini CF5 bat is complete with a black, white, red and grey color scheme that allows it stand out when leaning on the fence of your bench. It also has a 2 ¼” barrel diameter and is approved for use in many leagues around the country including ASA, ISF, ISA and NSA. The bat comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and is hot out of the wrapper, making it perfect for spring ball.

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Demarini Softball Bats for All Leagues: Wood, Aluminum and Composite

DeMarini stands outDeMarini is a brand that stands out and is known by baseball players in just about every slow pitch softball league in the country. As the sport of softball continues to gain in popularity, each year thousands of players take to the fields. Whether you are playing in wood bat, ASA, SSUSA or USSA leagues, DeMarini makes great softball bats for everyone.

What are some of the best DeMarini softball bats for each league?

Composite Bats

The 2014 DeMarini CL 22 is a brand new bat that was designed from scratch for Chris Larsen, one of the most popular slow pitch softball stars in the country. Made with two pieces, the bat features a huge sweet spot, has the ultimate end loaded feel and when contact is made, feels as though it was constructed with a single piece.

Wood Bats

For players that need a wood bat for their softball league, the DeMarini Pro maple composite bats could be perfect. The barrel itself is made of high grade maple wood that is made to withstand swings from the entire team night after night. These bats have composite handles and are BBCOR approved. Be sure and check that your league allows composite handle construction.

Aluminum Bats

The 2013 DeMarini Raw is one of the best models you can get for use in aluminum ASA leagues. This bat is end loaded and is hot right out of the wrapper. Make sure to use this bat above DeMarini’s suggested temperature range (55+) because at below 55 degrees, softballs are harder and it can dent the bat. This model comes in three weights, 26, 28 and 30 oz. making it a perfect bat for any user.

Senior League

A lot of senior slow pitch leagues require different bats than the ones used in open leagues. With that in mind, DeMarini’s The One was designed to help allow everyone to reach the fences or beyond. Be sure to check with your league requirements on bats because this model is not eligible for use in ASA or USSSA leagues. If you play in a SSUSA league, the bat, made with a composite handle and barrel, this bat will make you feel like a teenager again.

With so many bats to choose from, let the experts help! Shoot us a comment…

DeMarini Baseball Bats – How they Do it

DeMarini Baseball Bats

DeMarini Baseball Bats

When it comes to selecting a baseball bat, there are several things that need to be considered. While many people do not think it is of much importance, the brands of baseball bats count for a lot when selecting one, especially if you are looking for high quality performance. Not every manufacturer can produce a baseball bat the right way, since it requires a lot of technical considerations in order to get optimal performance out of each bat.

Among all the baseball bat manufacturers, the DeMarini baseball bats rank among the best ones. DeMarini has been producing high-quality baseball bats and other merchandise related to the sport for quite some years, leading the market successfully. More and more coaches, players and their parents are switching to the use of DeMarini baseball bats for youths every day, due to their high durability and performance level. Undoubtedly, the DeMarini baseball bats are among the most popular and the most expensive bats that are available in the market today.

The History of DeMarini Bats

DeMarini bats are a product of DeMarini Sports, a company that manufactures several sporting goods. Back in 1989, the company was started by Ray DeMarini, a well-known softball player with his partner Michael Eggiman as a softball bat producing company. Eventually the company branched out in the production of baseball merchandise like gloves, producing some of the best baseball bats that are available in the market today.

Today, DeMarini Sports are known as the manufacturer of the most high quality adult baseball bats that provide even the most amateur players with a performance level like a pro player. While the DeMarini brand offers some of the most expensive high-end products, they also include affordable ones in their product lines that are easily affordable and give an excellent level of performance.

2013 Easton Softball Bats Shine In Home Run Derby

Team Easton’s Brett “ the hitman”  Helmer was the top Long Haul Bomber with 12 points using his 2013 Easton Brett Helmer Signature Softball Bat.

Helmer set the pace early, sending homers sailing into the right field bleachers. “ I felt good, balls were flying and I love Petco Park. This morning I hit a hole in one at a charity golf event for the Wounded Warriors and won a trip to Europe, but I donated the trip right back to the charity, so tonight was the capper to an awesome day” .

 Helmer’s Easton team mate Brain Wegman finished with 9 points, putting Easton out front early in the battle for the manufactures cup.

Denny Crine of Team Miken threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Padre’s-Marlin’s game. Crine had a solid day at the plate ending up with 8 points and sent multiple “show bombs “ into the upper deck.

Also taking cuts Saturday night, Team Louisville Slugger’s Tim Cocco and Lee Powers. Cocco is a veteran on the tour and was part of the team that won the Manufactures cup last season. Cocco’s new teammate Lee Powers had an impressive rookie debut with 8 points.

Here are the final standings for round one of the stadium power tour at Petco Park Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Brett Helmer, Team Easton:  12 points

Brian Wegman, Team Easton:  9 points

Denny Crine,Team Miken:  8 points

Lee Powers,Team Louisville Slugger:  8 points 

Ed Vega,Team Miken:  5 points  

Tim Cocco,Team Louisville Slugger: 1 point

Next up for the Bombers, a trip to Seattle’s Safeco Field for a Friday night slug fest on May 25.  It’s the first opportunity to see Team Combat in action. Combat features a mix of youth and seasoned experience, led by veteran Johnny McCraw, who claimed a championship on the Stadium Power Tour and the youthful swagger of Brandon Perry. Team DeMarini is back in the hunt, with stadium power tour champ Chris “ the crusher “ Larsen and wily vet Kevin Filby. Expect softballs to be flying.

The Bombers are excited to announce: “ The Road to Miami “. The Marlins new park will be the host site for the 2012 the stadium power tour finals on Sunday, September 16. Details on a ticket promotion are coming soon. 

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