2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

2014 demarini cf6 insaneThe 2014 baseball and softball bat market is one of the most talked about in years. It features many elite level bats that have been raved about since the announcement of their sale dates. Among those bats is the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane fastpitch softball bat. This bat is made of composite and has a minus 10 ounce length to weight ratio. It has been approved by all major softball organizations including the USSSA and ASA.

This bat is moderately end loaded which gives its users a little more power when solid contact is made. The CF6 isn’t just for the power hitters as its moderate end loaded feel also makes it ideal for contact and slap hitters. DeMarini constructed the new CF6 Insane with new D-Fusion Handle vibration dampening technology. The amount of vibration this technology takes away from the bat is amazing and will ensure that your hands don’t get hurt.

The type of composite DeMarini uses for this bat is Paradox, which is one of the stronger materials available and while it is stronger, still provides a trampoline effect that makes the ball jump off. The end cap on this bat is exclusive to DeMarini. The Geo End Cap was designed to help make end loaded bats keep the essential energy from exiting out of the bat and keeping it until contact is made.

One thing that DeMarini is known for is the double wall bat. They have been making bats with double wall technology since the 1990s and are known as one of the best companies at making them. With this bat, they have taken it one step further by making the entire barrel one massive sweet spot regardless of what way you hold the bat at the plate.

The D-Fusion technology on this bat is something that makes it stand out compared to other fastpitch bats this season. It is something that the company is trying out with the DeMarini CF6 Insane and will one day expand to their entire stock of bats. Once you take a few cuts with this bat, you will want to swing it again.

Check out this great video on the 2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane with D-Fusion technology from our friends at Cheapbats.com.

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch Bat Review

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch HopeOne of the most difficult things to do in fastpitch softball is finding the right bat to use. Often times, even when you do find that bat that feels just right, it can often be too heavy for you to swing or too light. One way DeMarini has found around this is by offering their 2014 DeMarini line of CF6 fastpitch bats in four different weights, making it easier for those new to the sport to find the right bat for them.

These bats come in different colors depending on the weight (same scheme for three of the sizes), which should make the process simpler to quickly grab yours off the fence at the end of a game. What makes this bat excel and why should you add it to your bat bag?

Regardless of which size 2014 DeMarini CF6 fastpitch bat you get (-11oz., -10oz., -9oz., -8oz.), you will have a bat that was constructed extremely well with the best composite material available to DeMarini. DeMarini is taking pride in the fact that this bat is one of the lightest of the year, which makes it perfect for those girls looking to get their hands through the zone quicker. It was made with Paradox composite material for the handle and the barrel.

The composite in the barrel was designed to have more of a trampoline effect when contact is made, while the material in the handle was designed to be stiffer and prevent energy loss when contact is made.

With many bats, there is a small sweet spot that can often be difficult to find. With the 2014 DeMarini CF6, that is not the case. DeMarini designed this bat with two walls on the barrel, which make the entire bat one massive sweet spot. Even with a mishit on this barrel, the ball should still pop for you nicely. To cap things off (no pun intended), DeMarini used a Clutch End Cap on this bat, which helps to cut down and eliminate any painful vibrations that may occur to your hands. It also works to keep all the energy in your barrel, rather than losing it out of the end.

Overall, this 2014 DeMarini bat is one of the finest in their entire 2014 line and should be in the bag of any fastpitch player.


Wilson Baseball Gear 2014

Wilson A2000 baseball gloveWilson baseball gear for 2014 starts the countdown to the start of softball and baseball season. With so many new bats and gloves on the market, it is often difficult to figure out what the best additions to your bag would be, but there is one place you can start: Wilson.

Many may just think of that brand for its role in Cast Away, but they are one of the premiere companies the world supplying gloves to professional and amateur players around the world and they own DeMarini.

One of the top brands of fielding gloves in the Wilson baseball gear line is the A2000. This glove comes in countless sizes and can be worn by baseball and softball players, including slowpitch and fastpitch. The A2000 series features gloves for catchers, outfielders, first basemen, pitchers and more and even features several signature gloves. Among the signature gloves offered that are worn by Rickie Weeks, Evan Longoria, C.J. Wilson, Mike Napoli and Ryan Braun.

Part of what makes these A2000 gloves so great is the material used to make them. They use Pro Stock leather that won’t rip or tear and is durable enough to last through multiple seasons. These gloves also come with numerous color schemes that can be chosen to match any jersey you may wear in the upcoming season. In the Wilson line of products, you will also find numerous batting gloves and other accessories that are important parts of your baseball or softball experience.

In 2000, Wilson Sporting Goods purchased one of the top softball bat companies in the world: DeMarini. Each year, DeMarini puts out some of the best bats for baseball and softball players. Their 2014 line of bat are some of the most popular in the business right now. Among the bats that are the most popular for the upcoming season include the DeMarini CF6 which is available in many sizes for age groups. The Stadium is another top bat that can be used in USSSA sanctioned leagues. This bat is half and half and is perfect for those looking to terrorize opposing pitchers.  Well that wraps up our Wilson baseball gear 2014 early season review.

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DeMarini Bats 2014 Lineup: CF6 – Voodoo – Vexxum and Insane

Here’s a look at the 2014 DeMarini Bats

DeMarini Bats 2014DeMarini, founded in 1989, is one of the most popular baseball and softball bat manufacturers in the world. The company puts out quality bats each year for athletes of any age and continually improves their products to make the entire process of being a better baseball or softball player easier. From larger sweet spots to durable constructed bats, DeMarini strives to give their customers a product that they will want to have in the batter’s box each time. Their 2014 line continues their push towards excellence and features durable bats meant to help you with each swing.


DeMarini CF6 2014 HopeWith their line of CF6 bats, DeMarini has developed a bat for anybody looking to play softball or baseball. They have designed bats for each sport including the -11oz. version for fastpitch softball players, -3oz. baseball bat and others. This bat was completely redesigned since the CF5 model and features a new look and a noticeable new feel. It was made with a D-Fusion handle that makes the transfer of energy better, eliminating vibration and increasing the distance the ball will travel with each swing.

Voodoo Paradox

2014-demarini-overlord bats features four models including the -3oz. BBCOR, -5oz., -9oz. and -13oz. bats, with the latter being sanctioned for use in Little Leagues, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, AABC, Pony and USSSA leagues. What sets the Voodoo Paradox apart from the competitors is its increased sweet spot. With a larger sweet spot, you can watch the ball fly off the bat when making solid contact. One of the reasons why the bat is able to have such a large sweet spot is the X10 alloy barrel has thinner walls than most others.

Vexxum and Insane

DeMarini Vexxum 2014The Vexxum and Insane branded bats are the other two currently released for the 2014 DeMarini series. The Vexxum currently comes in five different models, while there are three Insane bats. The Insane series features baseball bats with the weight drop of -3oz., -9oz. and -12oz. The Vexxum series features a -3oz. BBCOR bat, as well as other models ranging from -5oz. to -12oz.

Batting Gloves as Stocking Stuffers – You Bet!

Baseball Gloves for Stocking StuffersBatting gloves? The holiday season is the perfect time for baseball and softball players to stock up on new gear and accessories for the next season. With end-of-season clearance sales being held, there are numerous new items you can get at discounted prices for yourself or ask for on your holiday wish list.

For those looking to get baseball and softball related stocking stuffers, one of the best gift ideas would be batting gloves. What are some of the best batting gloves you can get for the athlete in your family?

Rawlings Workhorse

Rawlings WorkhorseRawlings is one of the most trusted names in softball and baseball gear and this pair of batting gloves is one of the best on the market. The leather is soft and provides ideal comfort when worn as it is more flexible than other brands. The Workhorse brand is the most popular in the line of Rawlings batting gloves for more than 12 years and would make for a great stocking stuffer.

Worth ToxicWorth Toxic batting gloves

Worth Toxic batting gloves provide a comfortable feeling as it was made with premium sheep leather. This leather gives you the best grip on the bat and helps you gain better control and maintain possession of the bat throughout your swing. It has a mesh backing, allowing your hand the chance to breathe.

Easton Stealth Core Batting GloveEaston STEALTH CORE

For those looking for the closest feel on their bat without going bare-handed, the STEALTH CORE is one of the best pair of batting gloves you can have to achieve that. This style of glove comes in 10 different color combinations and was made with Cabretta leather on the palm. This adult pair of gloves comes in sizes from small to XL.

DeMarini Versus

DeMarini Versus batting glovesSince DeMarini is one of the best bat manufacturers in the world for slowpitch softball players, you would expect them to put out quality products across the board. That is the case with fielding gloves and batting gloves. Among their best pair of batting gloves are the Versus, which are made in five sizes from small to XXL, come in three colors and feature a leather palm and a neoprene wrist strap.

We can recommend others and give you ideas where to get the best deals on batting gloves for stocking stuffers. Drop us a comment with your question!

It’s in the Bag – Why You Want a Custom Baseball Bat Bag

When you step into the bench area of your baseball or softball field, there are few things that will set you apart from the rest of the competitors. Among those variables you can create to separate yourself from everyone else is a custom bat bag. Plenty of teams spare no expense in get matching gear from hats and pants to sleeves and baseball bat bags, but if you aren’t a part of that type of team, here are a few companies that will allow you the change to change things up a bit with your own bag.

DeMarini Baseball Bat BagDeMarini Bat Bag

DeMarini is one of the premiere softball and baseball bat manufacturers in the world and with that popularity and success, have also become a premiere source for equipment bags. There are many factors that help DeMarini equipment bags stand out. Among them is the fact that they offer rolling bags, as well as backpacks. Their line of Vendetta rolling bags feature room for a few of your most favorite bats, as well as a large center section that can hold your cleats, gloves, pine tar and whatever other gear and accessories you need. The Vexxum line of backpacks feature slots for two bats, as well as plenty of storage space for your on-field essentials and pockets for your off-field personal items.

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Bag

Louisville Slugger bat bagLouisville Slugger is one of the most respected baseball gear manufacturers in the history of the sport and continues to evolve their product to fit the changing market. Among those markets in which they have changed their product is with their large line of baseball bat bags. The company saw the need to make their bags bigger to accommodate those with large numbers of bats. They have bags that can fit anywhere from one to four bats. These bat bags can be customized and much like with DeMarini, come in rolling bag models, as well as backpack versions.

A baseball bat bag isn’t just something you put your baseball and softball gear in. During the busy season when players are competing hundreds of times, these bags are where you will keep a lot of the supplies and essentials needed to keep your sanity.

Fastpitch Softball Bats – Making the Best Choice

Slow Pitch Softball BatWhat are the best fastpitch softball bats? How long should the bat be? Is my bat too heavy or too light? These and other questions that might pop into your head are the key to finding your ideal bat is choosing the perfect size and weight that suits your game.

Let’s start with some basic technical information

Fastpitch bats are generally 26 to 32 inches in length for younger players. High school or older players normally use fast pitch bats that are 30 to 34 inches long and have a drop weight value, ranging from 8 to -13.

The term drop weight value may sound complicated but it’s really very simple. The drop weight value of a bat indicates the length to weight ratio. This concept is not difficult to understand. All you have to do is weigh your bat and then subtract the length to get the number. For example: Let’s say your fastpitch softball bat weighs 24 ounces and is 34 inches long, its drop weight will then be 24-34, which equals -10.

Fastpitch softball bats are made of aluminum as well as composite materials. As for aluminum, or alloy bats, most are made from aircraft grade aluminum and variations in the alloy formula resulting in stronger alloy, has allowed manufacturers to design bats with thinner walls, hence lighter weight. Thin walls also contribute to rebound, or the “trampoline” effect when the bat strikes the ball. This effect enhances the power, thus, the distance, given the same swing speed.

These stronger or advanced alloys are marketed under different brand names by different manufacturers like Easton, DeMarini, Miken and Rip-It to name a few.  You can be sure if a bat is made of advanced alloy, it will be called out by the manufacturer somewhere on the bat or in the specs. On the other hand, bats -11 or lighter that don’t state the type of alloy used will probably be made of an alloy too weak to support the thinner wall. Beware of these bats. They can be easily dented, even in warm weather and even unsafe. Beyond standard aircraft aluminum, there are many good grades of alloy that determine strength and durability.

Composite bats consist of glass, carbon and Kevlar fibers molded together. They are designed to a different strength and stiffness than aluminum or wood bats.  There may be some great wood fastpitch softball bats out there, but you should probably go with alloy or composite over wood because wood typically doesn’t have as much pop as alloy or composite. Both alloy and composite bats are hollow which results in the barrel “squishing” during impact with the ball, or what is known as the trampoline effect. The barrel acts as a spring, storing some of the energy, which would otherwise have gone into compressing the ball. As the bat barrel expands it returns most of its stored energy to the ball and the resulting ball speed can be significantly higher than it would have been for a wood bat, which does not have a trampoline effect.

Is my bat of choice certified

Most bats come with an ASA stamp, which shows that they are certified for league play. Moreover, ASA stamped bats are acceptable in almost all leagues. There are a number of different sanction leagues such as ASA, NSA, ISA and USSSA and your bat needs to fulfill their rules before you can  play in their league with your bat.

Believe it or not, most beginners pick a fastpitch bat because of its color. Just because a bat matches your uniform or is your favorite color, doesn’t mean it is the best for you. So, choose a fastpitch softball bat based on performance to play your best game.

The worst mistake is to choose the same bat that your teammates prefer. Just because every other player on your team is swinging that bat, it doesn’t mean it is the right one for you. You should try a few bats and then select one that is best in your hands.  Don’t jump to conclusions; take your time, try out a few choices, after all no one else is as concerned about your game as you are.

Another thing to avoid at all costs is choosing a bat that’s too heavy. You cannot swing a too heavy bat “quick and fast”.  It will slow your swing down and you may even hurt yourself.

So, remember these simple three points when choosing fastpitch bats:

1) Not too heavy – pick the right weight for your swing

2) Not everybody else’s bat – don’t be an “accidental” hitter

3) Performance over color – even if it clashes!

If you keep these little things in mind, you’ll pick a fastpitch bat that performs the best for your game and results in a higher batting average.   Call us at Cheapbats and we will help you pick out the perfect fastpitch baseball bat!

DeMarini Baseball Bats – How they Do it

DeMarini Baseball Bats

DeMarini Baseball Bats

When it comes to selecting a baseball bat, there are several things that need to be considered. While many people do not think it is of much importance, the brands of baseball bats count for a lot when selecting one, especially if you are looking for high quality performance. Not every manufacturer can produce a baseball bat the right way, since it requires a lot of technical considerations in order to get optimal performance out of each bat.

Among all the baseball bat manufacturers, the DeMarini baseball bats rank among the best ones. DeMarini has been producing high-quality baseball bats and other merchandise related to the sport for quite some years, leading the market successfully. More and more coaches, players and their parents are switching to the use of DeMarini baseball bats for youths every day, due to their high durability and performance level. Undoubtedly, the DeMarini baseball bats are among the most popular and the most expensive bats that are available in the market today.

The History of DeMarini Bats

DeMarini bats are a product of DeMarini Sports, a company that manufactures several sporting goods. Back in 1989, the company was started by Ray DeMarini, a well-known softball player with his partner Michael Eggiman as a softball bat producing company. Eventually the company branched out in the production of baseball merchandise like gloves, producing some of the best baseball bats that are available in the market today.

Today, DeMarini Sports are known as the manufacturer of the most high quality adult baseball bats that provide even the most amateur players with a performance level like a pro player. While the DeMarini brand offers some of the most expensive high-end products, they also include affordable ones in their product lines that are easily affordable and give an excellent level of performance.

2014 DeMarini CF6 BBCOR Bat

The DeMarini CF6 baseball bat is not out yet. We have heard rumors of late this year, but there are no details at all yet of what the bat is, or will be. But, we can sure make a good guess.

Our money is on a 2014 CF6 BBCOR that uses the all new Paradox Composite in both the handle and the barrel of the bat. This is what DeMarini did in the 2014 Fastpitch Softball bat lineup, and there is good reason to believe they will do the same in their baseball bats.

What is Paradox Composite? The new carbon fiber being used in high end Demarini bats for 2014 is both softer and harder. Doesn’t make sense? Let me explain… The way the engineers lay down the sheets of carbon fiber determines the final characteristics of the bat. So, in the barrel, they lay the material to be more flexible, and that allows for more elasticity and trampoline when the bat hits the baseball. In the handle, they lay the sheets down to form a stronger, stiffer feel, which keeps you from losing energy by making the bat “whip” too much (like a golf club).

We absolutely love the way the new Voodoo BBCOR and NVS BBCOR feel, so we are excited to see how the 2014 DeMarini CF6 performs on the baseball field. You can be sure we will have our bat review up as soon as we get our hands on one.

2014 DeMarini NVS BBCOR Review

The 2014 DeMarini NVS Vexxum, along with the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo, is one of the two entirely new BBCOR bats Demarini is releasing for 2014 (CF6 BBCOR coming in Summer or Fall).

We received a couple of the new, 2014 DeMarini BBCOR Bats to sample and demo so we could share with you. The new Demarini NVS is balanced like no other BBCOR bat I have ever swung. The feel, and the pop off the barrel of the bat is great, better than the previous Vexxum. What this review is going to be about is the extreme balance of the new DeMarini NVS BBCOR.

As most of you know, the BBCOR standard allows for the baseball to come off of the barrel of the bat at a certain speed and not a MPH faster. Companies like DeMarini have several bats that meet this performance standard right at the limit, but that is not all there is to it. A BBCOR bat really has to be the complete package. Every part of a BBCOR bat must come together to make the best bat possible, not just “pop”. What the new, 2014 DeMarini NVS does is combine the pop and performance with the absolute lightest feeling, most balanced BBCOR bat ever conceived. I mean, it is shockingly light.

The 2014 NVS is so light and balanced that I really liked it at first. It felt good and was easy to swing. I was hitting hard line drives all over the field, with the occasional deep shot into the gap. However, you begin to realize that with the NVS, if you don’t put a charge into your swing, the bat is so light that it does not exactly do as much of the work for you as say, the 2014 Voodoo BBCOR would because of the end load it has.

Take that last sentence with a grain of salt, though. I did not notice any lack of power at all until I had taken about 70 swings in a row on the NVS BBCOR, so I was getting tired. I put down the NVS and picked up the 2014 Voodoo to get a comparison of the two, and I noticed the Voodoo hit the ball harder in my tired state because of the heavier end load, all I had to do was put the Voodoo in motion and the bat took care of the rest.

The reason this does not matter is you are never going to go up to the plate as gassed as I was. I am only making the above point to show you the difference between the two 2014 DeMarini BBCOR bats, they are designed this way for a reason. If you are a power hitter, or a guy who hits for average, the 2014 DeMarini Voodoo is an excellent bat, and definitely outperforms the 2013 Voodoo. If you are a younger player, or a guy that hits line drives, the 2014 DeMarini NVS is probably the best BBCOR bat for 2014 for you due to the light feel.

Special thanks to CheapBats.com who let us use their batting cage facility and demo bats for this BBCOR bat review.

2013 DeMarini BBCOR Bats 25% Off At Cheapbats.com

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2013 Demarini BBCOR Bats

2013 DeMarinin BBCOR Bats on sale

What Is The Best BBCOR Baseball Bat For 2013?

We want to know what you think. What BBCOR Bat is best for 2013? Vote for up to three 2013 BBCOR bats.

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