New batch of Easton Slow Pitch Softball Bats Hit the Market

Easton just released four new slow pitch softball bats today to dealers.

For the ASA side. The two piece Stealth Speed XL Easton SSR4 sports updated graphics for 2012 and is the same bat as of the blue/silver SSR2.

The Easton Brett Helmer SRV6BH Synergy has a smaller but more responsive 12″ barrel and replaces the red SRV3 (also the same bat with new graphics).

As for USSSA goes, the Stealth SCN19 with Tri Zone technology is a two piece softball bat with the patented Easton Connexion rubber piece to prevent sting.

And finally, the Easton SCN20BW Synergy rounds out the four new Easton softball bats. The new USSSA Easton Synergy is a one piece composite bat that provides ultimate feedback to the hitter with every swing.

2012 Easton Power Brigade BBCOR Baseball Bats Announced

Update: Check out the Power Brigade Comparison

Easton is not saying much about the new BBCOR Power Brigade bats for the 2012 model year, but it seems that along with new technology in the Power Brigade bats, Easton will offer several choices for different types of players and “a little more pop”.

Easton Power Brigade Baseball Bats Debut

The Arkansas Razorbacks and Florida Gators toke the field  last night at Baum Stadium in an SEC showdown.  The game was televised live on ESPNU (immediately proceeded by the College Baseball Studio Show on ESPNU).

If you tuned in you saw two of the best collegiate programs in the country square off and the debut of two new Easton BBCOR bats.

The new Speed S3 (Black Barrel/Gold Handle) and XL X3 (White Barrel/Gold Handle) all aluminum bats will be in play for both teams.  Bats were sent out to the teams on Tuesday and the initial feedback has been great.

With the Surge and Rival BBCOR bats being the most productive in the country, Easton is supplementing its industry leading bat line with further innovations that will continue to dominate the NCAA baseball landscape with the introduction of the first “Power Brigade” bats.

By constantly pushing ourselves to improve technologies and provide elite players with multiple high-end options, we are achieving our goals of making hitters better.  That is why Easton makes bats.

It is was an exciting night with two great program and the debut of Easton’s new Power Brigade bats.

Comparison of the new Easton Power Brigades

What is the Best BBCOR Bat for 2013

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Check out as we update the list for 2013 BBCOR Baseball Bats

[poll id=”1″]The new BBCOR bats have brought in a new era of baseball bats.  Every bat manufacturer in the country seems to have a BBCOR bat offering, even the smaller bat makers like Marruci and Rip It have introduced a bat with the BBCOR Certification.

We hit every BBCOR bat on the market for three weeks straight at our batting cages.  Combined, we put in over 10,000 swings on these bats. It all came down to sting, vibration and balance of the bat. All BBCOR bats have a smaller barrel than their BESR counter parts. All BBCOR bats feel heavier because more weight is distributed to the end of the barrel.

Here is the ugly truth about BBCOR bats… The “pop” is almost indistinguishable between bats.  However, that is where the similarities end and the testing begins.

There were clear “winners” in the shootout. Not because one bat hit the ball further every time, but because one bat allows you to control the bat better and put the sweet spot on the ball more consistently. While they all hit the ball approximately the same distance, several bats had advantages in comfort and swingability that will ultimately help you be a better hitter.

How the bats differ: Vibration, Sound, Balance (more/less end heavy) and bat control.

One Piece BBCOR Bats:

  • Rip It Prototype 2TOP CHOICE – This BBCOR bat from Rip It was a pleasant surprise and proved to be the top dog in our testing. It hits as hard as any BBCOR on the market. It has good balance, little to no vibration and above average pop. The Rip It Prototype 2 has a VERY LOUD metal “ping”, almost to the point of hurting our ears. With the Rip It “Love it or we’ll buy it back” 30 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose with the Rip It BBCOR bat.
  • Marruci Cat 5 – TOP CHOICE (NOW BANNED in 33″/30oz) – The Marruci BBCOR bat is the lightest feeling bbcor on the market. The Cat 5 has ZERO vibration and swings very well. This bat is as good as the Easton Surge and Demarini Voodoo but sells for $100 less. Hit it and see for yourself.
  • Marucci Team Series – We have not swung the Marucci Team Series BBCOR yet. We will update the site the instant we do.
  • TPX Z1000 – The TPX Z1000 BBCOR is the most balanced bat in the group. Great pop and feel. No vibration at all.
  • TPX Omaha – The Omaha BBCOR bat has a nice grip and does not feel as heavy as other bats but there is a little sting and vibration on mis-hits.
  • Rawlings 5150 / Worth Toxic (Same bat, different name) – Surprisingly, this bat was our second favorite one piece BBCOR bat. It had good balance and very little vibration. The grip is nice and fat too.
  • Rawlings Velo 5150 – The difference between the Velo and the original 5150 is the end cap. For an extra $50 Rawlings will sell you a Velo with an upgraded end cap that actually does reduce vibration and ever so slightly extends the sweet spot.
  • Combat Backbone – A very good practice BBCOR bat but nothing we would ever use in a game. This bat is a great training tool, but do not fool yourself into thinking that this bat is for anything other than practice.
  • Combat B3 – The Combat B3 is another good BBCOR bat with very little vibration and good pop, but we do not like the price. For $50 less the Voodoo is just as good of a baseball bat.
  • Combat 52 CaliberMaybe all of us testers were having a bad day, but the 52 Cal from Combat was stinging our hands like crazy. We are going to retest soon… UPDATE: We swung the same Combat 52 Caliber again today and there was no vibration at all (Did it break in?). It feels similar to the B3AB but stiffer. It is balanced well and swings easy. No complaints here.
  • Combat Classic – This $199 100% composite BBCOR bat is the only minus 3 all composite bat under $349. If you are looking for a value priced 100% composite BBCOR, the Combat Classic is there to fill your need. It is fairly well balanced, but does have a small amount of vibration.
  • Worth Prodigy Legit – Very good bat here. Extremely similar to the Rawlings 5150. A small amount of vibration is felt when swinging, but is to be expected on a one-piece aluminum. Soft, fat grip is comfortable.

Two Piece BBCOR Bats

  • Marucci Black – TOP CHOICE -Marucci Black BBCOR swings pretty well. It is a little more end loaded than the Cat 5, but just barely, and Marucci is still calling the Black a balanced bat. The new AV5 harmonic dampening knob prevents almost all vibration. We had an extremely limited first go around with the new Marucci Black BBCOR, but we just got a 32″/29oz and 33″/30oz in stock to try out. We’ll do a much more in depth review shortly.
  • 2012 Demarini Voodoo – TOP CHOICE – The Voodoo baseball bat was at the top of the list for best BBCOR bat on the market. No vibration, balanced feel and a proven durable alloy. You can’t go wrong with the Demarini Voodoo.
  • 2012 Demarini Vexxum – The Vexxum hits just as hard as the Voodoo (it is made from the same metal after all), but it does have more vibration than a Voodoo BBCOR. If you have the extra $100 go for the Voodoo.
  • 2012 aston S1 – Easton has a winner with the S1 BBCOR. A smooth feel and no vibration to speak of help the Easton S1 rise to near the top of the pack of current bats for High School and College.
  • DeMarini M2M – Untested
  • Rawlings Machine – End loaded with a composite handle and 5150 alloy barrel. If you are a power hitter, and like an end loaded bat, we would suggest the Rawlings Machine.
  • Easton Surge – The Surge by Easton Mako Torq was at the top as well. Just like the Demarini Voodoo, the Easton Surge has zero sting/vibration while the light feel allowed us to swing and control the bat better in order to get the bat through the hitting zone. The Surge BBCOR is a great bat. If you are an Easton fan then this is the Easton BBCOR for you.
  • 2012 PX Exogrid –  TPX Exogrid is another good BBCOR. Aluminum barrel bats seem to be the winners so far in the BBCOR world. As is the case with the Z1000, the Exogrid has little to no vibration and great pop.
  • 2012 Demarini CF5 – Well balanced and great pop. If you love composite bats, the DeMarini CF5 is the baseball bat for you. Like all high end bats, the CF5 has zero vibration and excellent pop. The con is the bat tops out at $400. You will do just as well with a Voodoo at $100 less. When the CF5 goes on sale in April, 2012, you should pick one up.
  • 2013 DeMarini CF5 – Unchanged from 2012 aside from graphics.
  • 2013 DeMarini Voodoo – The composite handle remains unchanged from the 2012 Voodoo. The big change for the 2013 Voodoo BBCOR is a new X10 alloy in the barrel. The 2013 DeMarini Voodoo X10 alloy is stronger than the older, SC4 alloy, allowing DeMarini to make the walls even thinner, while still adhering to BBCOR standars.
  • 2013 DeMarini M2M – The M2M BBCOR gets the new, stronger X10 alloy (just like the  2013 Voodoo and 2013 Vexxum). Because the handle is metal, the 2013 M2M is stiffer and provides more feedback to the batter.
  • 2013 DeMarini Vexxum – For 2013, the Vexxum gets the new X10 alloy. Exclusive to DeMarini, the X10 alloy in the barrel is stronger and lighter than the 2012 SC4 alloy. Expect better balance, thinner walls and a small jump in performance from the 2013 DeMarini Vexxum BBCOR. Also, added for 2013 is the N2M end cap, which decreases vibration.
  • Combat Grifter – The Grifter from Combat has a small barrel, and you can tell just by looking at it. We are not impressed.
Check out our breakdown of the 2012 Easton Power Brigade BBCOR bats.
Special thank you to Home Run Park batting cages in Anaheim, CA for letting us use their 90 MPH batting cages to try out our BBCOR bats.