Best Fastpitch Bats Under $250 – Great bats that deliver power without breaking the bank

Sometimes, it takes being a little thrifty to find the right softball bat for the upcoming season. While the initial feeling involves wanting to be the first person to own that certain bat, waiting just a few weeks can often result in getting a great deal on a bat. That holds true for baseball and softball bats, especially for those competing in fastpitch leagues. What are some of the best fastpitch bats for softball you can get for less than $250?

2014 Combat PORTENT – $239.95

2014 Combat PORTENTThe PORTENT comes in four different weights for fastpitch players of all size and skill level. The bat can be purchased in any weight drop between -8 and –11 ounces and regardless of which weight you get, this is a bat made to excel. This is a composite bat that was made to give you a soft feel with each swing while also allowing the ball to propel off the bat better with a trampoline effect. The bat is made with multi-walls which Combat used their state of the art precision molding process to complete.

2014 Rip It Air – $199.99

2014 RipIt Fastpitch Softball BatRip It isn’t a bat company that is as well known as others like Easton, Worth or DeMarini, but they are out to prove that they can release great bats. This Rip It bat is made with R2 composite and AIR technology, which is meant to give the bat a lighter feel. It also has a harmonic barrel which when combined with the other features, gives you a powerful cut each time. One unique feature of this bat is its memory foam-type material used on the grip, which gives you a more comfortable area to grasp.

2014 Worth Legit – $179.95

2014 Worth Legit Fastpitch BatThis bat is currently on closeout by our friends from CheapBats and was also made with composite material. It has a Legit Power Core which Worth developed to eliminate useless material inside the bat, which ultimately gives you a better performing bat than you have ever had before. The outer layer of the bat uses High Modulus composite Fiber Technology, which are smaller and allow for more of these fibers to fit in the same area, thus making it more durable and increasing performance.

There are many great bats that could be considered among the best fastpitch bats in different price ranges…these are just some of the deals out there now! Check out more of the best fastpitch bats.

DeMarini CF5 Fastpitch Bat Review

DeMarini CF5 2013For fastpitch softball players during the 2013 season, no bat was as highly acclaimed as the DeMarini CF5. This bat was often sold out for many retailers around the country and is currently available at a closeout price.

While DeMarini has released a new line of 2014 bats including the CF6, the CF5 is a perfect bat to get for next season. What are some of the best features of this bat and why would it be a great addition to your bat bag?

The DeMarini CF5 bat comes with a -10oz. weight drop and currently comes in a 33 inch model. This bat was constructed with two pieces of composite material and was designed to give you a balanced swing throughout, allowing for the quickest speed through the zone. The actual composite material DeMarini used with this bat was the TR3 F.L.O., which is also known as Fused Layer Optimized. This material is one of the lightest available to DeMarini and because of that, is one of their lightest models. The TR3 F.L.O. material was created after fusing together carbon fibers, making a lighter, but durable material.

One thing DeMarini bats are known for is the Half and Half technology used to combine their multiple part bats. This technology silences the feedback you would get from many other bats and this also creates a massive sweet spot that will allow you to hit the gaps with ease. The end cap the CF5 was made with is Geo and the main task for this end cap is to stiffen up the barrel and prevent energy from leaving the bat from this area. By keeping all the energy in the bat, you are getting extra power with each swing.

The DeMarini CF5 bat is complete with a black, white, red and grey color scheme that allows it stand out when leaning on the fence of your bench. It also has a 2 ¼” barrel diameter and is approved for use in many leagues around the country including ASA, ISF, ISA and NSA. The bat comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and is hot out of the wrapper, making it perfect for spring ball.

Our fiends at Cheapbats are offering the 2013 DeMarini CF5 at an awesome closeout price! Drop us a comment if you have any questions!

Rip-It Manufacturer Spotlight

Rip-It Sweet SpotRip-It is one of the most promising of the crop of new companies to enter the lucrative slow pitch softball market. The company was founded in 2003, but it wasn’t until recently that they have really picked up a loyal and growing market of baseball and softball bats devotee. The company is based out of Orlando, Florida and was originally known as the company that created the smaller and more comfortable face masks for infielders before branching out to bats.

Rip-It face masks became an instant hit because their brand was used by those in little leagues where masks were required for all batters, as well as slow pitch softball leagues that required masks for catchers.  Their masks are also used by pitchers who wanted to protect themselves. As the company began to get more popular, they moved out of a small garage into a large warehouse where they can stock up on more of their products. This meant faster and better customer service.

Rip-It produces softball and baseball bats for most leagues including senior and high school baseball, slow pitch and fast pitch softball and other leagues. One of the most popular Rip-It models is the Prototype. The Prototype series features various models for different league types. It is manufactured with a one-piece fully composite material and is slightly end loaded to enhance a hitters power swing. One of the things the Rip-It brand is known for is it has an enlarged sweet spot that nearly covers the entire barrel and is made to reduce vibrations in the swing with a raised ridge dampening grip.

The Rip-It name is one that will continue to grow in the baseball and softball equipment business and one that will only see its reputation grow with each line of new products.

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Easton Softball Bats – A review of Easton’s Best

Easton Baseball BatsEaston softball bats are made by one of the leading bat manufacturers in the world. Each year, they produce elite level bats that are used in various leagues around the country. If you are looking for a solid Easton softball bat, your options are endless and many of the best can be found at Cheap Bats.

What are some of the best Easton softball bats currently available?

Easton Raw Power B1.0 Slow Pitch

When it comes to the best two piece composite bats on the market today, the Easton Raw Power B1.0 model is at the top of the list. There is no breaking-in period with this bat as you will be able to hit bombs from swing one through swing 200 without losing anything. It is approved for use in several leagues and comes with a six month warranty. It was constructed for use in extreme 100 MPH or more performance.

2013 Easton Mystique Fast Pitch

The Easton Mystique fast pitch softball bat was made of 7050 aircraft alloy, making it one of the best constructed bats on the market. It has a 12 ounce weight drop and a thin handle that allows you to get your hands wrapped around it tighter. With more control of the bat, you will be able to pick where your ball is going to be hit every time. It is USSSA certified and has a larger than normal sweet spot to reach for.

2013 Easton Typhoon Fast Pitch

With an 11 ounce weight drop, the 2013 Easton Typhoon fast pitch bat has its weight evenly distributed throughout. This allows you to get faster swinging speed because the weight is less than traditional bats. It is approved for use in USSSA leagues and is USSSA certified for 1.20 BPF. It comes with a thinner handle that has a cushioned grip to help fight vibration.

Easton Maple Wood Bat

The popularity of wood bat in softball leagues is growing around the country. One of the best wooden bat producers to turn to is Easton. With this bat, you are getting a 34″ bat that was made with North American maple. It was laser engraved and has a cupped end, giving you great potential for big power.

Here is a link get a closer look at these bats and other Easton softball bats.

Slowpitch Softball Bats Design Differences

Slowpitch BaseballWhen baseball players decide to make the move to slowpitch softball, a lot of them think that you can use the same bats you used in high school. That is not the case. While baseball bats can realistically be used to play slowpitch softball, they aren’t made to hit the larger and softer ball. To get the most out of your swing, you need to swing the proper bat for the sport you play.

What is the difference between wooden bats for softball and baseball and why is it so important to use the right bat?

Barrel and Handle – One of the biggest differences between the wooden bats for softball or baseball is the barrel and handle. With wooden baseball bats, you are usually going to see a thicker handle that helps you grip better and propel your hands through the zone quicker. Getting the barrel of the bat through the zone quicker will give you more power. The handle on wooden softball bats is a lot thinner and this is something that the aluminum bat manufacturer Anderson has brought into their models. Some baseball players have had problems adjusting to the thinner handles on these bats, but the more you swing the models, the easier it will be for you to adjust and compensate.

Barrel Size – another difference between wooden softball and baseball bats is the barrel size. The barrel size for baseball players in high school and college is usually 2 5/8 inches. This gives you more meat on the bat to make contact on a regular basis. When it comes to playing softball, the barrel size you will often see is 2 ¼ inches. This is an adjustment that a lot of players struggle to adjust to. With a smaller barrel size, you have to be more accurate with your swing which is something that requires a bit on an adjustment in your swing.

What Not to Do – one thing you absolutely must avoid doing with your softball bat is hitting baseballs pitched overhand. Softball bats are not built to withstand the impact you get from baseballs and will crack rather quickly. The same can be said of fastpitch softball bats. These bats should not be used in slowpitch, as they will break. You can use slowpitch bats in fastpitch games, but they could be too difficult to swing for some.

Now you can see what makes slowpitch baseball bats special and when they are the right bat for your sport!

2013 Louisville Slugger oneX Softball Bat Recalled Voluntarily by Louisville

In a move I have never seen before, Louisville Slugger recalled the 2013 oneX fastpitch softball bat in the minus 10, 9, and 8 ounce versions due to a small amount of bats that have the potential to break into two different pieces. Louisville Slugger is taking VERY GOOD CARE of their customers, and will be giving customers several different options for a softball bat replacement. See below for details.

Louisville Slugger has enjoyed an incredible resurgence in Fastpitch these past few years, driven by the strong innovation in the
bat lineup and the “Beautifully Powerful” campaign. Players like Jessica Mendoza, Ashley Charters and Andrea Duran have
helped put the latest bat innovations on the map and some of the top college programs in the country are enjoying success on
the field with the 2013 line as well.
With any truly innovative products come occasional obstacles and we’re writing this to share some important developments
isolated to the 2013 oneX. We have become aware of a manufacturing issue that has compromised the durability of the oneX
bat (pictured below) which potentially shows up in the form of cracking between barrel and handle. In extreme cases, the
manufacturing defect has resulted in a complete fracture between the handle and barrel. While we know this will only affect a
sub-set of oneX bats in the market, to protect the players and to live up to our responsibility to give you the best product
possible, we are recalling the entire current line of the oneX bat (all lengths and weights) from the market. Model numbers
affected by this recall are FP136, FP1369 and FP1368.
As Fastpitch softball players have learned over the years, Louisville Slugger prides itself on doing the right thing for its loyal
customers. We are committed to resolving this quickly and efficiently so we can get the best product available back in your
hands as quickly as possible. We will be providing a 2013 Xeno bat as a replacement and we will discuss options with each
customer to satisfy the price difference between oneX and the Xeno replacement bat the customer will receive.
Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-282-2287 to discuss this further and address any questions you
may have.
For those of you impacted by this situation, we apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. We are
working diligently to correct the issue and we look forward to launching our new bat models this summer with the same
industry-leading performance you have grown accustomed to from Louisville Slugger. We pledge to work tirelessly to maintain
your trust, continue to bring you confidence at the plate, deliver you the best in class product you have come to expect from
Louisville Slugger and continue to bring you the best products the sport has to offer.
Please see for continual updates, including answers to anticipated questions from our customers.
Best Regards,
Bill Clark
Hillerich & Bradsby, Co.
President – Louisville Slugger Division

New USSSA Bat Stamp For 2013

By now, most softball players know there is a new stamp required on January 1st, 2013 for USSSA softball bats. All USSSA softball bats labeled as 2013 will have the spiffy new finger print stamp.

The 2013 USSSA softball bat rule is similar to the ASA bat rule from a few years back: 2013 softball bats will not be allowed to exceed 1.20 BPF at any point in their lifespan, meaning break-in time will be cut from a few hundred swings to a few dozen swings on most softball bats.

Upon exceeding the 1.20 BPF, bats will develop spiraling “cracks” up and down the barrel of the bat, indicating the bat should be removed from play.

Don’t throw your old USSSA softball bat away just yet.

Many private fields like Big League Dreams are expected to allow the old USSSA standard softball bats indefinitely. Moreover, many tournaments will still allow the old USSSA bats as well.

The 2013 and 2014 Easton, Miken, and Worth softball bats all carry the new USSSA stamp.

Individuals are rapidly buying up any remaining softball bats with the old standard, knowing that they can no longer be made, they will be in high demand for leagues and tournaments that do not acknowledge the new standard.

ASA To End “Grandfathering” Of Pre 2008 ASA Softball Bats In Early 2012?

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UPDATE: This did not come to pass. We have heard from ASA officials that ASA would rather use a softer softball to curb bat performance, rather than change the bat rules again.

2008 and prior ASA softball bats that were grandfathered in and legal for play in ASA, will no longer be legal in a few weeks. More to come.

This means your Easton Extended, Easton SCN8 and all other pre abi (advanced break in) bats are going to be worthless in about week (according to what we heard).

Easton Synergy Speed SRV5B (-9oz) No Longer Legal In NCAA Play has learned that NCAA and Easton have mutually pulled the 2011 Easton Synergy Speed SRV5B -9oz fast pitch softball bat from play in NCAA. We are unaware if a bat replacement program will be initiated by Easton but it is extremely likely that Easton will replace the bat for effected customers.

Please note that the Synergy Speed SRV5B is still legal in High School play.

2012 DeMarini CF5 Hope Fastpitch Softball Bat Announced

Once again Demarini will be realeasing a special Hope version of it’s most popular softball bat.  Demarini will donate a portion of the 2012 Demarini CF5 Hope Softball Bat to fight breast cancer.

Look for the Demarini Hope CF5 softball bat to arrive in stores in late April or early May. The regular version of the Demarini CF5 fastpitch softball bat will arrive in June, 2011. It is exactly the same bat but without the special “Hope” graphics

We will post pictures as soon as we have permission from DeMarini.

[Updated March 29th] Demarini has allowed us to show pictures of the new CF5 softball bat. It will use an all new composite that is the strongest and lightest composite material ever in a softball bat. The larger sweetspot from the new composite in the bat handle and barrel should make the 2012 Demarini CF5 the best softball bat ever made.

All of the 2012 Demarini CF5 Softball Bats will sell for $299.95 (with free 2nd day air shipping from

Demarini CF5 Hope

Demarini CF5 Hope Softball Bat for 2012

2012 Demarini CF5 Hope

Demarini CF5 Softball Bat

2012 Demarini CF5 Bats

The Demarini CF5 baseball bat for adult, senior youth and fast pitch softball should arrive in late April. The youth Demarini CF5 version appears to be delayed until June.

It will be a 100% composite bat with an improved composite weave that should make it stronger and provide more trampoline effect from the barrel.

Pics and more info to come as soon as DeMarini gives us permission to release them.

[Updated March 29th]

The best upgrade on the new Demarini CF5 is the lighter and stronger composite weave. This means a larger sweetspot and more trampoline from the barrel. Demarini didn’t stop at the barrel, the new end cap is also a leap in technology that uses an odd looking array of triangles to help lessen vibration on the new CF5 bats by focusing that energy back into the barrel (check out our pics below).

The 2012 Demarini CF5 bats should be available the third or fourth week of April, 2011. (All the new CF5 bats come with Free 2nd Day Air shipping from

Demarini CF5

Demarini CF5 End Cap

The grip of the new CF5 bats has changed to a gold color and it looks like it has triangles pressed into it.

Demarini CF5 Baseball Bat

Demarini CF5 Baseball Bat Grip/Handle