Slowpitch Softball Bats – Top Bats For 2014

Slowpitch softball bat manufacturers re-design their old bats and produce a completely new product every year that will wow players around the country. The 2014 line of slowpitch softball bats feature some of the best new bats for athletes looking to prepare for the upcoming season.

For most leagues, signups will be held within the next month and bats need to be purchased to allow for any breaking in needed. What are some of the best 2014 softball bats to get this season?

2014 Miken Psycho USSSA

Miken Psycho 2014This is a slowpitch softball bat that doesn’t need any breaking in and is hot out of the wrapper. Miken used 750x high pressure infusion technology which injects epoxy into a high grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers. Unlike many other popular slowpitch bats that are two pieces blended into one, this is a single piece bat that feels balanced, allowing for faster swinging speeds, improved durability and a huge sweet spot.

2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 ASA and USSSA

Louisville Slugger Z3000This composite bat was built to be stronger and more durable than it has ever been. With this bat, you can have a smooth and balanced swing and that allows you to get the bat through the zone quicker and for more power. The 2014 model is similar to the 2013 version, but was made to be more durable. The ASA model was made with an S1iD Inner Disc that allows the bat flex more within legal limits. The USSSA model was made with Pure 360 composite that is stronger and lighter than previous versions.

2014 Worth Legit Jeff Hall Reload

Worth Legit 2014Worth is one of the best brands for power hitting because they have one of the purest composite layers on the market. They do this by removing any void that is in the material and also removes excess and unnecessary weight. They also have a new carbon fiber material in the outer layer of the bat. This improves the strength and performance of the bat, while also improving the lifetime of the bat. The 454 technology Worth uses on their slowpitch softball bats also gives users an extra two inches of sweet spot on each side of the bat.

What are your favorite slowpitch softball bats?

Louisville Slugger 2014 Lineup

Louisville Slugger Xeno2014 Louisville Slugger Bats

Being one of the most trusted and respected bat manufacturers in the world is a great thing for Louisville Slugger. Each year, they could sit back a bit and just bring in sales based solely on their name, but instead, each year, they work on updating, revising and creating masterpieces that will be the best tools on the bench of softball or baseball fields. Let’s take a look at a few of these new bats for the 2014 season.


The XENO model of bats from Louisville Slugger features five versions for fastpitch softball players. These bats range from -8oz. to a -12.5oz. weight drop, making them great bats for smaller girls to swing. The -10oz. model is made from Pure 360 composite, which is thinner and lighter than many other bats, has a massive sweet spot because of the iST Technology used to make the barrel. The bat is easy to swing because the weight is distributed evenly and has a 7/8” thick handle synthetic grip.


DeMarini z2000The Z2000 bat comes in four different models for slowpitch softball players. These beer leagues are filled with high intensity action and with the Z2000, users will have a bat that is meant to give them a step up on the competition. Louisville Slugger constructed these bats to be used in ASA sanctioned leagues and to last longer and be more durable than ever before. It has a smooth and balanced feel when swinging, which will allow those without as much muscle to still get great use from it. The ASA model (SBZ214-AB) was built with S1iD inner disc technology that flexes, but still remains within the legal limit set by the association. One added bonus of these models is that they are hot out of the wrapper, allowing you get it in the mail one day and use it the next.

Louisville Slugger also has other models to be used this season in BBCOR baseball leagues, as well as youth and senior league baseball leagues. These models include the Catalyst, ARMOR, Warrior and LXT bats. More information for these bats can be found at Cheap Bats and other online sources.

It’s in the Bag – Why You Want a Custom Baseball Bat Bag

When you step into the bench area of your baseball or softball field, there are few things that will set you apart from the rest of the competitors. Among those variables you can create to separate yourself from everyone else is a custom bat bag. Plenty of teams spare no expense in get matching gear from hats and pants to sleeves and baseball bat bags, but if you aren’t a part of that type of team, here are a few companies that will allow you the change to change things up a bit with your own bag.

DeMarini Baseball Bat BagDeMarini Bat Bag

DeMarini is one of the premiere softball and baseball bat manufacturers in the world and with that popularity and success, have also become a premiere source for equipment bags. There are many factors that help DeMarini equipment bags stand out. Among them is the fact that they offer rolling bags, as well as backpacks. Their line of Vendetta rolling bags feature room for a few of your most favorite bats, as well as a large center section that can hold your cleats, gloves, pine tar and whatever other gear and accessories you need. The Vexxum line of backpacks feature slots for two bats, as well as plenty of storage space for your on-field essentials and pockets for your off-field personal items.

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Bag

Louisville Slugger bat bagLouisville Slugger is one of the most respected baseball gear manufacturers in the history of the sport and continues to evolve their product to fit the changing market. Among those markets in which they have changed their product is with their large line of baseball bat bags. The company saw the need to make their bags bigger to accommodate those with large numbers of bats. They have bags that can fit anywhere from one to four bats. These bat bags can be customized and much like with DeMarini, come in rolling bag models, as well as backpack versions.

A baseball bat bag isn’t just something you put your baseball and softball gear in. During the busy season when players are competing hundreds of times, these bags are where you will keep a lot of the supplies and essentials needed to keep your sanity.

Pick the Right Wood Softball Bat: Maple, Bamboo or Ash

Wood softball batSome slow pitch softball leagues around the country are switching to wood softball bats due to insurance issues. If your league has recently made the move to wood, your team will need to stock up on new bats.

There are different types of wood softball bats but what are the best materials to use: maple, bamboo, or ash? What are the best bats made of these woods?


Maple is a hard wood that is used in many products from butcher blocks to bowling alley lanes to bowling pins. Maple softball bats are built to last longer than other materials and will give users a lot of pop from the first swing to the last.

An ideal maple bat to look for is the Louisville Slugger MSB1. This bat is made with a black finish and features a more traditional barrel size, making it easier for baseball players to adjust to the sport.


Many people think this wood is softer, but in fact, it is harder than many other materials including maple. While it is just as hard as maple, it is considered more stable.

One of the best all bamboo wood softball bats available comes from Mizuno. The Mizuno MZB271 is a durable bat that comes with a 90 day warranty.


Ash wood is commonly used in furniture because of its ability to be molded easily. Ash-made softball bats aren’t the most popular as other wood, but they have a great feel and are good for smaller hitters.

If you are looking for a quality all-ash softball bat, the Louisville Slugger 125SBAS might be the best bat for you.


Some of the best wood slow pitch softball bats on the market are those made with multiple materials. The Worth Toxic bat is made with both bamboo and maple wood and is available for those who like swinging a 28 oz. bat. The handle on this bat is slick compared to others, but pine tar or tape can be the simple solution to that.

Be sure to post questions on wood softball bats…we are glad to answer!

2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 Softball Bats – Slow Pitch Softball

The 2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 Softball Bat has received durability improvements to address a small batch of softball bats that may have had production issues. Louisville Slugger will be releasing two new slowpitch softball bats in the second quarter of 2013, but the 2014 Z2000 has been the most anticipated model so far.

The 2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 is essentially unchanged for 2014, with the exception of improvements in production to be able to produce more bats and address a small concern with a limited number of 2013 Z2000 softball bats regarding durability that did not meet Louisville Slugger’s rigid quality standards.

There are four different 2014 Z2000 softball bat versions: ASA Balanced, ASA End Loaded, USSSA Balanced, and USSSA End Loaded. Each bat uses the impressive LS-2X composite carbon fiber material, and the iST two piece connection.

2014 ASA Z2000 – The ASA version of this softball bat has an added ring in the barrel to meet the new ASA Softball ball exit speed standard. This ring is on the ASA Z2000 only, without it the Z2000 would be too hot. The ring prevents the barrel from flexing too much, which would allow for added trampoline effect, essentially this is a “rev limiter” that prevents excessive home runs. The ASA version is also approved for USSSA play, but if you play more USSSA, get the USSSA specific version below.

2014 USSSA Z2000 –