Beware Of Too Good To Be True Baseball Bat And Softball Bat Prices

We have recently received several reports from people who got burned by scammers offering baseball bats and softball bats at too-good-to-be-true prices.

DO NOT BUY FROM THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES. THEY ARE CHINESE SCAMMERS WHO STEAL YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. scam website. scam website. scam website. scam website. scam website (Added January, 2014)

Rip Off China Bat

Here are a couple of the reports we have seen from victims of this scam.

“Hello I just wanted to let you know that the company listed above is scamming people for thousands of dollars…. I myself lost $600 to these scammers, including my sons hard earned money.. disgusting.!!..after some research the company is from CHINA…and are sending out plastic tee ball bats if anything….I reported them to BBB to review, but who knows how many innocent people are being taken….hopefully somebody can stop this..!
Thanks for your time… Ed”


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the site ( is ripping people off.


If you have been scammed by either of these websites, or if you know of another website doing this, please comment below to warn other people. Hopefully this post will get high enough in search engines so people can see it and be warned of the fraud happening on those two websites.

Please file a Ripoff Report, and help others avoid these sites.

More Rip Off Reports


  1. The BBB is a private company and will do NOTHING to help consumers there are a scam in itself good luck to you.

    • They scammed me out of the bat as well. It was the flex bat. When I received the bat it said Bat on it. Nothing what I ordered. Went back-and-forth on email and nothing came out of it. Sent the bat back like they said and it was a fake address. Come to find out they stole a website of another bat company. The only difference was a couple of words and no contact number. Beware. Watch who you send money to. Live and learn.

  2. BE AWARE: website ripped off my Son $118.00. He (thought) he purchased a Omaha TPX BBCOR bat and an EASTON bat arrive 4 weeks later that was made out of paper thin metal and would shatter if you hit a Egg with it. Easton bat arrived from China and no response once they got their money… The going price for a Omaha TPX is $199 and this site listed it for $109. The old saying is correct, if its too good to be true… Hope this helps avoid some other kid getting ripped off from CHINA!!

  3. Michael says:

    I tried to purchase a Rawlings 5150 from This site advertises that its a US company. It’s not. I received a bat from them a month later. It was an aluminum small barrel that had (BAT) on it. Not the 5150 I ordered. Since then I checked a few more site., There are a few more that I can remember. My advice is to stick with the company’s you know. A lesson learned for me.

  4. same bunch of scammers

  5. here is another one same group I reforted them to federal tarde commission

  6. I ordered a rawlings velo 5150 senior league 6/6/13 I started to do erase arch after the fact and I found this info that is a scam. I have not received anything yet. I hope I can get my money back somehow. I will let you know if I get anything.

  7. That company is a bunch of Bull $%&^ scammers
    my mother-in-law order a bat for my son all stars we order a demarini after 3 weeks we received a Cheap fake purple EASTON bat with no certifications stamps. $ 150 dollars down the drain and a child who was crushed not to have got his bat he had been waiting for. these people from china are sick low life’s how can they live with themselves taking money form people who work hard for there money!

  8. ordered what should have been a Miken DC-41 (a $300 bat) for $140.00. Should’ve known it was a hoax but went along with it anyways. Received the bat (after a month) only to open the packaging and discover it was a hollow purple bat with “EASTON” printed on the side. I was so mad I emailed Easton’s customer service to notify them of the assumed copyright infringement. They informed me that their legal team would look into. Hopefully they understand Karma’s a bitch or Easton’s legal team gets to them. STAY AWAY!

  9. I ordered a Louisville Slugger big barrel for my son. Website said $122. The total with the shipping charge was $124.50. Once I paid I got a notification from my bank for a charge of $128 and some change but it said it was charged by I emailed the company because I never approved a charge for that amount and there is NO customer service phone number. I called my bank and immediately cancelled my bank card and disputed the fraudulent charge since what I approved was $124.50. A day later I got an email back in broken English that made no sense. I told them to keep whatever they were sending as I had then read other complaints of people not getting what they ordered. Luckily my bank gave me my money back and this scam company never sent me anything. Don’t order from them! Do lots of research first! If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

  10. I ordered a Rawlings BBCOR bat for my son off this website. As soon as I clicked send I felt funny about the transaction. I received an email from intregratedsales and it made no sense. I called my credit card company to tell them I had been scammed and they have taken the charge off my account and taking it out of the account of that it was put in. They said there are scams like this all over in China and they can go into google and type and email will translate. Today I received the bat and felt very light for a BBCOR for a 16yo and it was a purple bat with EASTON written on it – it is not a real Easton. Pay a little more and go for the real companies! Does not pay to try and save a dime!

  11. Carly w' inter says:

    SCAMMERS. Same deal. Looks like a US site but it is China. They send you junk. Get your credit card company to dispute the charge.

  12. AUDREEE says:

    My daughter ordered Louisville Bat from baseballbat . com and this company that we that was legit.. But found out today that they are Fake, we received a METAL Pingle Sport bat (which weve never heard off).. We tried contacting them several times with no success.. they are a FAKE COMPANY do not order anything from these websites.

  13. AUDREEE says:

    this company is a fake, do not order anything from them they go by baseballbat . com she ordered a Louisville Fast Pitch Bat and received a Metal bat almost 40 ounces or more.. When we emailed them about canceling before they send to us we received messages from ppl that had no writing skills, they are FAKE.. People beware.. My husband is so upset and my daughter so disappointed.. we already send all information to our credit card company, i refuse to get a penny out of us or anyone else reading this..

  14. Ordered an Easton XL1 and got a bat that had “BAT” printed on it with the word “Chuanxin” ….

    http:// onlinebaseballbatstores . com

  15. Same scam different URL.

  16. Sergio Rodriguez says:

    does anyone know if the onlinebaseballbatstore . com is a scam?

  17. Add onlinebaseballbatstores . com to the list of scam baseball bats web sites. Same stories as above.

  18. We ordered a Demarini Voodoo with a good price of $121. Payment went to winesales which threw me off. I called my credit card company to file a stop payment and they obviously have dealt with this i the past because there was no questions asked and i was refunded. I received a piece of crap BAT and I hate thieves. This person needs to be stopped.

  19. I’m probably very late to the dance, but I want to get the word out about another fraudulent website. The website is kanzabowl . com. They are based in China, but the site is in the US.

    They will send you a cheap, Chinese toy like bat instead of what you order.

    Call me an idiot for falling for it, but I hope this prevents even one more person from losing their money.

  20. Steven Durrington says:

    I fell for this scam. I ordered an Easton composite softball bat from baseballbatsonline . com and instead received a cheap and nasty aluminium basebat bat made in China.

    I have received e-mails in broken English, but no satisfaction in trying to cancel my order when I found out about the scam and trying to get my money back.

  21. scott frazier says:

    Just received my fake bat from baseballbat . com (China), wish I would’ve seen this site first. They presented themselves as a US company until i started asking for a tracking number….they got me for $130 on a Demarini CF7 softball bat listing that was for my daughters birthday.

    All the bat makers lawyers should be trying to shut these sites down, I’m out $130 and couldn’t even think about buying another bat at this point, causing them to lose 2 sales on their bat.

    by the way the bat was just plain black with no writing on it, weighed maybe 15 oz. tops, and it would fold in half if you hit anything with it, i just tossed it because it was worth-less and probably a safety hazard!

  22. has anyone been scammed by a website named softballsubs. com?

  23. Same story different website. Screwed me on a bat. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. jbreadmarketing. com. Jbreadmarketing. com

  24. Wish I had seen this webpage before I ordered from Conorix. com. Appears legit, but a few days later got an email in broken English from baseballbataftersaleservice (same as mentioned in prior posts) and knew I had made a mistake. Piece of crap bat arrived yesterday instead of the demarini. Has anyone gotten these people to give a refund? Live and learn

  25. I ordered a 2015 DeMarini SF7 slowpitch softball bat from Baseballbatsale . com which turns out to be www. catonlimo. com a China Scammer. They sent me an aluminum bat that was labeled OUSAIJIA, possibly a bat for your four year old. I immediately contacted my credit card company and cancelled my credit card not to mention they back charged them for the full amount. My credit card statement actually described the charge from LU YUAN CO.,LTD SHENZHEN CN. The statement amount was also higher than what I agreed to pay by $ 4.26. After doing some investigating which I probably should have done prior to ordering I decided to play their game and see how they would react to my email and pictures of what they sent me……. (Me) I received on 5/4/15 my order which as you can see from the attachment isn’t the correct item ordered. Please advise……. (Scammer) “Hi, thanks for your pictures. I saw the bats looks very good. can you use it outdoors to identify its quality? I can guarantee you will be surprised, because it does not show up like the look so bad quality. And also, for this matter,I need to bear responsibility, and I would like to provide some compensation for you. Hope you can accept….. (Me) I play in a competitive men’s slowpitch softball league and this bat that was shipped looks like it would be used for kids playing youth T-Ball. I’ve done some research on the 2015 DeMarini SF7 and will be looking forward to using that bat. Please let me know when I’ll be receiving the correct bat. Your website is showing you have over a hundred instock……… (Scammer) ” I would like to help you to do it, but before this, maybe you need to return it back to us. I don’t think so it is benefit for you. because the freight is too expensive at present, and you have to pay for 20-30 dollars handling fee to deal with the returns. So hope you can consider it again. And also, I still respect your choice if you stick to return it back to us………(Me) Unfortunately my friend this was your mistake and until you rectify my order with getting me the correct bat that I have ordered you will be back charged by my credit card company. If you are in fact a legitimate online company selling baseball and softball bats which at this point is questionable you should make good on your mistake. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill my order correctly please contact me so I can order the correct bat from a legitimate online vendor…….. (Scammer) “Hello, indeed, from this solution, I also think that you may not accept, because this, after all, to bring you some unnecessary trouble. I’m really sorry. Just there is a new solution for you that to apply to resend the new parcel to you with my idea. But it may take some time to complete. I hope you can be patient. Don’t know what you think? Hope to give me some advice………….
    As you can see these emails are going nowhere.. I agree, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is..!!

  26. Hello i was wondering if anyone knows this site. mythboards . com when you search this site it takes you to a new page baseball bats will appear with all kinds of bats and was wondering if anyone knows about this.

  27. baseballbatsales . com these people are crooks. do not buy anything from them. Bought a 33″ bat, got a 24″ bat of plastic. no money back.

  28. I ordered from this site, I was so excited I didn’t even realize that no contact number was given when I got my order email confirmation.

    Please note that this charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to .

    To? some random name listed on my bank account, I have called my bank and told them I didn’t make this purchase so hopefully something happens, I have contacted them via email several times with no response, anyone else purchase from these scammers and receive what they actually purchased?

  29. Joe Hennessy says:

    They’re operating under “discount baseball bat sale” now. Argh. Charged $11 more than what I was told, product never shipped, no response from merchant.

  30. Here is another one that is scamming people. discountbaseballbatsale . com They sent a t-ball bat for a kid instead of 2 adult bats. Tried to contact them via email and so far no response. The bat came from China.

  31. Brian tristani says:

    palmstories dot com. Anyone order bats from this place? Prices seem to good to be true.

  32. They are now doing business as DONT USE THAT WEBSITE!

  33. chris marrocco says:

    palm Stories is also a scam site. I ordered an Easton BBCOR bat, they sent me a T-ball bat. Wrote numerous Emails but never received a response. SCAM stay away!!!!!

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