Choosing the right Softball Bat for League Play

Softball swingChoosing the right softball bat

Every athlete that has ever played the game of softball understands that there is a lot more to the game than simply hitting the ball with the bat. It requires a quality swing, proper form and excellent eye/hand coordination. This is the only way to achieve consistent hitting. Making that happen requires choosing the right softball bat. How can an individual choose the ideal bat that will have a dramatic positive impact on their game?

Selecting a bat that is too long, too short, is worn out, too lightweight or heavy, can all affect how well an athlete plays the game. The ideal bat will be the one that allows the player to increase the speed of their swing and hit, which will naturally improve their results.

Purchasing a new softball bat can be a real expense. Bats can range from $30 to well over $200. Many professional-grade composite bats are available, but these bats can cost over $400. Although it can be a significant outlay of money, a serious softball player should take the time to choose the right bat and consider the investment.

Sizing a Bat

Properly selecting the ideal size and weight of a bat for a player will require consideration of their height and weight. Additionally, it is important to consider the bat barrel’s size. The process is simple.

Start with the player’s weight and height. Look over the chart of available softball bats. Bat specifically designed for fast-pitch softball are manufactured in sizes that are generally one-quarter inch bigger in diameter than a softball bat designed for slow pitch. Typically, a standard slow pitch bat is 2-1/4” in diameter.

Easton Bat Sizing Chart

Choose the proper softball bat size based on the player’s specific weight and height. Usually, lightweight shorter players require a shorter bat. Overall, bat lengths typically range between 26” and 34” long.

The Best Material

Choosing the ideal softball bat often means selecting between available materials. Both fast pitch and soft pitch bats are crafted out of aluminum, mix metals and composites. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum tends to dent easily during cold weather, and composite bats are substantially higher in price than other materials.

Choosing the right softball bat is an easy process by selecting the right diameter and length based on the player’s weight and height. Making the right choice can substantially improve the batting results of any player.

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