Combat B3 Gear Retrofit Baseball Bat Announced Legal on Little League Website

A mysterious new Combat baseball bat has shown up on the approved composite bat list for Little League.

Apparently, Little League contacted Combat and recommended that Combat place a ring inside the barrel of the current Combat B3 Gear in hopes that the retrofit ring would allow the current Combat Gear to pass the strict new Little League composite bat test. Combat made the minor modification as Little League suggested and submitted the Combat B3 Gear Retrofit Baseball Bat for testing where it passed no problem.

As to what happens next, we don’t know. We should have more details on this before April 15th. Combat has not actually said whether this bat will be made or not.

The pictures of the Combat B3 Gear Retrofit look exactly like the current B3 Gear from the picture on Little Leagues website. The similarity of the two Combat Gear bats is most certainly going to lead to confusion among parents and umpires.

Legal Little League Composite Bats

Legal Little League Composite Bats


  1. So, what about the Combat Gear YB1? Is it legal? No wonder Ebay has a ton of these puppies for sale.

    • Composite Bats says:

      The B1YB and B2YB Youth League bats will never again be legal for Little League.

      • No chance at all that Little League will allow the B1YB1? My son was just given one as a hand-me-down from his cousin and he’s excited about using it in playoffs and All Stars. Little League has been giving our league and district a raw deal on several issues lately. Our city switching to Babe Ruth becomes more and more likely after every move made by Little League. Truly a shame.

        • Composite Bats says:

          Zero chance on the B1, B2 and B3 2 1/4″ bats. The deadline has already passed for bats to receive a waiver, so if your bat is not on there it never will be.

  2. Charlie Jennings says:

    Any idea whether the B3YB will ever get a waiver?

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