The Difference Between Easton BBCOR Power Brigade Baseball Bats

Okay, so by now, we have all heard of the Easton Power Brigade BBCOR baseball bats. What you may NOT know is there are SIX different BBCOR bats in the Easton Power Brigade line up.

Basically, there are white barreled bats, and black barreled bats in the 2012 Easton bat line.

What’s the difference between the white and black Easton Power Brigade?

White barrel Power Brigade bats have a larger sweet spot, BUT are more end loaded/heavier feeling.

Black barrel Power Brigade bats have a smaller barrel/sweet spot, allowing for a faster swing.

BBCOR Easton Power Brigade Info Sheet

BBCOR Easton Power Brigade Infographic

Easton Representative Bryan Kaye compares the new BBCOR bats pretty well in this video.


  1. Martin Sanders says:

    I know they took the inside discs out of the xl2 and xl3, do you know if they took them out of the xl1 as well? My son would prefer the composite barrel, but only if it is weighted the same as the the xl2.

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