DeMarini Bats 2014 Lineup: CF6 – Voodoo – Vexxum and Insane

Here’s a look at the 2014 DeMarini Bats

DeMarini Bats 2014DeMarini, founded in 1989, is one of the most popular baseball and softball bat manufacturers in the world. The company puts out quality bats each year for athletes of any age and continually improves their products to make the entire process of being a better baseball or softball player easier. From larger sweet spots to durable constructed bats, DeMarini strives to give their customers a product that they will want to have in the batter’s box each time. Their 2014 line continues their push towards excellence and features durable bats meant to help you with each swing.


DeMarini CF6 2014 HopeWith their line of CF6 bats, DeMarini has developed a bat for anybody looking to play softball or baseball. They have designed bats for each sport including the -11oz. version for fastpitch softball players, -3oz. baseball bat and others. This bat was completely redesigned since the CF5 model and features a new look and a noticeable new feel. It was made with a D-Fusion handle that makes the transfer of energy better, eliminating vibration and increasing the distance the ball will travel with each swing.

Voodoo Paradox

2014-demarini-overlord bats features four models including the -3oz. BBCOR, -5oz., -9oz. and -13oz. bats, with the latter being sanctioned for use in Little Leagues, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, AABC, Pony and USSSA leagues. What sets the Voodoo Paradox apart from the competitors is its increased sweet spot. With a larger sweet spot, you can watch the ball fly off the bat when making solid contact. One of the reasons why the bat is able to have such a large sweet spot is the X10 alloy barrel has thinner walls than most others.

Vexxum and Insane

DeMarini Vexxum 2014The Vexxum and Insane branded bats are the other two currently released for the 2014 DeMarini series. The Vexxum currently comes in five different models, while there are three Insane bats. The Insane series features baseball bats with the weight drop of -3oz., -9oz. and -12oz. The Vexxum series features a -3oz. BBCOR bat, as well as other models ranging from -5oz. to -12oz.

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