2012 Demarini CF5 Bats

The Demarini CF5 baseball bat for adult, senior youth and fast pitch softball should arrive in late April. The youth Demarini CF5 version appears to be delayed until June.

It will be a 100% composite bat with an improved composite weave that should make it stronger and provide more trampoline effect from the barrel.

Pics and more info to come as soon as DeMarini gives us permission to release them.

[Updated March 29th]

The best upgrade on the new Demarini CF5 is the lighter and stronger composite weave. This means a larger sweetspot and more trampoline from the barrel. Demarini didn’t stop at the barrel, the new end cap is also a leap in technology that uses an odd looking array of triangles to help lessen vibration on the new CF5 bats by focusing that energy back into the barrel (check out our pics below).

The 2012 Demarini CF5 bats should be available the third or fourth week of April, 2011. (All the new CF5 bats come with Free 2nd Day Air shipping from CheapBats.com)

Demarini CF5

Demarini CF5 End Cap

The grip of the new CF5 bats has changed to a gold color and it looks like it has triangles pressed into it.

Demarini CF5 Baseball Bat

Demarini CF5 Baseball Bat Grip/Handle


  1. Jeff Lanham says:

    Will the CF5 be on the approved bat list for NCAA during the 2011 spring season?

  2. Mike Safraniec says:

    Will the senior league bats be stamped with USSSA 1.15 bpf?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The senior/youth CF5 bats should be marked with the new USSSA stamp but we will not know for sure until they arrive on the market. Pretty much all of the new youth bats we have seen in the past month have the USSSA stamp.

  3. do you know when the testing will be over and when we can find out if the bat is legal for high school play in 2012?

    • Composite Bats says:

      It WILL be legal. If it does not pass the test, Demarini would simply make an adjustment to the bat and resubmit it for testing until it passes.
      It will pass soon.

  4. What is the difference beteween the CF4 and CF5? Will there be a new 2012 version of the CF4?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The Demarini CF4 is going away and the new, better CF5 is taking it’s place for 2012 and beyond.

      • Noreen Loone says:

        Since the CF4 was legal for use in Junior Little league, is the new 2012 CF5 (-3) legal for use in Junior Little league this year?

  5. Brandon Carey says:

    will the cf5 be legal for the 2011 season

  6. Jesse Franklin says:

    Will the CF5 be legal for the 2011 Little League season.

  7. James David says:

    It appears that the senior league bat will come in both a -10 and -8 version. What will be the difference and which bat will be better? Thanks.

  8. Will the CF5 be legal in high school?

  9. will the cf5 be legal for travel ball, little league, and juniors

  10. will it be legal for little league?

  11. andres says:

    is the cf5 going to be only softball or baseball or both.

  12. fabian padilla says:

    how is the cf5 designed better than the cf4

    • Composite Bats says:

      The CF5 has a stronger and lighter composite. With the new BBCOR bat standards the new composite should help balance the bat and make it easier to swing than other heavier composite bats and alloys bats.

  13. when will the cf5 come out in a little league version?

  14. Zach Burns says:

    Do you think the new cf5 will stay legal for little league

  15. Kendall Rauk says:

    I just bought the fastpitch cf5 and i was wondering if there is a certain tempiture it has to be used in?

    • Composite Bats says:

      Check out the warranty card that is included in the shrink wrap on the bat, but from my experience you can’t damage a bat by using it in extreme cold. We once put an old Easton Z Core in a large ice chest for about six hours to see if we could cause it to dent. While it did not dent or crack, it did sting the heck out of our hands. What did ruin the bat was running it under scalding hot water for about five minutes and then hitting with it. It dented on the first pitch and with every subsequent pitch after.

  16. fabian padilla says:

    were can i buy a cf5 on sale

  17. fabian padilla says:

    will the cf5 be besr certified

  18. michael jackson says:

    Has the cf5 already come out for little league or, if not, when will it come out?

  19. Trevor Evans says:

    Will it be legal for Junior League I really want this!

  20. when will the fastpitch cf5 be out, i heard not untill july now?

  21. Does the cf5 have lots of pop or does it sound like a normal composite bat

  22. My son uses the big barrel combat B1 (30/20) in USSSA baseball. What will be the best bat to get to replace it with the new USSSA stamp or the BPF 1.15 stamp? We want a big barrel and one with most pop.

  23. Will the CF4 be legal in Little League for 2012?

  24. will the CF5 be legal for usssa play?

  25. DYSTURBED RYDER#1 says:

    I am going to buy a CF5 for my 11yr old club fastpitch softball player. Witch bat is hotter CF5 hope, CF5 insane, or the baby blue CF5 in a -10?

  26. DYSTURBED RYDER#1 says:

    I am going to buy a -10 CF5 for my 11yr old club fastpitch softball player. whitch bat is hotter CF5 hope, CF5 insane, or the baby blue CF5?

  27. charlotte howell says:

    Will the D243 Pro Maple which is bbcor approved, be legal in high school baseball?

  28. Yes the CF5 is legal for USSSA. It has the BPF 1.15 sticker on it. This hot or not topic is becoming somewhat of a joke and is the reason the CF4 was determined to be illegal or too hot. BPF means bounce performance factor and represents the maximum trampoline affect a bat can have as per USSSA and other organizations. BPF1.15 places an upper limit on a bat’s springiness (“trampoline effect”) as compared to that of a rigid wall, which equals BPF 1.00. Wood bats are virtually inelastic, with values of slightly more than 1.00. That said, any bat that has a 1.15 BPF has a 1.15BPF and is no “hotter” than any other bat. Now there is a progression of spring…wood, single wall aluminum, double wall, composite….with wood being the least and composite being the most but not exceeding the 1.15 The CF4 was VERY hot and was well in excess of the 1.15. The “new” composite is actually LESS hot than it used to be…..but you won’t hear that from any company marketing it. Go figure.

  29. Is this bat legal for 2011/2012 13u pony baseball?

  30. What youth combats regular barrell will be approved usssa 2012

  31. will the demaini cf5 be legal for pony baseball in 2012

  32. hi i was ejected from a game because they said that my 2012 cf5 was illeagle could you please give me a website to comfirm it is leagle for jouinor league play -8

  33. My son recently purchased a used CF5 2011 bat for use in little league. The problem though is that the bat does not have the BPF1.15 sticker on it- so the umpire wouldn’t let him use it. I found the CF5 2011 bat listed on the “waiver” list on the little league website- but then I read also that the bat comes with the sticker. Were some CF5 bats produced and sold without the sticker? Is it possible that his bat came out on the market before the stickers were required? Were the bats deemed “legal” in little league after they came out on the market for sale?

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