DeMarini CF5 Baseball Bats Arriving This Week

We have confirmation that some sizes in the BBCOR CF5 and  Little League DeMarini CF5 baseball bats have been shipped from DeMarini headquarters in Oregon to at least a few of their dealers. said they should have the DeMarini CF5 in the sizes and models listed below by Thursday this week.

BBCOR DeMarini CF5

  • 32/29oz

Little League DeMarini CF5

  • 29″/18oz
  • 30″/19oz
  • 31″/20oz
  • 32″/21oz

The new DeMarini CF5 bat is the most highly anticipated baseball bat we have seen in a while. DeMarini is using a new, lighter composite that will help the bat feel lighter and swing easier, a huge advantage in BBCOR bats. For Little League, this will be the first all composite baseball bat to hit the market since the new Little League composite bat testing procedures went into effect at the beginning of 2011.

UPDATE: They have arrived.


  1. denny simmons says:

    So what was the result of your tests? Inquiring minds (about every high school baseball player in the country) need to know! Thanks.

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