DeMarini Voodoo vs DeMarini Vexxum

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DeMarini Voodoo versus DeMarini Vexxum

Are you looking at a new baseball bat and can’t decide between the DeMarini Voodoo and DeMarini Vexxum? You want the best BBCOR bat on the market, so we put two popular new DeMarini BBCOR bats up against each other in hopes to make your decision easier.

Head to head, here is a brief rundown of the Vexxum vs Voodoo.

Both the DeMarini Vexxum and Voodoo use the proven SC4 aluminum alloy (exclusive to DeMarini) in the barrel of the bat. The main difference between the two DeMarini’s is the handle and the balance. Voodoo and CF5 use the TR3 composite in the handle, which is the strongest composite on the market according to DeMarini. The Vexxum gets the older C6 composite handle for 2012. Many baseball players like the Vexxum BBCOR because it is the most balanced bat in the 2012 DeMarini lineup, and the Voodoo is one of the most end loaded DeMarini BBCOR for 2012.

We suggest you try and swing a friend’s bat before you spend $200 + of your hard earned cash.

Here is the dirty little secret DeMarini doesn’t want you to know (Not really, but it sounds good): The DeMarini Vexxum is every bit as good a baseball bat as the DeMarini Voodoo! Spend $199 on the Vexxum and save the extra $100 for a down payment on a new Wilson A2000 baseball glove¬†(Wilson owns DeMarini). Much like the less expensive¬†Easton Salvo softball bat is every bit as good as it’s more expensive cousins, an extra $100 for a slightly different composite material in the handle on the Voodoo is not worth it.

But the Voodoo costs more, it has to be better, right? NO! It is all about personal preference and hitting style. The only difference you can really feel between the Voodoo and the Vexxum is the weight distribution (Vexxum Balanced, Voodoo End Loaded). If you are 6′ tall and strong, you should swing a Voodoo because you will be able to swing faster and generate more bat speed despite the added weight at the end. If you hit line drives, are not a bulky individual or you just want more bat speed, buy a Vexxum.

Just as many college teams and players use the DeMarini Vexxum as they do the Demarini Voodoo.

Quick Observations of the two 2012 DeMarini BBCOR Bats:

2012 DeMarini Vexxum

  • Feels absolutely solid
  • As good as the 2011 Easton Surge or better
  • Better than the Easton Rival
  • Very good pop
  • Average sound. Not a loud ping at all, but not dead sounding either
  • ZERO vibration
  • Very well balanced
  • $100 cheaper than the Voodoo
  • Grip looks a little different but feels the same as the Voodoo
  • Kind of ugly
  • Made in USA

2012 DeMarini Voodoo

  • Also feels very solid when you make contact
  • No vibration or stinging at all
  • Harder to swing than the Vexxum because of the Voodoo being end loaded
  • SAME pop as the Vexxum
  • Louder ping than the Vexxum
  • Better graphics
  • Cooler looking end cap
  • Made in USA


  1. Harrison says:

    Have you heard any info on the new BBCOR Demarini Versus that’s being released this upcoming fall? Because I’m debating whether to buying the Vexxum now or wait to see how well the Versus is going to compare to the Vexxum. Also, I believe that the good Vexxum that everyone is talking about is the 2012 model right? “VXM” instead of Vexxum I believe right?

  2. Good info. Thanks!
    Always wanted the simple rundown on the differences between those two bats.

  3. TARHEELS11 says:

    CF5 is the way to go (I have the LL version), but if ur looking at ethier one of these bats, i own a Vexxum -3, and I love it, I also have a Wilson A200, and its the best glove ive ever owned. I do like the Voddo, though.

  4. if you disregard balance, which bat is better, the Easton XL2 or Marucci Black

    • Though im not an expert, ive used the xl series and though the balance is off, if u make even remote contact its gonna rock it. The marucci black is good and it has good balance but if u dont care about balance and u r a power hitter then the xl2. If ur a contact hitter i suppose the marucci would be better. But the xl is overall a better bat

  5. I have the DeMarini Voodoo. I think it is one of the best bats on the shelves. I have actually never tried the vexxum but want to

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