Easton Salvo Softball Bat – The Best Softball Bat Ever?

The Easton Salvo softball bat may be the hottest softball bat ever made for ASA in the ABI (Advanced Break In) era.  The Salvo was released in 2010, since then it has set sales records at Easton. Easton has decided NOT to change the Salvo (SRV5) for the 2011 softball season. It is a pretty bold claim, but the Salvo may be the best bat purchase for ASA you could ever make.

Easton Salvo Conspiracy? – Some competitors, softball reviewers and message boards have claimed that after “break in” the Easton Salvo does not conform to the ASA softball bat standard of 98 MPH. Others have even claimed that ASA is looking the other way on the Easton Salvo being too hot because of the 2009 debacle of Easton’s line of softball bats that were supposed to prevent shaving and rolling. Easton’s “see through” softball bat were a sales disaster when no other manufacturers did anything to discourage cheating and ASA did not live up to it’s end of the bargain on enforcement. It is important to note that this is a RUMOR and not likely true. One would have to believe that ASA and Easton would get into heaps of legal trouble if it were true and someone got hit by a Salvo.

Easton Salvo Specs – The Easton Salvo came onto the market at a price of $199.99 and has remained unchanged since it was launched. With a 12″ barrel, the Easton Salvo has a smaller sweet spot than most softball bats. The Salvo has a very slight end load which helps the batter whip the barrel of the softball bat around the zone. The composite used is Easton’s IMX or Integrated Matrix Technology, developed for use in the aerospace industry. In order to allow for better feedback to the batter, this bat is one solid piece of composite, there is no rubber Connexion separating the handle from the barrel.

Easton Salvo Break In takes about 100 to 200 swings according to most owners we spoke to.

Easton Salvo Durability is overall, very good. Some Salvo owners have put several thousand hits on their softball bats with only minor wear and tear. There will always be some bats that break early in their life due to a defect in the manufacturing process, but that is why you get a warranty on most softball bats.

Easton Salvo End Cap – When Easton first released the Salvo softball bat, it came with an all black molded plastic end cap with an Easton logo on it. Early in 2011 Salvo’s started hitting the market with Easton’s updated “Orange E” end cap. Some owners claim that the different end caps indicate “first batch” or “second batch” Salvo’s. From my experience, most people think the “second batch” with the orange sticker is hotter, but many believe that the new “Orange E” end cap is merely a sticker and has nothing to do with how the bat will perform. (Note: Many incorrectly believe the orange E indicates first batch)

Easton Salvo End Cap Orange

Easton Salvo Orange End Cap Sticker

Easton Salvo Vibration – Vibration is minimal on this Easton softball bat. Even on poorly hit balls, the consensus is this bat feels solid.

Summary – At below $200 it hits as well as a $300 dollar bat. Almost illegal pop, durability and value make the Salvo a great choice. All things considered, the Easton Salvo softball bat for ASA is currently the best bat buy in softball.

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