Easton Softball Bats – Four Bats That Make Good Choices

Easton Baseball BatsEaston Softball Bats

Easton is one of the leading bat manufacturers in the world. Each year, they produce elite level bats that are used in various leagues around the country. If you are looking for a solid Easton softball bat, your options are endless and many of the best can be found at Cheap Bats.

What are some of the best Easton softball bats currently available?

Easton Raw Power B1.0 Slowpitch

When it comes to the best two piece composite bats on the market today, this Easton model is at the top of the list. There is no breaking-in period with this bat as you will be able to hit bombs from swing one through swing 200 without losing anything. It is approved for use in several leagues and comes with a six month warranty. It was constructed for use in extreme 100 MPH or more performance.

2013 Easton Mystique Fastpitch

This Easton softball bat was made of 7050 aircraft alloy, making it one of the best constructed bats on the market. It has a 12 ounce weight drop and a thin handle that allows you to get your hands wrapped around it tighter. With more control of the bat, you will be able to pick where your ball is going to be hit every time. It is USSSA certified and has a larger than normal sweet spot to reach for.

2013 Easton Typhoon Fastpitch

With an 11 ounce weight drop, this fastpitch bat has its weight evenly distributed throughout. This allows you to get faster swinging speed because the weight is less than traditional bats. It is approved for use in USSSA leagues and is USSSA certified for 1.20 BPF. It comes with a thinner handle that has a cushioned grip to help fight vibration.

Easton Maple Wood Bat

The popularity of wood bat softball leagues is growing around the country. One of the best wooden bat producers to turn to is Easton. With this bat, you are getting a 34″ bat that was made with North American maple. It was laser engraved and has a cupped end, giving you great potential for big power.

To get a closer look at these bats and other Easton softball bats, Cheap Bats is the place to go.

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