How The Baseball Feels – Tapping Into The Senses

baseballJust for fun, have you ever wondered how the ball feels when it is hit by a bat? I had a recent conversation with a baseball and this is what it said: OUCH! But really, how the baseball “feels” depends on the player tapping into their senses and that’s what counts.


For the player, the ball is a big part of the feeling of victory when they come up to bat. Making contact is everything. The way the bat and ball connect can mean a great hit or a miss. Readiness is a key to tapping into the sense of the ball and taking it to the extreme.


For the player, this sensory combination becomes key to making it happen. A player becomes one with his bat and concentrates on seeing the speed and direction of the ball. It’s also hearing when the ball lands so when he takes off toward a possible victory all his senses are in tune.


An outsider who has never played a little league game may surmise that there is no use of these two senses in baseball.

She or he can smell and taste the victory as she swings her bat and runs the bases. It is a team effort and well worth the smell of sweat and the taste of accomplishing a goal. All players may not be all stars, but they can demonstrate how to use the senses for the love of the game.

Oh! And most balls prefer to be hit by a bat from (at least the one we talked to).

No actual balls were hurt in the writing of this article.

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