Little League Baseball Emerges: Batter up Girls!

Little League Baseball - Batter Up GirlsThe concept of, “Does bat make the player or the player make the bat,” has recently gotten a new twist. Does anyone remember the Bad News Bears and the infamous actress who socked it her teammates in more ways than one? How about the Sand Lot where the “insult” of “You play like a girl,” was made?

Well times, they are a-changing and so are the players who are entering and playing on little league baseball fields. Thus, the idea of “you play like a girl,” is a good thing. These days, more and more girls are being welcomed onto little league fields by coaches and players. Don’t get me wrong; it has not been without controversy with regards to safety and gender issues, but since its inception in 1974, girls are on forefront of one of America’s most popular sports.

A Little Bit of Little League History

Girls were officially and formally permitted to play little league softball in 1974. Since Little League Baseball was founded in 1939, that leaves a big gap of time, but not in experience. Through the years, girls have played at every level, including making it to Little League World Series. Gone are the days when they had to hide their hair to play and pretend to be something they weren’t. Now they not only play like girls, they win like them too.

The Controversy

As long as Little League has been in existence, there been a variety of controversies and the admittance of girls into a seemingly boy’s “territorial sport,’ was no exception. But through the efforts of many and the endurance of a few, new rules were implemented so both boys and girls could coexist first in the sport and then on the same playing field.

A Happy Outcome

Girls rule—even on a baseball field. Whether it is with the use of sticks or a top of the line bat, girls continue to come up in little league baseball. They make the love of the game shine and can credit their successes to their own persistence, efforts, triumphs, and skills.

So, guys…get your bats ready, ‘cause the “new kids” are already waiting for you at the plate to show you how to play like a girl!

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