Louisville Slugger 2014 Lineup

Louisville Slugger Xeno2014 Louisville Slugger Bats

Being one of the most trusted and respected bat manufacturers in the world is a great thing for Louisville Slugger. Each year, they could sit back a bit and just bring in sales based solely on their name, but instead, each year, they work on updating, revising and creating masterpieces that will be the best tools on the bench of softball or baseball fields. Let’s take a look at a few of these new bats for the 2014 season.


The XENO model of bats from Louisville Slugger features five versions for fastpitch softball players. These bats range from -8oz. to a -12.5oz. weight drop, making them great bats for smaller girls to swing. The -10oz. model is made from Pure 360 composite, which is thinner and lighter than many other bats, has a massive sweet spot because of the iST Technology used to make the barrel. The bat is easy to swing because the weight is distributed evenly and has a 7/8” thick handle synthetic grip.


DeMarini z2000The Z2000 bat comes in four different models for slowpitch softball players. These beer leagues are filled with high intensity action and with the Z2000, users will have a bat that is meant to give them a step up on the competition. Louisville Slugger constructed these bats to be used in ASA sanctioned leagues and to last longer and be more durable than ever before. It has a smooth and balanced feel when swinging, which will allow those without as much muscle to still get great use from it. The ASA model (SBZ214-AB) was built with S1iD inner disc technology that flexes, but still remains within the legal limit set by the association. One added bonus of these models is that they are hot out of the wrapper, allowing you get it in the mail one day and use it the next.

Louisville Slugger also has other models to be used this season in BBCOR baseball leagues, as well as youth and senior league baseball leagues. These models include the Catalyst, ARMOR, Warrior and LXT bats. More information for these bats can be found at Cheap Bats and other online sources.

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