33″/30oz. Marucci Cat 5 BBCOR Banned In NCAA

The 33″/30 ounce Marucci Cat 5 BBCOR has been decertified by the NCAA.

No other sizes or models are affected by this ruling. No word on what Marucci will do to compensated customers who purchased 33 inch Cat 5 BBCOR bats for NCAA play.

Below is the NCAA release regarding the ruling.

February 17, 2012
TO: Head Baseball Coaches, Conference Commissioners, Compliance Officers
and Coordinators of Umpires.
FROM: Jeff Hurd, chair
Baseball Rules Committee.
SUBJECT: Decertification of 33-inch Marucci CAT5 bat.
This memo serves as the NCAA’s official notice that the decertification process
has been triggered for the Marucci CAT5 33-inch model. Effective immediately
and until further notice, these bats will not be allowed for use in any NCAA
baseball competition.
For ease of reference, a photo of the bat is below:
Team representatives are asked to check your team’s stock of bats and withhold
these bats if your team is in possession of any. Conference administrators are
asked to share this information with your umpires as well. If this bat is attempted
to be used during competition, it should be considered an illegal bat and subject to
NCAA Baseball Rule 1-12-b, (see the penalty section for procedures).
For any questions on this decision, please contact Ty Halpin (Playing Rules,
thalpin@ncaa.org) or Cameron Schuh (Public and Media Relations,
cschuh@ncaa.org) at the NCAA.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
cc: Mr. Gene McArtor
Baseball Rules Committee
Selected NCAA Staff Members


  1. Michael Neighbors says:

    WHY??? WHY??? WHY???
    Is it too much to ask for to get a reason for this ruling? There is no explanation in this ruling. If the NCAA is going to do this they should at least give a reason and explain, especially when it is so specific towards one bat.

  2. I am a sophmore in high school and was looking to buy the marucci cat5 and was wondering if the 33-inch was going to be banned for high school too.

  3. demariiiiini says:

    Maybe Demarini or Easton did
    “Manufacturer Right to Submit a Competitor’s Bat for Compliance”
    in this PDF


  4. The sweet spot is too big. marucci says it was on a small test group, but hey, if it is not on the whole deal then they dont have a very consistent manufacturing process do they.

    The options to return a crap. Pay 100 for a bat you did not want in the first place. Get two wood bats????????, Wait for the new model????? We are in season now, what do we do till then. Swing a 34′, really. And get this, you have to pay to ship their illegal bat back to them!!! WHERE IS GET YOUR MONEY BACK, SINCE WE SOLD YOU A BAT THAT YOU CAN NOT USE?

    Wow, talk about putting the consumer on the bench!


  6. Brandon Portwine Head Baseball Coach High School says:

    I wish they could provide a reason for their decision. Was it the handle, barrel, material, etc. This might stop other companies from making similar models & consumers from buying them.
    Thanks Head Coach
    Stearns High School
    Brandon Portwine

  7. NCAA, NFHS and Mariucci need to step up and tell us why this bat does not pass bbcor standards. Mariucci’s offer to compensate owners of this specific bat are not acceptable and may be illegal. See their web site for specifics. Nothing less than immediate full refund or usable 33″ bbcor aluminuim bat in hand immediatley should be considered.

  8. Bats have to go through a break in period and be retested with the new rule. Its not uncommon for a composite bat to fail the test as they gat hotter, sometimes much hotter after breakin period. NCAA is doing a great job with the bats, should have been done sooner. Lets go back to wood and play real baseball…

  9. Douglas McKnight says:

    The bat has now been banned in HS too by the NFHS. Only the 33″ model is banned.

  10. its illegal in high school now the weight is messed up it doesnt really weigh 30oz they are developing a new bat for people who bought the cat 5 to compensate

  11. Wow really I got called out for this BS yesterday when I was swinging my 32/29. Why don’t we take back are freaking sport and get this political crap out of here? Looks to me like the bigger bat companies are jealous they are behind.

    • “Take back are sport” good one.
      You sound like you would be the first inline to sue if you were hurt by a defective product.

      If you want to take back OUR sport swing a wood bat!

  12. They said they would replace the bat but I am getting the run around. In fact they don’t know when the bats will be available to players who already bought the Cat 5. However the new bat is available on equipment websites right now. Every time I call about my bat I get a different story and I am tired of borrowing someone’s bat. I guess high school players are not as important to them as the pro players are. Very disappointed.

  13. Any one who buys a bat knows once you take the wrapper off a bat you own it.
    Returning the bb core 33/30 cat5 squared has been a nightmare. My advice is anything you buy from Marucci keep the receipt. They lied about the time they received it, when they shipped it and when I would receive it. In other words they will lie apologize and continue to lie. With the season half over I still have no bat. Never have i dealt with a worse company for returns on their own product. Are you willing to take the same chance?

  14. Who ever heard of not refunding a faulty product. I have a lawyer working on this and will post results. They should have given an option of the upgrade for free and overnight shipped. They don’t even make the bat some company in Ohio does. It’s why we can’t get it. Next time I’ll go with a more reputable company like Easton or Nike.

  15. Hey Marcus , You’re right about politics getting in the way. Problem is it wont stop . It has taken over . Its called greed, personal and financial. Sports are no longer for fun i’ts as cut throat and maybe worse than the other sectors of business. We bought a 33/30 for our son who was on the boarderline to make his Varsity team. He hits very well but his defense is rusty. You can imagine how he felt during 2 months of open gym. When his coach calls out “Anyone w/ aMarucci 33/30? Its illegal!” Just another nail in his baseball coffin. Cut to thre chase he quit baseball. Marucci made good for us They replaced the bat . No complaints there . They were helpful.

  16. I bought the cat52 33-30 for my son as well.Marucci received his bat March 26th and still have not replaced it.I have gotten apologies but told them my son cannot hit with an apology.This is bad business making customers pay to ship an items that they screwed up on.They should have just upgraded everyone to the 33-30 black and been done with it.April 21st another game this morning without the bat the team bat they promised weeks ago.FYI Marucci Cat 52,Reebok Vector,are illegal now.I hear Nike Aero could be next.Go to wood bats across the board.The bat companies will still make there money.

  17. Adam kolansky says:

    Alright team bat replacement finally came today .I do think they shouldn’t make the consumer pay shipping to send out the bat.Its also good business to something extry for the inconvenience.The flip side is its a beautiful bat and Emma at Marucci couldn’t have been nicer.Hope you players get your bats soon.

  18. My last post was deleted . I commented that Marucci honored their bat return . Why was my post deleted?

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