Marucci Elite – Best Bat You’ve Never Swung

Marucci EliteThe Marucci Elite name is not one that is as known or popular on baseball benches around the country, but it is one of those bats that once used, will make you a lifer. The 2014 line of Marucci Elite bats features baseball bats for senior league players and BBCOR leagues. The senior league comes in two sizes, while the BBCOR model comes in four different weights.

Senior League -5oz.

This bat is a half and half model featuring their patented technology molding together different materials. This technology fused together aluminum and carbon, which helps you swing faster while also getting a massive sweet spot to get the best contact. The bat was also constructed with another patented technology, this time the Unequal method which is their  Kevlar-grip that helps to eliminate sting on those colder nights. The technology Marucci Elite used to put together this bat is like none other and seamlessly combines the carbon fiber handle with the multi material barrel.

Senior League -10oz.

For those needing to swing a bat with a little less weight, the -10oz. model is the perfect tool to add to your bat bag. This bat was constructed with the same materials and technologies as the -5oz. model. This bat, like its heavier model is USSSA certified with a 1.15 BPF a 12 month warranty protecting you against cracks, dents and more.

Marucci Elite BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz.

The Marucci Elite 2 BBCOR baseball bat is one of the best baseball bats released for the 2014 season. What the company did with this model was get rid of the extra weight that added no value to your swing and turned it into something that now has an extended sweet spot and an overall improved feel. The company even improved the end cap, replacing the last few inches of the barrel with material fused together with improved technology.

The Marucci Elite name is one that is just that, elite. Once you use one of these BBCOR bats and experience the difference during batting practice or in a game, you won’t want to go back to swinging any bat purchased from a chain and will be hooked forever.

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