Mizuno Baseball Bats and Equipment – Brand Profile

Mizuno bats and equipmentMizuno is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia and has been a staple in baseball bat and accessories since being founded in 1906. Rihachi Mizuno founded the company in Osaka, Japan, where they still have their worldwide headquarters. Mizuno USA manufactures and sells products for golf, baseball, track & field, softball and volleyball. Since the company was founded, Mizuno has put relentless effort into improving their products to compete with others that have come after them.

Mizuno began to manufacture baseballs and gloves in 1913 and in 1933 the company starting planting Ash trees that would become their baseball bats. They have since grown and evolved into the company that is now considered one of the top in the industry. Not only do the sales of Mizuno products reach the top of the baseball equipment and apparel market, they are also one of the most trusted companies for the professional ball players because of their high quality craftsmanship and durability.

Mizuno’s top products are wood bats and the company has seen the need to advance the technology further. Among the wood bats they now produce is a maple composite bat. These bats are constructed with a composite handle and a wooden barrel. This advanced technology allows the bat to last longer than traditional maple bats. It still has the top performance one would expect from a maple bat from Mizuno, only more advanced.

Another ideal bat for those looking to add a Mizuno piece to their bat bag is their classic maple bat. The hard maple wood is used from the handle to the barrel and provides you a great feel with each swing. Mizuno uses only the best maple wood to ensure their bats will last for multiple seasons, giving its customers the best product for their money. Mizuno produces a full line of baseball equipment from bats, to bags, to gloves. It is your one stop brand!

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