New USSSA Bat Stamp For 2013

By now, most softball players know there is a new stamp required on January 1st, 2013 for USSSA softball bats. All USSSA softball bats labeled as 2013 will have the spiffy new finger print stamp.

The 2013 USSSA softball bat rule is similar to the ASA bat rule from a few years back: 2013 softball bats will not be allowed to exceed 1.20 BPF at any point in their lifespan, meaning break-in time will be cut from a few hundred swings to a few dozen swings on most softball bats.

Upon exceeding the 1.20 BPF, bats will develop spiraling “cracks” up and down the barrel of the bat, indicating the bat should be removed from play.

Don’t throw your old USSSA softball bat away just yet.

Many private fields like Big League Dreams are expected to allow the old USSSA standard softball bats indefinitely. Moreover, many tournaments will still allow the old USSSA bats as well.

The 2013 and 2014 Easton, Miken, and Worth softball bats all carry the new USSSA stamp.

Individuals are rapidly buying up any remaining softball bats with the old standard, knowing that they can no longer be made, they will be in high demand for leagues and tournaments that do not acknowledge the new standard.


  1. These bat rules are the biggest joke around ! All these bat companies have us parents by the “balls”, literally.

    We as parents need to stop this money making racket now because it’s already out of control !

  2. Should I return my 2012 softball bat to worth because my other one crack and the 2012 was the replacement ? Knowing the was coming to an end why do worth send me a bat from 2012 this just about a month ago.

  3. Jennifer Withee says:

    I have bought my daughter a demarini cf5 and I am concerned will she get to use it in the usssa tournaments? It does have usssa pdf1.20 on it but is not the new stamp that I am reading about.

  4. Brian Koch says:

    I have a Miken Maniac 484, which is on the 2013 approved list. However, Softball World in Euless, TX is requiring the bat have the 2013 stamp on it. How do I get the 2013 stamp for it? If the USSSA site says it’s good, then that should be good enough.

    • Composite Bats says:

      If it is on the approved 2013 USSSA softball bat list, call Miken 1-877-807-5291 and see if they can stamp it for you.

  5. I have a OG Cartel and a Legit Balanced(yellow)… No good in 2013?

    • Composite Bats says:

      It has been a while since I have had an OG DeMarini Cartel in my hands, but I don’t think it has the 2013 USSSA Stamp. The Worth Legit 454 should have the new stamp.

  6. jason hadden says:

    Why do we have to have this new stamp on bats,is there something different about the bats with the new stamp than the older bats that don’t have the new stamp. What is the difference?

    • Composite Bats says:

      New stamp bats are not allowed to break in over the 1.20 BPF limit. Many old stamp bats got much hotter than the 1.20 BPF limit after breaking in.

  7. Does the new 2013 BJ Fulk mayhem ASA softba bat have a stamp on it?

  8. USSSA has grandfathered in the old 1.20 bpf stamp on the barrel until Sept 2013 as the bat manufactureres cannot keep up with production. Starting with fall leagues the year and the comp season next year, the new fingerprint on the taper will be mandatory, but you all are ok this year if you have the old mark on the barrel.

    • Composite Bats says:

      We have heard this, too. It is up to the league officials whether to allow the old stamps or not, so just make sure with your league officials and umpires.

  9. The new Easton Power Brigade series of bats, are they going to be able to be used after this year? Do they have the new stamp on them already?

    • Composite Bats says:

      Yes, the new 2013 and 2014 Easton baseball and softball bats all have the most current stamps and will be legal for many years to come.

  10. If the bat has the new 2013 USSSA finger print stamp on it.. does it matter for high school softball still if it’s alloy, composite or bbcore?

    • Composite Bats says:

      Most high schools go by ASA rules, not USSSA. Your bat should be fine. I have never heard of a fastpitch bat that is not legal for high school or college play.

  11. Shonn Bell says:

    I have a Miken Freak NXT SuperMax and our league uses USSSA rules. Is there a way I can get this bat stamped?

  12. I just bought the miken freak fx700…but it doesn’t have the stamp on it…but it does say 1.20 bpf in small writing is this going to be legal?

  13. Esmy depending on the officials in your league my answer would be no. My bats carry the old stamp and tried to use them in my season opener and was told my bats were no illegal to use.

  14. I just bought an ASA bat with the new 2013 stamp. I understand that their rules are more uptight, so does anyone know if my ASA bat would be allowed in USSSA?

  15. i have a 2013 SBMABJ Mayhem BJ Fulk. it doesn’t have the new stamp. how can I get one and is this bat okay?

  16. Janet Hartmann says:

    I just bought this bat for my daughter on ebay can anyone plesae tell me if it is a legal bat or not It beleive its a 2012
    Easton CV12 Fastpitch Softball Bat 34 in/24 oz SCG1B (-10) Composite Hybrid
    Please I need information !!!

  17. Use wood, across the board…. It’s baseball folks

  18. Chad Collins says:

    Will the black xeno be ok for 2013?

  19. What about the 2011 tps catalyst is it legal? It does not have the new stamp on it, do you think I can send it to get stamp?

  20. Bridget Burke says:

    We just bought a new bat last season because of a new stamp that just came out we payed 200.00 dollars for this bat and now we have to buy a new bat for a nother new stamp. And if you want to send your bat off to get a new stamp then you will be waiting 6 mo. to get it back by them season is over and it coast you a small fortune to get it sent off. You need to come up with an easer way for parent to acquire stamps for pre existing bats. Like sending them to sport stores and sailing them to put on yourself. As of now we are going to spend another 200.00 dollers for a nother new bat and do not know what to do with the old one. No one wants to buy a bat that there child can not use.

    This is bad bussness in my eyes.

  21. Will ASA and USFA follow in USSSA footsteps for 2014

  22. Can you get a bat stamped?havent seen an answer????

    • Composite Bats says:

      If your bat does not have the new stamp on it, you can not get a stamp put on it, a new bat must be acquired.

  23. Heidi smith says:

    So if my bat has only the 1.20 and not the new stamp I can’t use it? My bat is a Louisville slugger TPS Mendoza

  24. My bat has a 1.20bpf stamp and the asssa stamp but it’s not the new stamp can it still be use were the new stamps are required?

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