2012-2013 Worth Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Worth Sports has announced seven new composite slow pitch softball bats for the upcoming season.

New Worth Softball Bats:

  • Worth 454 Legit USSSA
  • Worth 454 Legit ASA
  • Worth 454 Legit Resmondo USSSA
  • Worth 454 Resmondo ASA
  • Worth Titan 5.4L USSSA
  • Worth BJ Fulk ASA
  • Worth Senior Softball 454 (No warranty)

The major change in the new Worth softball bats is a switch over from the current USSSA standard to the new standard that goes into place on January 1st, 2013. The new standard adopted by USSSA basically prevents slow pitch softball bats from breaking in over the 1.20 BPF standard, not unlike what ASA did a couple of years ago.

Worth 454 Legit Softball Bat SB4LUS

Worth 454 Legit Softball Bat SB4LUS


  1. Karli Nevarez says:

    How much does this company sell the Worth 454 ASA?

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