Slow Pitch Softball Bats- Tips for Finding the Right One

Slowpitch softball batsSlow pitch softball isn’t as easy as those who don’t compete say it is. While the idea of hitting a large ball coming in at you in with a 12 foot arch seems easy, the sport, much like any other competitive sport, is as mental as anything else. One of the many things involved in the sport that can affect your ability to play is your softball bat. What are the most important things to consider when picking the right softball bat?

Pick a Weight and Stick to it

From season to season, you may find the need to move up or down in weight, but during the season, you should stick with the same size from start to finish. When you play on a fenced field, you might psyche yourself out and pick up a heavier bat to try to hit a home run, but if you were swinging a 28 oz. bat for three months and switch to a 30 oz. bat for this game, your swing won’t be right and your hand speed might will likely be off.

Slump or Success, Don’t Change Bats

The only time during the softball season that you should ever change your bat is if you play in multiple leagues that use different materials or if your bat breaks. If you find yourself in a 0-for-20 slump and can’t seem to hit the ball as well as you were previously, don’t blame the bat. There is something that has changed mechanically with your swing that can be corrected with batting practice and some good coaching.

Don’t Use a Bat Beyond Your Strength

One common problem that is seen on a lot of benches across the country is a smaller player trying to use a bat that their body won’t allow them to properly swing. If you are shorter than six feet and weigh about 150 pounds, you shouldn’t be swinging a bat heavier than 28 oz. The same doesn’t hold true for someone that is taller than six feet and weighs 225 pounds. Just because you are bigger doesn’t mean you can’t get a great swing with a 26 oz. bat. Hand speed is more important to slow pitch softball success than strength and this is evident when you see bigger athletes properly swinging a smaller bat.

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