Slowpitch Softball Bats Design Differences

Slowpitch BaseballWhen baseball players decide to make the move to slowpitch softball, a lot of them think that you can use the same bats you used in high school. That is not the case. While baseball bats can realistically be used to play slowpitch softball, they aren’t made to hit the larger and softer ball. To get the most out of your swing, you need to swing the proper bat for the sport you play.

What is the difference between wooden bats for softball and baseball and why is it so important to use the right bat?

Barrel and Handle – One of the biggest differences between the wooden bats for softball or baseball is the barrel and handle. With wooden baseball bats, you are usually going to see a thicker handle that helps you grip better and propel your hands through the zone quicker. Getting the barrel of the bat through the zone quicker will give you more power. The handle on wooden softball bats is a lot thinner and this is something that the aluminum bat manufacturer Anderson has brought into their models. Some baseball players have had problems adjusting to the thinner handles on these bats, but the more you swing the models, the easier it will be for you to adjust and compensate.

Barrel Size – another difference between wooden softball and baseball bats is the barrel size. The barrel size for baseball players in high school and college is usually 2 5/8 inches. This gives you more meat on the bat to make contact on a regular basis. When it comes to playing softball, the barrel size you will often see is 2 ΒΌ inches. This is an adjustment that a lot of players struggle to adjust to. With a smaller barrel size, you have to be more accurate with your swing which is something that requires a bit on an adjustment in your swing.

What Not to Do – one thing you absolutely must avoid doing with your softball bat is hitting baseballs pitched overhand. Softball bats are not built to withstand the impact you get from baseballs and will crack rather quickly. The same can be said of fastpitch softball bats. These bats should not be used in slowpitch, as they will break. You can use slowpitch bats in fastpitch games, but they could be too difficult to swing for some.

Now you can see what makes slowpitch baseball bats special and when they are the right bat for your sport!

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