Slowpitch Softball Bats – Top Bats For 2014

Slowpitch softball bat manufacturers re-design their old bats and produce a completely new product every year that will wow players around the country. The 2014 line of slowpitch softball bats feature some of the best new bats for athletes looking to prepare for the upcoming season.

For most leagues, signups will be held within the next month and bats need to be purchased to allow for any breaking in needed. What are some of the best 2014 softball bats to get this season?

2014 Miken Psycho USSSA

Miken Psycho 2014This is a slowpitch softball bat that doesn’t need any breaking in and is hot out of the wrapper. Miken used 750x high pressure infusion technology which injects epoxy into a high grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers. Unlike many other popular slowpitch bats that are two pieces blended into one, this is a single piece bat that feels balanced, allowing for faster swinging speeds, improved durability and a huge sweet spot.

2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 ASA and USSSA

Louisville Slugger Z3000This composite bat was built to be stronger and more durable than it has ever been. With this bat, you can have a smooth and balanced swing and that allows you to get the bat through the zone quicker and for more power. The 2014 model is similar to the 2013 version, but was made to be more durable. The ASA model was made with an S1iD Inner Disc that allows the bat flex more within legal limits. The USSSA model was made with Pure 360 composite that is stronger and lighter than previous versions.

2014 Worth Legit Jeff Hall Reload

Worth Legit 2014Worth is one of the best brands for power hitting because they have one of the purest composite layers on the market. They do this by removing any void that is in the material and also removes excess and unnecessary weight. They also have a new carbon fiber material in the outer layer of the bat. This improves the strength and performance of the bat, while also improving the lifetime of the bat. The 454 technology Worth uses on their slowpitch softball bats also gives users an extra two inches of sweet spot on each side of the bat.

What are your favorite slowpitch softball bats?

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