Softball Bat Review: Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Easton L4 slow pitch softball batThe most recent bats to come out of the Easton Hit Lab in Van Nuys, California are the Easton Raw Power slow pitch softball bats. This series comes in balanced and end load, ASA and USSSA 1.20.

The Brett Helmer Signature Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball bat has been one of the most looked forward to end loaded, single piece bat to come on the market. It is a one piece, 100% composite with a 12 inch barrel bat with a 1 ounce end load.  The Easton L4.0 has been approved for ISF and the latest ASA Softball Bat standard.

The SIC Black Carbon composite fiber material in the handle is Easton’s exclusive.  This gives the L4.0 Raw Power Softball Bat an even, virtually vibration free feel when you hit the ball. The barrel is Easton’s IMX composite.

The Easton L4.0 is very different from the L6.0.  The older IMX composite is used in the L6.0.  The latest SIC Black Carbon in used in the Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat giving it an “improved feel.”

The first thing I noticed about the Easton L4.0, was the grip tape being used on the newer Easton Raw Power softball bats. This thin gauze grip tape is like athletic tape and there is no cushion.  It won’t be necessary to regrip this bat with athletic tape.

The Easton L4.0 Brett Helmer signature has the same even feel as every Easton slow pitch softball bat. The bat didn’t vibrate excessively when I missed the sweet spot and hit the ball nearer to the taper. The Black Carbon in the handle of the Easton L4.0 makes the bat even and forgiving. The bat has a good weight distribution for an end load, and doesn’t feel heavy.

This L4.0 Raw Power bat is as stiff as you can get.  The pop is huge when you hit the sweet spot because of the 12 inch barrel. The Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat is equal to the other renowned Easton softball bats.

The Bret Helmer Signature Easton L4.0 Raw Power Bat is the best option for the feel of an end loaded softball bat and the solidity of a one piece bat.

This outstanding Easton L4.0 Raw Power Slow Pitch Softball Bat is offered at a very good price.

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