Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector

Tuff Sleeve Bat ProtectorTuff Sleeve helps baseball and softball players around the world, do the most important thing they can do in the offseason and in between games during the season. protect their equipment. This includes keeping your fielding glove conditioned and prepared for its next use. It also includes making sure your bat is protected from getting scratches in your trunk and bat bag, and save it from unnecessary force during batting practice and more. The best way to protect your bat is to use the newly re-designed Tuff Sleeve.

Tuff Sleeves can be used for bats made from aluminum or wood and for softball or baseball bats. These protectors slide right on and off the bat without having to fight with it. It is a tapered tube that is made with a rubber exterior and a cotton fabric interior. It is that material that makes the Tuff Sleeve go on with ease.

Tuff Sleeve most important feauture is that it can be used during batting practice. You can protect the life of your bat during batting practice by 25 percent when you keep the Tuff Sleeve on it. When you keep the Tuff Sleeve on your bat during batting practice, the sleeve will sit on the sweet spot of the bat. This will allow you to see where contact should be made to get optimal flight on the ball. By protecting your bat in non-game situations that would normally harm your bat and lessen its life expectancy, you are getting more for your money than ever before.

Using Tuff Sleeve on your bat, protects it from getting scratches and dents, while also maintaining its aesthetic appearance. It slides on and off with ease and reduces vibration that could develop when the barrel gets too cold.in the fall months. When you are new to the sport and use it during batting practice, you will get a better idea of where contact needs to be made.

Special thanks to Mike at Cheapbats.com for this video on Tuff Sleeve.

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