Wilson Baseball Gear 2014

Wilson A2000 baseball gloveWilson baseball gear for 2014 starts the countdown to the start of softball and baseball season. With so many new bats and gloves on the market, it is often difficult to figure out what the best additions to your bag would be, but there is one place you can start: Wilson.

Many may just think of that brand for its role in Cast Away, but they are one of the premiere companies the world supplying gloves to professional and amateur players around the world and they own DeMarini.

One of the top brands of fielding gloves in the Wilson baseball gear line is the A2000. This glove comes in countless sizes and can be worn by baseball and softball players, including slowpitch and fastpitch. The A2000 series features gloves for catchers, outfielders, first basemen, pitchers and more and even features several signature gloves. Among the signature gloves offered that are worn by Rickie Weeks, Evan Longoria, C.J. Wilson, Mike Napoli and Ryan Braun.

Part of what makes these A2000 gloves so great is the material used to make them. They use Pro Stock leather that won’t rip or tear and is durable enough to last through multiple seasons. These gloves also come with numerous color schemes that can be chosen to match any jersey you may wear in the upcoming season. In the Wilson line of products, you will also find numerous batting gloves and other accessories that are important parts of your baseball or softball experience.

In 2000, Wilson Sporting Goods purchased one of the top softball bat companies in the world: DeMarini. Each year, DeMarini puts out some of the best bats for baseball and softball players. Their 2014 line of bat are some of the most popular in the business right now. Among the bats that are the most popular for the upcoming season include the DeMarini CF6 which is available in many sizes for age groups. The Stadium is another top bat that can be used in USSSA sanctioned leagues. This bat is half and half and is perfect for those looking to terrorize opposing pitchers.  Well that wraps up our Wilson baseball gear 2014 early season review.

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