Pick the Right Wood Softball Bat: Maple, Bamboo or Ash

Wood softball batSome slow pitch softball leagues around the country are switching to wood softball bats due to insurance issues. If your league has recently made the move to wood, your team will need to stock up on new bats.

There are different types of wood softball bats but what are the best materials to use: maple, bamboo, or ash? What are the best bats made of these woods?


Maple is a hard wood that is used in many products from butcher blocks to bowling alley lanes to bowling pins. Maple softball bats are built to last longer than other materials and will give users a lot of pop from the first swing to the last.

An ideal maple bat to look for is the Louisville Slugger MSB1. This bat is made with a black finish and features a more traditional barrel size, making it easier for baseball players to adjust to the sport.


Many people think this wood is softer, but in fact, it is harder than many other materials including maple. While it is just as hard as maple, it is considered more stable.

One of the best all bamboo wood softball bats available comes from Mizuno. The Mizuno MZB271 is a durable bat that comes with a 90 day warranty.


Ash wood is commonly used in furniture because of its ability to be molded easily. Ash-made softball bats aren’t the most popular as other wood, but they have a great feel and are good for smaller hitters.

If you are looking for a quality all-ash softball bat, the Louisville Slugger 125SBAS might be the best bat for you.


Some of the best wood slow pitch softball bats on the market are those made with multiple materials. The Worth Toxic bat is made with both bamboo and maple wood and is available for those who like swinging a 28 oz. bat. The handle on this bat is slick compared to others, but pine tar or tape can be the simple solution to that.

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