What is the Best BBCOR Bat for 2013

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Check out as we update the list for 2013 BBCOR Baseball Bats

[poll id=”1″]The new BBCOR bats have brought in a new era of baseball bats.  Every bat manufacturer in the country seems to have a BBCOR bat offering, even the smaller bat makers like Marruci and Rip It have introduced a bat with the BBCOR Certification.

We hit every BBCOR bat on the market for three weeks straight at our batting cages.  Combined, we put in over 10,000 swings on these bats. It all came down to sting, vibration and balance of the bat. All BBCOR bats have a smaller barrel than their BESR counter parts. All BBCOR bats feel heavier because more weight is distributed to the end of the barrel.

Here is the ugly truth about BBCOR bats… The “pop” is almost indistinguishable between bats.  However, that is where the similarities end and the testing begins.

There were clear “winners” in the shootout. Not because one bat hit the ball further every time, but because one bat allows you to control the bat better and put the sweet spot on the ball more consistently. While they all hit the ball approximately the same distance, several bats had advantages in comfort and swingability that will ultimately help you be a better hitter.

How the bats differ: Vibration, Sound, Balance (more/less end heavy) and bat control.

One Piece BBCOR Bats:

  • Rip It Prototype 2TOP CHOICE – This BBCOR bat from Rip It was a pleasant surprise and proved to be the top dog in our testing. It hits as hard as any BBCOR on the market. It has good balance, little to no vibration and above average pop. The Rip It Prototype 2 has a VERY LOUD metal “ping”, almost to the point of hurting our ears. With the Rip It “Love it or we’ll buy it back” 30 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose with the Rip It BBCOR bat.
  • Marruci Cat 5 – TOP CHOICE (NOW BANNED in 33″/30oz) – The Marruci BBCOR bat is the lightest feeling bbcor on the market. The Cat 5 has ZERO vibration and swings very well. This bat is as good as the Easton Surge and Demarini Voodoo but sells for $100 less. Hit it and see for yourself.
  • Marucci Team Series – We have not swung the Marucci Team Series BBCOR yet. We will update the site the instant we do.
  • TPX Z1000 – The TPX Z1000 BBCOR is the most balanced bat in the group. Great pop and feel. No vibration at all.
  • TPX Omaha – The Omaha BBCOR bat has a nice grip and does not feel as heavy as other bats but there is a little sting and vibration on mis-hits.
  • Rawlings 5150 / Worth Toxic (Same bat, different name) – Surprisingly, this bat was our second favorite one piece BBCOR bat. It had good balance and very little vibration. The grip is nice and fat too.
  • Rawlings Velo 5150 – The difference between the Velo and the original 5150 is the end cap. For an extra $50 Rawlings will sell you a Velo with an upgraded end cap that actually does reduce vibration and ever so slightly extends the sweet spot.
  • Combat Backbone – A very good practice BBCOR bat but nothing we would ever use in a game. This bat is a great training tool, but do not fool yourself into thinking that this bat is for anything other than practice.
  • Combat B3 – The Combat B3 is another good BBCOR bat with very little vibration and good pop, but we do not like the price. For $50 less the Voodoo is just as good of a baseball bat.
  • Combat 52 CaliberMaybe all of us testers were having a bad day, but the 52 Cal from Combat was stinging our hands like crazy. We are going to retest soon… UPDATE: We swung the same Combat 52 Caliber again today and there was no vibration at all (Did it break in?). It feels similar to the B3AB but stiffer. It is balanced well and swings easy. No complaints here.
  • Combat Classic – This $199 100% composite BBCOR bat is the only minus 3 all composite bat under $349. If you are looking for a value priced 100% composite BBCOR, the Combat Classic is there to fill your need. It is fairly well balanced, but does have a small amount of vibration.
  • Worth Prodigy Legit – Very good bat here. Extremely similar to the Rawlings 5150. A small amount of vibration is felt when swinging, but is to be expected on a one-piece aluminum. Soft, fat grip is comfortable.

Two Piece BBCOR Bats

  • Marucci Black – TOP CHOICE -Marucci Black BBCOR swings pretty well. It is a little more end loaded than the Cat 5, but just barely, and Marucci is still calling the Black a balanced bat. The new AV5 harmonic dampening knob prevents almost all vibration. We had an extremely limited first go around with the new Marucci Black BBCOR, but we just got a 32″/29oz and 33″/30oz in stock to try out. We’ll do a much more in depth review shortly.
  • 2012 Demarini Voodoo – TOP CHOICE – The Voodoo baseball bat was at the top of the list for best BBCOR bat on the market. No vibration, balanced feel and a proven durable alloy. You can’t go wrong with the Demarini Voodoo.
  • 2012 Demarini Vexxum – The Vexxum hits just as hard as the Voodoo (it is made from the same metal after all), but it does have more vibration than a Voodoo BBCOR. If you have the extra $100 go for the Voodoo.
  • 2012 aston S1 – Easton has a winner with the S1 BBCOR. A smooth feel and no vibration to speak of help the Easton S1 rise to near the top of the pack of current bats for High School and College.
  • DeMarini M2M – Untested
  • Rawlings Machine – End loaded with a composite handle and 5150 alloy barrel. If you are a power hitter, and like an end loaded bat, we would suggest the Rawlings Machine.
  • Easton Surge – The Surge by Easton Mako Torq was at the top as well. Just like the Demarini Voodoo, the Easton Surge has zero sting/vibration while the light feel allowed us to swing and control the bat better in order to get the bat through the hitting zone. The Surge BBCOR is a great bat. If you are an Easton fan then this is the Easton BBCOR for you.
  • 2012 PX Exogrid –  TPX Exogrid is another good BBCOR. Aluminum barrel bats seem to be the winners so far in the BBCOR world. As is the case with the Z1000, the Exogrid has little to no vibration and great pop.
  • 2012 Demarini CF5 – Well balanced and great pop. If you love composite bats, the DeMarini CF5 is the baseball bat for you. Like all high end bats, the CF5 has zero vibration and excellent pop. The con is the bat tops out at $400. You will do just as well with a Voodoo at $100 less. When the CF5 goes on sale in April, 2012, you should pick one up.
  • 2013 DeMarini CF5 – Unchanged from 2012 aside from graphics.
  • 2013 DeMarini Voodoo – The composite handle remains unchanged from the 2012 Voodoo. The big change for the 2013 Voodoo BBCOR is a new X10 alloy in the barrel. The 2013 DeMarini Voodoo X10 alloy is stronger than the older, SC4 alloy, allowing DeMarini to make the walls even thinner, while still adhering to BBCOR standars.
  • 2013 DeMarini M2M – The M2M BBCOR gets the new, stronger X10 alloy (just like the  2013 Voodoo and 2013 Vexxum). Because the handle is metal, the 2013 M2M is stiffer and provides more feedback to the batter.
  • 2013 DeMarini Vexxum – For 2013, the Vexxum gets the new X10 alloy. Exclusive to DeMarini, the X10 alloy in the barrel is stronger and lighter than the 2012 SC4 alloy. Expect better balance, thinner walls and a small jump in performance from the 2013 DeMarini Vexxum BBCOR. Also, added for 2013 is the N2M end cap, which decreases vibration.
  • Combat Grifter – The Grifter from Combat has a small barrel, and you can tell just by looking at it. We are not impressed.
Check out our breakdown of the 2012 Easton Power Brigade BBCOR bats.
Special thank you to Home Run Park batting cages in Anaheim, CA for letting us use their 90 MPH batting cages to try out our BBCOR bats.


  1. Great info!! I am a college baseball player and our team is currently using Omahas and I am a huge Demarini fan. Birthday present = Voodoo!! Cant wait to get it on the field! thanks again!

    • Any truth to the rumor of better performance when heating (in the Sun)the barrel up of the BBCOR’s

      • I’m an equipment manager for a major D1 program and from our experiences I can tell you, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. We had experimented a lot with it last season and couldn’t really find anything conclusive. MythBusted

        • Hey guys i have narrowed my bbcor choices down to
          The cat 5
          The 5150
          The nike m1
          I am open to suggestions because i havent been able to try out many bats

          • And the combats which one is better for the money? If the b3 is a lot better i wont mind spending a little more money if it makes that big of a difference

          • you should try the demon by mattlingly i really like it cause it is balanced and no vibration.

        • Hey guys i have narrowed my choices down to the
          Cat 5
          52 caliber
          I dont know that much about bbcor bats so i am open to suggestions

          • Nick Stein says:

            B3 or cat5… 52 caliber is the same thing as the B3 just less durable and less price

          • hey ive got the cat 5 and the 5150 and ive swung with the b3 and 52 caliber. in my opinion the marucci is the best.

      • Blanchard says:

        Yes, when the bat stays warm you will hit smoother and less vibration.

      • Jack Tatum says:

        Simple physics. Frozen water has less flex than that of warm water.

  2. What about the Easton Omen?

  3. What about the new 2012 Demarini CF5 BBCOR? I have seen videoss of it and I heard it will be awesome. Have you tested it yet?

  4. College Ball Player says:

    We just got done playing down in Florida and without a doubt the Marruci is the best BBCOR bat we saw. People were taking the ball out all over the place, and consistently. You guys should also test the Reebok bats (Florida Gulf Coast uses them). Our team has the Surge and people like them other than the fact that when the ball comes off the bat no one can really hear it. The Marruci still has the classic ping sound, we also have the voodoo and the same thing there, no ping.

  5. can we use the cf3 -3 in high school

  6. If you get to, test the Exo 2 for me please. I have the older alloy version and love it.

    • It’s great. A lot of pop. But a little top heavy 1 st hit went 375 in center. I play highschool baseball in washington

      • Danny K says:

        Exo 2 is a well respected bat by me. I transfered over from the newer BESR version to this BBCOR one. It DID NOT dissapoint. I highly suggest this bat for purchase!

    • Tim Wilson says:

      The Exo is a solid bat. For some wierd reason it needs to be used a bit to get going, but when it does it drops monster shots. Have used the Surge, Omen, Voodoo, Omaha, and Rip It and this is the best BY A MILE.

      • Blanchard says:

        The 2012 BBCOR exo is the best bat on the market fist day i got it i drop three over dead center 375ft im in the 9th grade im 14 im 6 foot 170lbs and im crushing the baseball ball with this bat i would never thought i would have this much power out of not just a BBCOR but any bat WELL worth 299.99!

  7. Has anyone tried or tested the RIPIT Prototype BBCOR? How did it perform?

    • unknown says:

      The Rip It is the best bbcor bat on the market. Our college team tried a number of different bats and once our players tried these all but 2 hitters got them right away. This bat turns heads when a team who hasn’t seem them before. The players feel like they are almost using the old besr bats.

      • Composite Bats says:

        We have heard good things about the Rip It BBCOR bat.

        UPDATE: We got our hands on one recently and we really like it. It is an aluminum and steel mix so it has a very loud ping when you hit the ball.

        • Baseball4Life says:

          The brand new Easton line for 2012 has some great additions, especially with the XL line. The XL2 is my son’s (high school senior headed to play college ball) new bat, and after trying it in comparison to the Voodoo, he chose the XL2. They say the BBCOR’s lessen the chances of the long ball – but with this bat, I don’t see it changing at all.

      • I play in Lakewood, Colorado and we use the Rip it and 5150. Our team has broken the bat 4 times. It has cracked, dented or the cap keeps popping off. So far I have loved using the 5150!

    • Tim Wilson says:

      Used it and returned it immediately. They were very good about the return – no hassle – so they are good to their word. I found it top heavy and it really just didn’t hit the ball like I thought it would. Ended up with an Exo and like it better than any of the othewrs I have tried. Have seen the Surge and 5150 hit well agaisnt us in games, but when I used those they did not seem to perform as well as the Exo.

  8. I use the rival…had success earlier in the year, but not lately. Now thinking about switching to the surge.

  9. Have you tried out the cf5 or any of the Nike bbcor bats. I’m an 8th grader looking for the best bbcor bat I can find.

    • Composite Bats says:

      CF5 is not available to review yet, but we will put it through it’s paces as soon as Demarini releases it. Stay away from Nike anything in baseball except cleats.

      • you don’t know what your talking about we bought a nike aero fuse for our team and the whole team uses it and we drop bombs we have been asked multiple times by the opposing teams if it was a bbcor

        • Composite Bats says:

          The fact is, Nike released their sponsored teams from bat contracts because the Nike BBCOR bats were so bad. If it works for your team, that is awesome. Maybe you guys got one from a good batch?

    • garrett says:

      Ive tested the cf5 and its one of the best bbcor bats out there but the easton surge, omen and the demarini voodoo are about the same and most of them are cheaper

    • CF5 is overpriced, rip it is much better
      Tried the surge xl1, if you are strong in upper body and core that is the bat to get. My 17 year old took one about 425

  10. I think the Demarini Vexxum feels like all the weight is at the barrel of the bat. Is the 2012 Voodoo going to have the weight evenly distributed?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The new 2012 Demarini Voodoo should have a balanced fee. Remember that with all new BBCOR bats, they will feel more end loaded and heavy compared to the old BESR bats.

  11. Looking for a new -5 for my 13 yr. son for club ball to get him ready for a -3 for high school. He is using the -8 CF4 and he is starting to get solid hits on it after a month of break in. He was using the B1 last year and it had a lot of pop. He had a home run on the big field with it but due to the new rules, I was concern about getting any of the combats.

    Which bats would you recommend?


    • marucci, for almost any bat. If he is close to high school i would get him a -3 though, because BBCOR is very hard to get used to.

  12. Stamford High Baseball says:

    BBCOR Exogrid 2, any reviews? im debating on buying it for college ball

  13. Easton makes the best bbcor bats all the DeMarini bas i have used and tryed out dont hit as good as the easton surge and the easton rival so far all the easton bats for bbcor are so much better than DeMarini bats

  14. Hi There. I am swinging the 2011 voodoo. Is the new voodoo going to feel the same, or will it feel like the older models?

  15. freestyler14 says:

    What about the ComBat 52 Caliber or B3?

    • Composite Bats says:

      If a bat is missing it is because it was not out at the time we did the testing. We are working on a new post with all the new bats.

  16. felix perez says:

    What the best bbcor for the price.

  17. Swagger Johnson says:

    When are the new easton bbcor bats (S3, XL3) coming out???

  18. John Samos says:

    2012 Demarini Voodoo or the Rip-It??

  19. I am the president of RIP-IT Sporting Goods.

    We are extremely confident that our BBCOR bat outhits every one of the bats you tested. In fact, we offer customers the chance to hit the bat for 30 days and return it for a full refund if they don’t love it.

    I would like to get a sample to you so you can hit it for yourself and update your rankings. I am 100% sure we will sit #1 when you finish.

    Feel free to email me an address and your preferred size and I will get it out immediately.

    Thank you.

    • Composite Bats says:

      I was coming on here today to update our thoughts on the Rip It bat. WE LOVE IT! We were given a sample last week and it hits just as good as anything we have tried.

    • I was just informed by a Baylor coach that the Rip It bat was just outlawed for collegiate play. Is there any truth to this ??????

    • Brian Harper says:

      I am interested in your Rip IT bat for 2012 with my Rawlings Prospect Program. You said something about trying one out?

    • What does your end loaded barrel mean? Top heavy?

    • Mr President,

      I have been an Easton loyalist for years, change my opinion. I need to purchase a BBCOR bat for the upcoming HS season, I am mixed on how good this bat is, feel vs loud noise, my challenge back to you is change my mind. Send me a sample, I will try it for 30 days, if my son thinks this is the best bat I would be happy to send you the money. This is not a scam, just a challenge, e-mail me back with your answer. Thank You.

      32″ 29 0z

      Tim Hughes

      • Composite Bats says:

        You have to buy the bat first. If you don’t like it after 30 days, then they refund you your money. No try now and pay later program out there… yet 🙂

    • Peter SHekeryk says:

      What is the difference between the reloaded and the original. I did not see the red prototype for 2012 is it still in production. And finally how will it hold up in the colder weather of the great northwest where we play ball in the rain and cold. Lots of broken bats up here in Seattle area

    • MIKEHOPKINS says:


    • Pittsburgh Dad says:

      Just purchased the Rip It (original as it has be re-certified) for my soon to be 14 year son…wow he loves it. He has hit about 200 balls with it – fantastic bat and honestly is any bat worth 399 let alone 279. The sale on the Rip It (original) makes it the best deal period but while I know it is all about feel, my son loves it – the ball pops off the bat and when he hits it in the sweet spot (very large) he says he cannot feel the ball hitting the bat. Great bat – I spent 2 months researching BBCOR -3 bats and hands down, the Rip It is the right purchase not only because of the performance but the price….the most expensive is not always the best and the Rip It clearly shows that – buy it and hit it – great one piece bat – anything else and you are throwing money away…like buying the latest cell phone….as a father that researches every purchase…this is the best bat

    • Frustrated! says:

      So far my son has gone through 2 Rip It bats this season. First one lasted 18 hits in BP and grenaded, second one just died this weekend. Very frustrating. Now we don’t have time to do the whole return thing (again) because he has colleges checking him out these next couple weeks. Very frustrating!

    • Tom Scott says:

      I bought a Rip it bat on March 23, my son used that night for his high school game. He hit 3 balls with it and the end cap came off. I returned it(easy process) and received another bat the following Friday via Fedex. He swung the bat twice that night in his game. on the second swing , the bat sounded wierd. His coach came out and noticed the bat had a big dent in it. my son has used a Vexxom for the last year with no problems. My question is, is there a manufacturers defect on some bats. I read where guys ahve used them with no problems and I have two different problems in a week. We love the bat and the way it responds but need a bat he can count on. We are still currently waiting on our refund check for which I will buy a EXO, someone tells us that there was a defwect in some bats and the return policy is extended.

    • High School Coach says:

      Mr. Polstein, I’m looking to purchase bats for the 2014 Season. We’ve been using a hodge podge of bats with the apparent favorites being the Voodoo and the 5150. I’m asking you now, do you still think the RIP IT is the best bat on the Market?

  20. John Samos says:

    What were the results on the easton omen?

  21. A.J. Greer says:

    So what bat is better? 2012 VooDoo or 2012 Surge

    • Composite Bats says:

      They are pretty much the same. The Surge feels smoother on contact if that makes sense.

  22. Joseph W. says:

    I am in high school now and need a bbcor bat. I like the surge but I’ve never used a voodoo bbcor and so What is the better bat? X-Stiff surge? Surge? Or 2012 voodoo?

  23. I’m playing high school baseball and while playing for the high school we were allowed to use composite bats that are now banned. I was using my Surge and now for Senior Legion I have to use BBCOR, should I stick with the Surge? Will it be worth the money?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The Surge is a great bat and you can’t go wrong with it. It hits similar to the BESR Surge but obviously the BBCOR will have more of an end load. The Omen is really good too but whether it is worth the extra $100 is for you to decide. Try the bat out first if you can. Some batting cages have demos for customers to swing. I can tell you how good a bat is all day long, but nothing beats testing it for yourself!

  24. mightyjoloc says:

    so marruci or rip it???? also if u could get an easton omen for the same price as a surge which would u buy for your son our yourself? the bat i buy would be my thirteen year old’s first bbcor what u suggest?

  25. Elkhornkid says:

    What is the best BBCOR bat with most consistent sweet spot

    • Composite Bats says:

      I think it’s the Easton Surge.

      • Does the Demarini Voodoo have the same balanced feel that the 2009 and 2010 voodoo’s had? I loved those two bats because they were so balanced.

        • Composite Bats says:

          The 2012 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR is definitely NOT balanced. It is one of the most end loaded baseball bats in the DeMarini BBCOR line.

  26. eric hall says:

    Has any one had any problems with the omen bats and the handles being flat and not completed. I have two.

    • Composite Bats says:

      I look at baseball bats all day long and I have not seen an Easton Omen with any defects yet.

    • Keith Brawner says:

      I bought the Easton Omen BBCOR for my son and it had a flat spot in the taper of the handle near the end cap. The bat became loose at the connection point after 1 week of use so we exchanged it under warranty. The new Omen bat that Easton replaced it with has not had any problems.

      • Composite Bats says:

        I have heard from people close to Easton that many Omen and Surge bats from the very first batches has problems. Easton addressed and fixed the problems. Count on Easton to do the right thing with warranty replacements. They don’t want 1000 bad reviews on the internet.

  27. Have you tested the Z1000?

  28. I have heard many reports that the easton surge can break easily. Is this true or just some rare occurrence?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The early batches did not break but they did have glue/epoxy that was coming loose inside the bat. While it does not effect performance at all, the sound of the glue inside a bat freaks some people out. I can say that of our three demo Easton Surge bats, all three eventually has something loose inside of them. Just remember that while it is annoying, it does not mean your bat is broken. If people are really concerned, they should call Easton Warranty at 1-888-259-1297

  29. Jimmy Jones says:

    Easton Surge or TPX z-1000?

    • Josh Hauser says:

      TPX Exogrid 2, it is by far the best TPX BBCOR bat on the market and one of the top BBCOR bats released to this day.

  30. Jimmy Jones says:

    Marucci Cat5 or Easton Surge?

    • Josh Hauser says:

      Marucci Cat 5 by far. The Surge has a high tendency to break on both versions, the BBCOR and BESR.

  31. Moving in to the next league, we need a BBCOR, one piece, non-composite.
    I was wondering which bat would be better, considering the bats that got good reviews on this page: Marucci CAT 5, Rip It Prototype, or the Worth Toxic. I don’t feel like spending $300 dollars on the Rip It, but I will definitely spend the money if it makes a significant different.

    • Composite Bats says:

      With your requirements of a one piece, non-composite, I would go with the Marucci.

      P.S. Rip It actually has a program that says if you buy their bat and don’t like it, you can send it back to Rip It within 30 days and get a full refund.

  32. Have you heard anything about the TPX Z1000 bbcor?

    • Have not hit with it but it definitely felt lighter and better balanced than the voodoo, vexum and 5150.

  33. i have read of reports that the easton surge bbcor breaks easily (the two pieces come apart, rubber connecter breaks off, rattling inside bat). Are these just rare occurrences or is this a sign of major design flaws?

  34. Hey man, Im looking for a good BBCOR bat like most people that check out this website, and i have a few questions. I have hit with the marucci Cat 5 and its amazing. Pop feels good. and i only had one vibration problem and it was an obvious miss-hit on the handle. But I havent hit the Voodoo and The m2m (which i am looking at as well). Could you give me a comparison Between the Voodoo/M2M/Marucci Cat 5?

    • Composite Bats says:

      For a while I thought the Easton Surge was the best BBCOR bat on the market, but after hitting the new DeMarini Voodoo, I have changed my mind.
      The Voodoo is just sick. The Marucci is great but the Voodoo is better. The M2M is not super popular and we have not hit the new one yet.

      • Do you think the surge is better than the marucci?? and thanks! im probably gonna purchase a voodoo very soon!

  35. Which would you go with based on performance, the 2012 Voodoo, m2m, exo 2, or the Cat 5^2?

  36. Does anyone know what bbcor bat Stanford’s Stephen Piscotty hit his home run with tonight vs Fullerton? It had dark green handle & a black barrel I think. Thanks in advance.

  37. CB;
    Thanks for the review/comparison – will you update as you work out more bats?

    Based on the information you’ve provided, I’ve developed by “short list” of BBCOR bats I’m very interested in that may have best balance and less/no vibration:

    DeMarini Voodoo
    Marruci Cat 5
    Easton Omen (too pricey but sounds very good!)
    Rip It

    Please keep us informed of additional BBCOR bat reviews

  38. OK – will replace the Omen on my list with the Easton Surge.

    Of the bats included in my list – which bats have a more uniform weight distribution (not barrel loaded) as we’re a little concerned that using a new BBCOR bat may force our guy to adjust his swing mechanics to compensate – your thoughts?

  39. did you test the newer black voodoo or the older white voodoo?

  40. how about the Z1000

  41. my son will be 14 next near and can use a -5 for his travel team. he is of slight build and an outstanding contact hitter vs. a power hitter. question is bbcor does not make a -5 so i am wondering what bat is recommended, and legal, for him to use. cat 5? voodoo? etc…


  42. In our efforts to zero in on a new 32″ BBCOR bat, we put an emphasis on even balance/weight distribution followed by pop, no or low sting & vibration. I’m unable to consider >$300 for a bat. With that in mind we’ve identified a number of bats (many discussed by you here) that we’re interested in. How would you rate the list below in terms of balance & pop?

    DeMarini – Voodoo
    Easton – Surge
    Marrucci – CAT 5
    Rawlings – 5150
    Rip It – Prototype
    Verdero – 718 MAX
    TPX – Omaha

    Lastly, living in New England are there any advantages for 1- piece non-composite vs. 2-piece composite?

    P.S. cant wait for any updates to this thread


    • Pete in Maine says:

      Being in Northern New England, early season temps play a big part in bat choice. We tend to stay away from composite barrels. I’ve had good luck with composite handles and metal barrels but I just bought at Cat5 for Fall Ball season. I’ll post the results here soon.

  43. what do you think is better the rip it prototype or the 2012 voodoo?

  44. I have used both the Demarini Vexxum and the Rip It Prototype. Both have good pop but the ball jumps off the Rip It noticeably more than it does the Vexxum and off of other BBCOR bats.

  45. What would you say is better, the DeMarini Voodoo or the Easton Omen? Both are within my budget.

  46. Josh Hauser says:

    Which DeMarini Voodoo would you prefer purchasing? The 2011 version (White one) or the 2012 version (Black one) ?

    • Probably the 2012 edition. I just want to know if the bats are worth the price tag, otherwise I would just switch to wood.

  47. Rockachaw baseball says:

    What is the best BBCOR for a student going into the seventh grade. I am looking at the Demarini CF5 and it looks like it will be a great BBCOR, but I have not been able to find much information on it. I am trying to stick to a demarini because of the great Voodoo’s that I have owned. An Easton or Marruci would also be good. Anything would help.

    • ballplaya says:

      first of all, why would a 7th grader need a bbcor bat…he’s not in high school or should even be using minus 3’s at his age. but i will help you. i have tested most bbcor bats out on the market out and this is how i rank them
      1. Demarini cf5- $400
      2. Easton Omen-$400
      3. Nike- Mc2- $250-300
      4. Demarini Voodoo- $300
      5. Marucci Cat- $200
      6. Easton Surge- $300
      7. Nike mc1- $200

      8. Easton Rival- $200
      I have not tested the rawlings bat not the combat b1(but i hear thats pretty good)

    • Jeremiah says:

      i have a similiar situation with my son and would like to know what you think

  48. josh smith says:

    could you test the new cf5 from demarini? I am looking to buy a new bbcor bat and i really liked the cf4 so i am trying to stick with that series of bats


  50. Which bat is better demarini voodoo 2012 or the Exogrid 2?

  51. i am looking to get either a Voodoo, Exo Grid, or a rip-it. Out of those three what do you think is the best drop three bat?

  52. I saw a kid playing for ASU that was using the 2010 CF4 will You be able to use it next year for high school ball.

  53. Justin m says:

    Which bbcor bat compares most to the besr bat louisville slugger tpx cb9x exo grid? Im looking for a bat with the ping sound and some nice pop. Thanks

  54. matt dicerbo says:

    What about the exo from tpx I heard that was good. This year i am using the Surge not bbcor and the blank and yellow one. Which bat would be a good transition from the surge.

  55. Quick question, is the Omen worth the price tag or is the Omen and Voodoo’s differences not that distinguishable in performance?

  56. Brady Johnston says:

    Composite Bats, I have narrowed my choices down to the Voodoo, Rip it, and Marucci, I am not worried so much about the price. Which bat would you most recommend?

  57. Ruben R says:

    Wow so no 2012 voodoo? That takes care of that question. Im still debating on whether to get the Rip-it, 2011 voodoo, marucci cat 5, or the Tpx z-1000. Ive always been a tpx guy usually omaha but willing to make a change now that its a different game on the BBCOR series.

  58. which is more worth the money the vexxom or the voodoo?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The Vexxum is a great deal because it is actually the same alloy in the barrel as the Voodoo. The handle has a little cheaper composite, but that is more a durability thing than performance. Also, the Voodoo is a little more end loaded.

  59. Composite Bats says:

    We have not tested the Verdero.

    • Composite Bats – can u provide testing feedback on Exogrid 2 – trying to decide between Voodoo (2 piece) and Exogrid 2 (1 piece) see my June 25 post

      • Renegade32 says:

        I was finally able to test out a few bats, and here are my findings:
        Cf5-no problems on the weighting, feels powerful on the swing, lightweight, large sweetspot, ball flys off the bat even when not.broken in, loud, gratifying composite smack sound.
        VooDoo-a little end loaded, but that can be used as an advantage with a good swing–helps drive the ball, large sweetspot, however I had trouble connecting with it(possibly due to worse pitching), great pop
        M2M- fine bat, but it wasn’t anything special. Only thing that stood out was it’s grip, which felt excellent. DeMarini would be smart to put it on all their bats.
        Vexxum- another quality bat, good flex on the swing, barrel feels bigger than it is, large sweetspot, same grip as M2M
        TPX/LOUISVILLE SLUGGER(I could only hit yellow batting cage balls so I can only comment on weight and feel on the swing)
        Exogrid- end loaded like the voodoo, but again it helped smash it on a well hit ball. Swing feels powerful, if not lightweight. Barrel feels big in your hands
        Omaha- well balanced between end loading and lightness. It had enough end weight to muscle through the ball, but not too much to feel too heavy. Easy to get the bat on the ball. I hit a lot of shots with this one.
        Z-1000- felt the lightest from TPX–I had to actually check to see if this was my weight, and not lower. I hit a few shots, but my swing was off at this time so I didn’t hit as much as I should have.

        • sounds like the voodoo is for me.

        • Richard Northrup says:

          How was the exo vs c/5—–????

          • Renegade32 says:

            exo is a one piece, aluminum bat with composite inserts in the handle. it gives less flex and has a slightly endloaded feel. whether or not the performance makes up for the occasional power disc popping out is up to the hitter. the cf5 is two piece, fully composite. it feels more balanced, but it takes some work to get it to full performance, as composite isnt hot right out of the wrapper. however, once broken in and treated right, composite generally outhits aluminum

    • Stuck between 2012 Voodoo and Rip-It Prototype BBCOR. I need somebody who has swung both to help me out. Not somebody who is brand loyal.

      • go with the nike mc2. i have used all of them

      • heres what i suggest. you buy the rip it and try it out for a few weeks, if you like it then keep it. if not, take advantage of the 30 day refund and buy the voodoo.

      • NeuquaBaseball says:

        I’ve swung both voodoo and rip it. Overall, i loved the rip it over any BBCOR i’ve swung thus far. But, the rip it will not be allowed for play because it is too close to a full composite. On the voodoo, i found it to have great pop which isn’t any suprise for a demarini. i have used a demarini my entire life and as much as i like it, i would have to say that the Marucci Cat 5 is by far the best bat i’ve swung. i was at a CABA World Series tournament this week and i got to test many bats, marucci being one. They gave us the Cat 5 and an all black prototype as well. The all black prototype will be available in November pending passing the rules of a BBCOR bat. I would have to put my money on one of those two by far being the best BBCOR easily. i already have my Cat 5 and looking forward to the prototype in November.

  60. i am a leadoff hitter who is looking to hit singles and gap shots i dont need home run pop just a big sweet spot and a balanced bat what would be the best bat for me?

  61. Richard Northrup says:


    • Hey guys, i was wondering if the easton rival is a good bat. I am a leadoff type hitter that likes to hit gap shots.

  62. I am torn. Voodoo or Exo grid? im looking for a -3, 32 inch bat with good pop, and i like a big sweet-spot. Witch one is the better bat?

    • Just depends on which brand you like more. I have always liked voodoo but my friend has a exo and it is also a great bat

      • but the exo isnt very durable. you might have it for a month and something in the barrel will come loose and start rattling

  63. When will you test the 2012 CF5? Just curious about the differences between it and the 2012 Voodoo. Vibration? Distance? Feel?

    What type of hitter is the CF5 designed for? What type is the Voodoo designed for?

    Do composite bats suffer in cold weather? More likely to get damaged? Decrease in performance?

  64. Which would be a better choice? The TPX Exo or the TPX Z1000? I am 13 and I’m looking to swinging a -3 for 8th grade and for sure in high school.

  65. Could you test the TPX Exo 2, I’m thinking about purchasing it but don’t know much about it, thanks.

  66. I’m trying to decide between the 2011 voodoo (white), the marucci cat 5, the easton surge, the rip it prototype and the rawlings 5150. Obviously I haven’t narrowed it down much! I’ve been able to swing them all, and I like the way most of them feel. I haven’t been able to actually hit with any of them though, so i can’t really tell how a baseball feels coming off the bat. Is there anything you guys can tell me in terms of sweet spot size? Durability? Your experiences with feel of a baseball compared with the BESR bats? Thanks!

    • ballplaya says:

      marucci cat all the way bud. Its lightweight, balanced, and has good pop(for bbcor)
      and the cheapest of all those

      get the cat5

  67. kevin dement says:

    is the voodoo the best bbcor bat? i wanna know from someone that used multiple bbcor bats, and are 2 piece bbcor bats better?

  68. Follow-up to June 7 post –

    we’ve gone as far as order & receiving 6 bats (2 2-piece, 4 1-piece) to test for swing weight/feel. Leaving the wrappers on, we also hit tennis balls with each bat.

    Easton – Surge
    DeMarini – Voodoo 2011

    Marucci – CAT5
    Rawlings – 5150
    Rip It – Prototype
    Louisville – Exogrid 2

    So far, we narrowed down 3 bats with different barrel load & length characteristics that feel good swinging:
    DeMarini – Voodoo 2011 (most barrel end loaded, longest barrel length/sweet spot)
    Louisville – Exogrid 2 (moderate barrel end load, average barrel length/sweet spot) Marucci – CAT5 (no barrel end load, shortest barrel length/sweet spot)

    Composite Bats has spoken highly of the Voodoo and the CAT5 and have not read much about the Exogrid 2. I’m afraid we can’t conduct what might be the most important test (hitting a pitched baseball) without committing to owning the bat – so, looks like we’re left with deciding between the 2-piece Voodoo and 1-piece CAT5.

    Any thoughts?

  69. Ed Chase says:

    This is a great site and I have narrowed down my search for a bbcor bat with the help of your web-site and the comments by players.


    Dad, not looking to spend money on a bat my son hates.
    ed chase

  70. I just bought the Surge BGS2 33/30. I like top heavy bats but not sure that Rip It would have been better, Are the improvements in the Surge going to help in the fall?

  71. Robert in Florida says:

    Hello, three questions. Have you had a chance to test the CF5 yet? I see it is on the market. Second, I take from your rankings that the fact that the 2012 Voodoo is “top heavy” does not affect your analysis. Am I correct? Last, were you ever able to confirm if the NCAA banned Rip It bats? If they did I’d be curious to hear why. Thanks for all your help.

  72. Eastman25 says:

    is there a difference betweeen the black and white voodoo?

  73. Do I understand correctly that the composite besr bats that were allowed this past high school season (2011) will continue to be allowed through fall ball? I believe the bbcor bat will not be mandatory until the 2012 spring season.

  74. askennedy says:

    Just purchased a BBCOR Dermarini CF5 for our Legion and HS team. Was wanting to know if they will get better as they break in, similar to the BESR bats.

  75. bulldog19 says:

    I got to be the first one at my high school to swing one of the new BBCOR Mattingly Demons. They should DEFINATELY be added to this list. i went 5 for 5. Hit the cycle and an extra double. The Bat has zero difference between BESR and BBCOR. Its still end heavy but the bat swings great. Would be a great bat to add to this already great list.

  76. If a manufacturer comes out with a BBCOR bat that hits farther than than the other competition is that manufacturers bat no longer considered a BBCOR? Is there a limit on how far a BBCOR bat can hit? If so, then why pay more for what……Move the fences back in so the kids can still hit the HR and everybody will be happy anyways. JMHO.

  77. Renegade32 says:

    Okay I’m trying to decide on a good BBCOR bat for high school next year. My top choices are the 2012 Voodoo, Exogrid, Surge, and maybe the CF5. I also may try out the Rip-It Prototype with the 30 day buyback deal. Any advice? Seeing as I have little experience with BBCOR, I’m open for other suggestions too.

  78. Charles says:

    What would be the best for a power hitter?

  79. Stuck between 2012 voodoo and Rip it prototype? I like a slight enloaded feel. can composite bats help me out?

    • The voodoo is okay (I have used the white and black ones) however I am not sure how it compares to the rip it.

      • If you like a slight end load you will most likely like the voodoo. The one composite bbcor I have used, the TPX Z1000 was very balanced but I am not sure about other composites.

  80. 2012 voodoo or rip-it prototype? need somebody who has tested both bats to really help me.

  81. has anyone personally used the rip it prototype?

    • Used the rip it bbcor in high school in md won mvp with it for the 2011 season the reason I went with it it had just as much pop as my 2008 bst9 had.

  82. are the 2011 vodoos legal in high school for the coming 2012 spring baseball season?

  83. Just wanted to drop a note and tell you that this site is a GREAT help in chosing a new bat. My son needs a new BBCOR but is not sure what to get. He has been using a TPX H2 BESR but was leaning towards an EXO-2 BBCOR.
    Now we are considering several other bats and eagerly awaiting test results of not yet released bats before making a decision.
    Anxiously waiting for more bats to be tested!

  84. jake wheels says:

    I am a smaller kid going into high school ball and have been looking at the marruci and the voodo, which one would be better for me?

  85. Caleb McAlister says:

    I have hit the CF5, Omen, Rawlings 5150, 2012 Vexxum and Voodoo,Surge and Rival. This is how i rank them-
    1. CF5 (but im not spending $400 on a BBCOR)
    2. Rawlings 5150 (balenced well, good pop, what im getting soon)
    3. Easton Omen
    4. Demarini Voodoo (good pop, very endloaded)
    5. Demarini Vexxum ( still a lil endloaded)
    6. Easton Surge and Rival ( poor balence, no pop, horrible sound)

  86. Cullen Stockley says:

    Has anyone used the Louisville Z1000?

  87. Out of curiosity, how would a BBCOR Vexxum compare to $30 Ash bat?

  88. Gallaher says:

    From my understanding the top bbcor bats are:
    – 2012 voodoo/ vexxum (basically the same)
    – rip-it prototype BBCOR
    – exo 2
    – cf5
    Are all of these bats going to be legal in this upcoming 2012 season?

    Which do u think is the best BBCOR bat, not just out of this list?

    Ive used a 2009 TPX Triton for the past 2 years so it’ll be a big step down to the BBCOR bats. I’m a sophomore in HS and im 60% power 40% contact. I’m looking for a big sweatspot, 33″, and price doesn’t matter.

    So what bat would fit me the best?

  89. Heard from a store that the Combat BBCOR bats have tested higher than any bat out there. Being composite they are going to have a larger sweet spot then aluminum also. It blows away my Voodoo that I have!!

  90. I am a huge Demarini fan. I am a freshman varsity starter and i have to say my swing is not as strong as the seniors but with the cf5 im keeping up my average quite well. the only problem i feel is it is top heavy.

  91. Preston says:

    Just got the new Marruci Cat 5 bbcor and it is extremely balanced. Feels light when you swing and it sells for $100 less than most other brands. In my opinion its the best bbcor available.

  92. O.K. If all the bats have the same speed off the batspecs. Has anyone rated the Reflex ,Typhoon or Hammer? If so how do they copare to one another and to the more expensive BBCORS . I do know they are 7046 and 7050. Specifically what is lacking in these cheaper bats?

    • Composite Bats says:

      Think of BBCOR as the ceiling of bat performance. The cheaper bats are going to come in well under that ceiling, while the high end bats will be closer to the ceiling. Also, 7046 and 7050 will be a little thicker and likely have more vibration and feel heavier. Surprisingly, some of the best new BBCOR bats are 100% aluminum alloy and retail for about $200 as opposed to $400 for a high end composite.

  93. What do you guys think about what the best 2 piece bbcor bat all around (price, balance, vibration, etc.)

  94. Ken Tickle says:

    Was wondering if any one has used the TPX Z-1000 bat any feed back helpful
    Also herd that bat standards may be different for HS play in 2012 for example
    BB Cor rating would be .75 just a rumor I herd from some ump”s

  95. brandon says:

    im looking for a bbcor that isnt top heavy something thats evenly weighted for a contact hitter

  96. Ken Tickle says:

    Just bought a TPX 34/31 Z-1000 my son Bradley will be putting it to the test later on this week will reply when the field testing is done, Feed back from team mates who already have bbcor bats Nike white bat (nada) TPX XO (ok) Rawlings (good )
    VOODOO ( good) players will need to hit the sweet spot if you don’t you are not gonna do well and for those hitters who rely on the bat to help you out ,You better find some more bat speed this winter

    • Ken Tickle says:

      Well the results are complete took the Z-1000 the the field and hit a couple of
      buckets ,Here is what I have seen and what Bradley’s commits are from the bp nice line drives and when the sweet spot is hit ball travels well off of bat which ain’t to bad, Nice balance feel We bought the 34/31 For a larger sweet spot, Does not make much of a sound coming off bat but ball off of the bat says it all. Great job L.S. would most line up vs any other bbcor bat on the market.

  97. Love BB says:

    My 14 yr old. Power Hitter -has been useing the 2010 Besr surge 32/29 and would like to know what is comparable in end load in bcore. Like to stay Easton but with all the hype about rip it and voodoo black I think I might give them a try. Thanks.

  98. Renegade32 says:

    Composite bats-you seem to be inconsistent with your portrayal of the voodoo, most likely because you’re reviews are for the 2011 and 2012 versions separately. could you provide clarification on that? also, can somebody describe how an ‘endloaded’ feel is? this season i’m swinging an exo 2 besr, so could someone give me a comparison in weighting to that?

    • As far as I’ve seen, there aren’t many if any BBCOR bats as well balanced as the besr exo 2. I used it all season and have used some teammates BBCORs (new black voodoo, surge, white bbcor exo 2) and they are all more end loaded, but I think the voodoo is the least end loaded. Surge is the most endloaded. 32/29 surge felt the same as a 33/30 voodoo.

  99. I’m an incoming 9th grader and am looking at getting either the Marucci Cat 5 or the 2012 Voodoo. This past season I swung the 33 inch BESR 2008 Voodoo, which felt very light. (I’m not sure if this is an endloaded or balanced bat.) What bat should I get. Price doesn’t matter.

  100. josh smith says:

    I am thinking about getting a demarini voodoo but ive heard that it is pretty top heavy. What bat would you say is pretty evenly balanced and has almost, if as much, pop as the voodoo?

    • i swung the bbcor voodoo for the first time this weekend and i love it…great pop when its broken in

    • I just purchased a 2012 Demarini Voodoo (Black) BBCOR 32/29. We used it last night for the first time at the cages and overall he liked it. Obviously not as much “pop” as a BESR bat but this bat had decent pop. It is a bit more end loaded than his previous bat (Anderson XS NanoTek). He stated it will take a little bit getting use to it when swinging but overall he liked it.

  101. when will you test the demarini m2m bbcor

  102. when will you test the demarini bbcor 2012

  103. I am looking at the TPX Omaha and the Voodoo… don’t really wanna spend 100 extra. Is the difference in performance so great that I should purchase the Voodoo anyways?

  104. is the marucci bat as good as people are saying… i want a good bbbcor that isnt 400 buucks

  105. The Combat BBCOR are by far the best!! There seamless technology makes there performance far and away better then any other BBCOR bat on the market.

  106. Zach v. says:

    Okay i`m a power hitter and i need a bat with alot of pop priced between $200-$250 any suggestions?

  107. dun dun highschool says:

    Firs of all bbcor have pretty much the same amount of pop(because of the regulations they all follow). The only thing to grade them on is balance, vibration, durability, and the sizee of the sweet spot.
    I hate the DEMARINI bats!They have good balance but the sweet spot is puny. God for bid you get jamed because all you get is a swinging bunt.
    CAT-5 is alright. Feels good in my hands, makes nice sound, and a good sized sweet spot. It has virtualy no vibration. But it is nothing special.
    I have used all kinds of EXOGRIDS and they are my favorite. because they are slighly more top heavy tham other bats, it seems to give me more power. I have never heard of one breaking. and if i get jammed I can still have warning track power.
    The Easton SURGE and OMEN both feel the same to me. good balance. not to much vibration. but What keeps me from using them is the sound, they sound like a weak fart when hit with it.

  108. Brent Smith says:

    Will you test the Kelley Athletic BBCOR?

  109. Cooper Bell says:

    I was wondering which bat would be better, the Marucci Cat 5 or the Rip It prototype? The money does not matter, I’m just looking for the best bat. I am more of a line-drive/power hitter so which would be better for that purpose.

  110. Best site for breaking down the debate. Really boils down to “feel”.

    I think for youth it will boil down to vibration and balance vs end weight…most will end up going with “Brand Love”

    I laugh at the numbers guys who try to extrapolate meaning from # of HR’s by bat at CWS this summer.

  111. Just got the Marucci Cat5. Did some soft toss and some L screen. Ball does not have the same speed off the bat as besr. Well balanced bat. Has good pop when hit off sweet spot. Miss hits will become outs. Home runs will be less. Games will be won more by strategy and good mechanics than the long ball. Control of bat will be very important for solid hits . This balanced bat works to my sons advantage as he is a contact hitter. No vibration. Great grip.

  112. How good is the new bbcor combat b3

    • Composite Bats says:

      The new Combat B3 is pretty good. I like it but if I was spending my hard earned money, I would get a Marucci Cat5 or DeMarini Vexxum for $199

  113. stuck between bbcors. Im a big kid not kller speed but some, and can drive the ball for power and hit in the gaps which bat is the best for me? (Easton) XL1 comp/alloy or Both (Demarini) Voodoos? I have a cf3 which is no longer legal. Need advice please help out.

    • i would stay away from the new eaton bats all they are are the surge rival and omen with a new paint. if you look on a website they dont sell the surge rival or omen anymore. im in the same spot. im lookin at the new voodoo or then rip prototype 2 (the white one) both bats arent really enloaded they are what i call barrel loaded and as a power hitter you want that mass in the barrel to make the ball go farther, as long as you can swing a “barrel loaded” with out losing bat speed you can still hit for power. now im leaing twords the white rip it right now because its previous model was banned from ncaa play the new white one is the same one that was banned just with new paint. but the voodoo also has the biggest barrel of the bbcors. so what all comes down to is which bat feels better to you. hope i could help in your making your choice.

  114. Hi. Just wondering if the Surge BBCOR is as good as the BESR version. I like the surge because of it’s balanced feel and great pop. Is the BBCOR version like that. Also, what is the best BBCOR bat based on a balanced feel and great pop. Also, what are your thoughts on the Rip It Prototype and how does this compare to the surge. Thanks

    • Composite Bats says:

      Surge BBCOR is not as good as the BESR. No BBCOR is as good as the old BESR bats.
      Rip It has a very good bat. It compares well with the Marucci Cat5 and DeMarini Vexxum/Voodooo

  115. Composite Bats,
    in what order would you rank the 2piece nike mc2, the marucci CAT5, demarini Cf4, and demarini Cf5?

  116. Has anybody tried all of these bats : Louisville Slugger ExoGrid2 , DeMarini VooDoo , DeMarini CF5 , Rawlings 5150 , Easton Omen , Easton Surge , and the new Easton Speed S1,S2,or S3

    If anybody has tried all of these bats please Comment .

  117. what about the easton reflex

  118. Combat claims its going to release a new composite BBCOR in December.. Is this true? If so which do you think would be better (New) or B3? Combat technology is bar none.. No one can compete with Combats well made bats.. Yes they break easy, but I just got back from 32 Elite World Series in Disney, Florida and the seen 13 yr olds clearing 355 fences with B1. B1 combat was the best bat ever made as far as distance goes and it was the 1st bat Combat came out with

    • Composite Bats says:

      I think you are talking about the Combat Grifter AB BBCOR. It is an aluminum barrel. We have not hit it yet.
      Combat does make an excellent product. Let’s be honest, the B1, B2 and B3 youth bats performed well over the legal limit after they broke in. Combat got away with it for over three years because Little League had no enforcement policy in place for bats that passed the initial test, then broke in. Combat rode a three year long gravy train with biscuit wheels. That being said, Combat is now on a more level playing field with the new strict bat rules in pretty much every organization in baseball and softball.

  119. Am I the only one that thinks the rip it is the best bbcor out there?

    • I picked up the Rip It (BBCOR Recertified) bat for my HS Soph. He hit a Voodoo last year and loved it. We are lucky enough to have our own batting cage in the backyard and after one bucket with the Rip It, it was love at first sight. The difference between the BESR Voodoo and the BBCOR Rip It is very small (if any). The ball jumps off the bat.
      My player also hit the 5150 BBCOR during summer ball…it was a good bat also, but the Rip It is hotter.

  120. Are the Rawlings 5150 and Worth Toxic 100% the same bat (except for the graphics, of course)

  121. is the easton rival a good bbcor bat?

  122. I wish you would do a similar look at the new USSSA bats for 2012. It is a very good write up. I’m looking for a -5 for my 13 yo and leaning to CAT 5 2, but also looking at RIP-IT -8.5 for some of my son’s teams smaller players.

  123. High school ball player says:

    What about the M2M? im looking to get it but not a lot of people have reliable reviews on it.

  124. We just ordered a 5150 for my son and it arrived. It has both BBCOR and BESR lables on it. Is this normal? When shopping I don’t remeber seeing the BESR emblem on the BBCOR bats.

    • Composite Bats says:

      If that is true, it would be a misprint. You could use a BBCOR in a BESR league, but not a BESR in a BBCOR league.

  125. My son will not need to buy a -3 this coming season because he is not in high school yet. If drop 3 bats are the only ones certified bbcor then how can leagues that dont require the drop 3 bat ask for compliant bats. This is happening where We live. If I got my son a drop 5 bat then what would make it legal? Or illegal for that matter??

  126. I just bought the rip-it prototype reloaded because the original prototype got banned. I love this bat. I would highly recommend it.

  127. Anyone try the Anderson Ignite bat? Just wonder how they stand up?

    • The ignite is amazing! It has great pop. The only problem i have is that it is really top heavy so i am looking at a cat 5 or 5150 but the anderson is a high quality bat

  128. Hey guys, i was thimkin about getting a surge, but i have heard they arnt very durable. Any truth to this??

  129. what is the differance between the bbcor ripit prototype recertified and the 2012 ripit prototype 2 other than paint and price?Has anybody hit the prototype 2 yet ?

    • I just spoke with the Rip-It rep and asked that very question. According to him, the 2012 has a little more metal between the handled and barrel (to make it more durable). Other than that, it is the same bat. Truth or not?? Who knows. I bought the 2011 reloaded Rip-It and my 16U player loves it.

  130. Just used the new Combat B3 and the Demarini Voodoo. Night and day difference between the 2. Combat was far and away the winner, not even close!! My college team got to swing them and our coach is going to them. If you have a chance, try out the Combats first.

  131. Going into my senior year in high school and I’m looking for the best BBCOR bat. In the past I’ve like the Sv12 bats by easton. I like how it’s two pieces but not too flexible and has a lot of pop and a strong sound. Which BBCOR bat is best for me?

  132. Courtenay says:

    Need to buy hs sophomore son his first bbcor bat now for fall showcase event and next spring. He has hit the BESR vodoo black for last few years but after doing some research I am leaning towards either the 2012 CAT 5 or 2012 white RipIt Prototype 2. Has anyone hit with both of these? especially the new Prototype2?? what about the easton one piece XL,the white with yellow handle one that I saw alot during the CWS? I appreciate your feedback!!

  133. I just heard about the Marucci Black coming out and i was wondering which would be the better two piece bbcor bat. Marucci Black or DeMarini Voodoo or other any top ranking two piece bbcor bats, from what i’ve heard the black is supposed to be even better than the Cat 5, but when spending $300 on a bat i have to make sure i think the bat will be good.

  134. Anyone know where one can find out which brands NCAA teams are using for the upcoming season?

  135. Just hoping to hear some updated information on how the CF5 compares to:

    DeMarini – Voodoo
    Marucci – CAT5
    Rawlings – 5150
    Rip It – Prototype
    Louisville – Exogrid 2

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • cavsbaseball15 says:

      the cf5 is amazing and very very light feeling. I would say it is slightly better than the voodoo and about equal with the exo. Once it is broken in it gives the cat 5 a run for its money. The rip it is superior to the f5, but the Cf5 destoys the 5150 any day

  136. Hey guys, i have narrowed my choices down to the rawlings 5150 and marucci cat 5. Which bat is better?

  137. I’m looking at the cat 5, the rip-it reloaded and, the rip-it prototype 2; which one is the best?

  138. After consideration I ordered the RIP IT Prototype 2 … First time my son has no used a combat in 4 yrs.. My decision was based the on the fact that the RIP IT is metal.. Time to wing the boy off the composites.. Plus the compsites for 12u and under were like $ 200 , so buying 2 a year wasnt a bad deal when the bat broke. Now bats being $ 300 I went with the metal and hopefully it will last for 4 years. Lets face it if you want your son or yourself to be in the top leagues your going to have to use the WOOD anyway.. By the time you hit high school the composites have to go… Be a man and play the game right… If you think your really good try using them wood bats and let me know how many points your average dropped from before the WOOD.

    • I agree with what your saying but depending on how much your son plays you will never get more than 2 yrs out of any bat. They do just wear out of pop eventually . It does help to get him a wood bat for practice and the cages too.

  139. Mason Woodall says:

    Hello, I’m starting to play college baseball and looking into the Surge or Voodoo. When I come up to bat I focus on swinging it fast so the ball goes far. Any ideas on which bat I should get?

  140. My HS Soph. son has the red Rip It prototype and loves it. While at a hitting lesson people were asking about the bat because of its performance and sound. One of the instructors asked a high school coach who was there if he had ever heard of Rip It and he said, “yeah, I’ve got 4 of those bats in my car”. He had the white Prototype II’s. He went out and got one and let my son hit with it to compare. The only difference I could tell was the sound. The Prototype II is not nearly as loud and doesn’t have the “aftertone” ringing that the original Protoype has. My son said he couldn’t really tell any difference in the feal or ballance. The ball jumped well off both. Much better than other BBCOR’s we’ve seen.

  141. Soooo.. I dont believe I have seen any comments on here regarding the Easton Power Brigade bats. Whild researching the options they have I am getting conflicting informtion on which they percieve as power hitting bats and which are more suited for cotact hitters. Anyway my son being more of a contact hitter I think the S3 model would be the right choice for him. Anyone have any experience with these bats and have a comment on them?? Thanks

    • S series is for contact hitters. S3 would be a good choice. My son has swung all of the Power Brigade bats and likes the XL line. He is a great hitter with power. I would at least swing any bat before purchasing!

  142. The University of Miami is a Nike School, but since they have had trouble with those bats Nike is allowing them to swing any bats they want. They’ve swung different bats, and I think 14 of 18 hitters are going with Marucci bats.

  143. What about the anderson ignite xs bbcor, it got great reviews?

  144. easton xl1 or marrucci black or s1 or cf5

  145. Did you guys test the rip it bbcor II?

  146. I am a college baseball player and during this fall, I personally favor the Z-1000. It has raw pop, balanced bat. It sounds bat coming off the bat but comes off like a bullet. BEST BAT ON THE MARKET

  147. Has anyone hit the new easton bats yet? Considering a marucci black, but if any of the easton’s are close I can save some money.(Have been able to find them under list price)

  148. QUESTION for Composite Bats.

    My son is going to play freshman ball at a So Cal High School. He’s small but quite strong. A number 1 or 2 hitter. Sometimes bats 5.

    In what order would you rank the follow 32″ (-3) bats, if price were no object:

    DeMarini, Marucci, Combat, Rip It, Baden Axe, Easton.

    And is that a different ranking than “best value for the money?”

    Thanks so much for your help. We’ve got the entire team on your site and we’ve posted it on the Little League website as well.

    • Composite Bats says:

      1. TPX (I know you didn’t include it, but the Z1000 is that good)
      2. Rip It and Marucci tie
      3. DeMarini
      4. Easton
      5. Baden

      Thank you for the link on your website! It is much appreciated.

  149. Alec Marcantonio says:

    Has anyone tested the z1000, I have heard some great reviews about it and wanted to hear an actual experience with the bat. Please comment soon, baseball season is right around the corner and so is christmas, so your advice would be very helpful!

  150. With the new 2012 models coming out now, is there a significant improvement over last year? I was just able to pick up an Easton Omen for my son for $200. Thoughts on that compared to this year’s models?

  151. Which one should i choose, Easton rival or Tpx Omaha. both seem nice.

  152. Which should I get my 14 son for Christmas. Cat 5, Marucci Black, 2012 Rip It re-certified, or Rip It Proto. II?

  153. My 14 yr old son finaly got the chance to try a couple of the Easton bats. He tried the x3 and the s3. Mainly because those are the ones that will be in our price range. He prefered the s3 stating that he had better control with it than the x3. He thought the x3 was to end loaded. Keep in mind that he is more of a contact hitter himself than a big power hitter so this would be just about what i would expect. When he has had a chance with some other bats i will chime in with his reviews.

  154. So is the BBCOR TPX Z1000 end loaded? Seeing different reports.

    My son is in 9th grade this year. Not too strong so looking for an well balanced bat.

    Up to this point we were trying to decide between CF5, RipIT II, and Black Marucci. But I see above that Composite Bats is saying Z1000 is the best.

    PLEASE help asap.


    • I guess the bottom line is…we are just looking for a balanced bat with the most “bbcor pop”. Heck, maybe all the “bbcor pop” is all the same. ???

      • Also the Marucci, rip it, and z1000 have the best pop out of any bbcor bats I have used

      • We went into a sporting goods store that had the Marucci Black, CF5 and Z1000. I son swung them all and felt the most comfortable with the Z1000. Didn’t want to pay the $369 store price so started to look around for a good deal on a 32/29 Z1000. While looking I decided to try the Rip-it and found a dealers selling them here in So. Cal for $279. Bought one and my son and several of this teammates hit with it. It was too end loaded for my son but some of the bigger guys seemed to think it was pretty good if you hit it just right. But not so much that they wanted one. Balls were going just as far with the CF5 when you hit it good. I sent it back and ended up getting a new Z1000 on ebay for $300 with no warranty and my son loves it. Perfect balance for him. Think it worked out good. Thanks everyone!

        • Thats an awesome deal on that bat.. You win!

        • I am convinced…Today my son had a scrimmage vs. another 9th grade team and my son hit 3 shots over the left fielders head. My son is normally the teams contact/singles hitter. His teammates where freaking out. pretty cool for him.

    • The z1000 is not end loaded whatsoever, and has the most pop of any bbcor I have used. Do not buy anything from Demarini, their bats are average in the bbcor market. Also anything from rip it or Marucci is great, however the most balenced bbcor bat is the Marucci black.

    • I hit the marucci black the other day great balance I’m not a strong guy and it hit very well

    • My son used the besr omaha last year and loved it. He hit the bbcor omaha and the z1000 2 days ago. Really liked both, but preferred the z1000. Very balanced bat. Its hard to tell in a cage but he seemed to hit more lasers with the z1000. A teamate hit them right after with the same results. I was very surprised because both of them thought they preferred end loaded aluminum bats. Choosing a bat this year is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  155. Thanks for all the info! This is one loooong thread! Is there a theory on whether a balanced bat will help you become a better hitter? I am a 13 yr old switching to a bbcor bat for travel and legion ball next year. Will not spend over $300 for a bat, and Marucci, Rip-it, and Voodoo is what I am leaning towards for now. I hate the sting when not hitting barrel, so I like the fact the Marucci bats offer less sting. This will be a Christmas gift (hopefully). Thanks for any insight!

  156. Question for Composite Bats:

    Maybe I missed it, but did you review the z1000? If so, what did you say?

  157. Couple of questions for Composite bats (or anyone else):

    looking for a bat for my son, he’s 5’10” 180 sophmore. strong kid. In years past he has hit CF3 then CF4 then last year M2M. Looking for BBCOR.
    Got it down to Rip It Prototype (original red one, friend has one new in the plastic for sale), Rip It Prototype 2, CF5, Cat 5 or the T1000. Have I missed any? (note, plays in northern climate so early season cold games are a consideration)

    Additionally, do the BBCOR Composite bats get hotter with use like the BESR ones did?


    • As long as you get a receipt with the Rip-it(red) then that is not a bad way to go since it is pretty cheap. I was told by a Rip-it dealer that the Red rip-its handles break pretty easily. that was the main change from red to white Rip-its. If you get a receipt with the Red Rip-it and it breaks, my local dealer said they just sent you a White Rip-it.

      I guess the big questions is…is there still time(less than 30 days from purchase) to return the Red Rip-it if your son doesn’t like it?

  158. Well im a 14 year old baseball player myself, entering my 4th season of playing baseball and 1st year of highschool ball. I am currently in the process of debating on which bat i should purchase here are the ones i had in mind
    (No order)
    Rawlings 5150
    Exogrid 2
    Rip it Pro 2
    Marucci Black
    Easton S2
    Im really not interested in purchasing any bat over $300 any suggestions?

    • My son is 14 years old, 5′ 10″, 125lb. Not a huge, strong kid. He has hit the CF5, Marucci black, Rip-it Prototype, 5150 and the Z1000. All 32/29. I know when it comes to bats just because one kids hits well with one kind doesn’t mean another kid will but from my sons experience the Z1000 was the best bat hands down.

  159. I am looking at getting the rip-it prototype 2. Has any one heard anything negative about this bat? and would you recommened it?

  160. Thank you for the coupon code to CheapBats.com 🙂

    I saved $30 off my BBCOR!

  161. I was looking for a BBCOR and the Rip it Prototype II caught my eye. Is this a good bat? Is the Marucci Cat 5 outdated with the Marucci Black now? Any other suggestions appreciated 😀

  162. Just Remember: Its not the arrow, its the indian.

  163. Looking or best balanced bat, do not want end loaded. Narrowed pick to Marucci 5 or black, rip it, 5150 or vodoo. If there is something better balanced than these let me know. Sophmore 6-1 180#
    Where do you get coupon code for cheapbats.com?


  164. My son used the Nike BESR composite. He like to look and feel of the Nike BBCOR composite. Any thoughts on the Nike BBCOR?

    • Composite Bats says:

      Nike released their teams from using Nike BBCOR bats because the bats were not performing well. Stay away from Nike baseball bats until they figure out how to make a good BBCOR, or at least until they are confident enough in their product to have their college teams swing them again.

  165. I saw that new Verdero 718MAX BBCOR bat and it looks identical to the Rip it Prototype. The shape, knob, grip, end cap, and bbcor label along with being made in the USA are all shared features. Maybe someone has some insight into if that bat was made by Rip It for Verdero (like Rawlings does the Worth BBCOR bat)?

  166. Im getting a bat and can’t decide between voodoo 2012 52 caliber or prototype 2 any thoughts or suggestions?

    • A local sporting goods store had a “rent it/try it” program. We tried the Easton models, the Louisville Slugger models, and ultimately decided on the Demarini Voodoo. The Voodoo feels and hits solid. My son loves the end-loaded feel, the sting free handle and the great graphics. 100% satisfied so far! Can’t wait to get this bat out of the practice cage and onto the field. Time to do some damage!

    • definitely the prototype 2

  167. Ok from what I understand bbcor is nothing compared to a besr but Anderson won me over with the besr nanotek and I’m now seeing a new “ignite” from Anderson that’s realitively cheap compared to a lot of others. All I want to know is has anyone hit with it and if so, does it live up to Anderson’s standards?

    • Composite Bats says:

      The Anderson Ignite is just as good as the Cat 5 Marucci and possibly the Rip It Prototype 2, but Anderson doesn’t really market themselves. The Anderson Ignite is a sleeper bat at $199

  168. I had the voodoo for summer ball an loved it. So did all my teammates. It had good pop and could barely feel the ball hit the bat. I would recommend it to anyone. Now I’m probably gonna get a new bat and it might be the new Easton s1 or the Easton xl1 these were recommended to me from chad bunting of the cal golden bears as he is in college and I’m in high school.

  169. The demarini review is on the 2012 voodoo bbcor right?

  170. Whats the word on the new Easton line? Have heard good things about the S1. Would like to hear what Composite bats has to say about the entire line. I don’t really want to spend 399.00 on a bat unless it’s the best.

    • Composite Bats says:

      The 2012 Easton BBCOR bats got off to a slow start, but they started to come around in March. The S1 BBCOR Easton is a good performer.

  171. Chris Lopez says:

    I just got an easton s1. Is it a top competitor?

  172. Coach Dave says:

    The Ripit rep came out to our practice and let the kids hit the new Prototype II Demo’s, kids loved the bat, seems to have a larger sweet spot and gets a really good distance.

  173. @ Matt- You stated it best with its not the arrow, its the Indian. However with that being said, I will never swing any other bat as long as they make the Z-1000. Blows all bats out of the water in my book. I know you may not believe me, but try it out and you will love it too. The Easton Surge is sick too, but second in my book to the sweet spot of the Slugger.

  174. Looked at the reviews Exogrid sounds like a great bat. Looking at the rip-it also but have never heard of it. I have one chance to buy a bat. Any input?

  175. I have a 2012 voodoo. It is a great amazing pop. Actually already hit one out with it. But, I have noticed a small yet noticeable noise in my bat almost as if sand was in it. Has anybody heard about this? But it doesn’t affectt the performance. Is there something wrong with my bat?

  176. Are 2011 BBCOR bats legal to use in 2012? I see stores selling them at low prices, but want to make sure people know before they purchase them.

  177. what about the Rawlings Plasma is it any good?

  178. coach GREG says:

    I coach a 13 yr old team utrip i am starting to make my boys use bbcor to get ready for HS play the Z1000 is balanced good bat for strike hitters not long ball voodoo has a little of both cat 5 also haven’t tried it but RIP-It but seems promising can anyone give me some insite

    • My son has the Z1000 and the rip-it II. He’s not power hitter, but I think the ball comes off the rip-it harder than the Z1000. Biggest diff. is the rip-it isn’t as balanced as the Z1000. I’d suggest swinging the rip-it in store, if the kids like the way it feels get it and try it for 30 days (warranty).

    • The rip it is a little end loaded but it has lots of pop

  179. I’m looking for a bat with a pretty big sweetspot, and as much pop as a bbcor can get, composite barrel, s1 or z1000 or even a combat if they are really that good, price does not matter

  180. How do you recieve the 10% off discount at CHEAPBATS.com?

  181. Just heard one of the Reebok vector bats is on the banned list; any truth?

  182. dlganzo says:

    Not even half way through the baseball season and my son has gone throught three bats. The Anderson Ignite didn’t even make it past the first weekend. Amazing pop but thin metal. Bat dented and paint cracked. Moved up to the Rip-it Proto 2. The 1st Rip-it had endcap issues and was sent back after one day. The 2nd Rip-it lasted a little longer. Bat was top heavy. Son is a outside-in hitter and he never really hit that good with the Rip-it. Sent back to Rip-it. Son wants a lighter bat. Its down to the Velo and the Easton XL 3.

  183. Has anyone got a chance to try out the Reebok Vector O? It looks very good, but may be overpriced. Opinions?

  184. my son has to swing a BBCOR next year so I’m asking with all the testing going on what is the best BBCOR bat to purchase plus is Rip it still having problems with denting and end caps falling off

  185. Does anyone know how the s3 compares to the s1 and s2, it seems like a good option but I’m not sure.

  186. The man says:

    Is there any difference between the rival and the s3?

  187. i like the Easton Rampage, you mite think it’s bad but it’s not, it rocks!

  188. I'm a baseball nut says:

    I can’t decide whether to get a Rip It, Voodoo, or the Easton S1, does anyone have any suggestions?

  189. I am going to get a new bbcor bat, I was wondering if I shoud go with the z1000, or the exogrid.

  190. Danny higgins says:

    What about the Akadema The Deep? I would like to hear how this bat tests.

  191. When will you guys be testing some of the newer bats like the Louisville Slugger Attack?

  192. Steve Hogan says:

    I have been a Babe Ruth coach for 37 years. I have always said that it is the Indian, not the arrow. That being said, the vibration sting bothers a lot of players. I think the bat with the least amount of vibration is the Louisville Slugger “attack”, is one of the best. I have seen a good hitter use the oldest dented up bat and put it out of the park!

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